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K-Fed Blows Brit's Cash at Craps?

3/23/2008 8:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yesterday, TMZ showed you Kevin Federline whoopin' it up in Vegas for his 30th birthday – but did he blow a big load at the craps tables?

says that the Federleeze got up at his bash to holla at the assembled crowd at Pure, and told everyone, "I lost my voice at the craps tables and I lost all my money." (That might explain the s**t-tastic rap we caught him doing.) Apparently after that last bit, a friend dragged him away from the mic. Nicely done.

Even if he did piss away a bunch of money, the New York Daily News says he got somewhere between $100K and $300K to host his own b-day, so the damage couldn't be all bad.

Marissa Winokur "Begged" to Do "Dancing"

Marissa Winokur, the zaftig "Hairspray" star who's taking on "Dancing with the Stars" this season, says that unlike other people who might've turned the show down, she begged to be on the show. And she wasn't shy about it: "I banged on their doors ... 'Please let me do this show. Please! Please! Please!'" Maybe Brooke Hogan should've tried that.

Winokur is actually expecting her first kid this season, but it's not what you think -- she's not carrying the actual child. A surrogate mom is carrying the child, and is due in four months.

Party Favors: Eve Won't Back Down from a Tussle (Allegedly) ... George Michael Making an Ass of Himself – And Loves It

The New York Post says that Eve got all up in the face of a woman outside the Roosevelt Hotel, and may or may not have pushed said woman down some stairs. Her rep had no comment. ... George Michael has made a cottage industry out of playing – and skewering -- himself on TV, and it looks like his turn on "Eli Stone" is going to turn into a more regular gig, he tells


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Potato Head    

Who Cares??

2372 days ago


you know i hate to say it, but he's kept himself out of the news, tried to make a living, doing the right thing by his boys, helping britney. he's not an angel, but i think he deserves to have fun on his b'day and obviously since a friend pulled him away from the mike, he has people watching out for him too.

2372 days ago


I wish you guys could stalk him more & find dirt on him more than going after Britney. I'm sure Kevin's done some things that should have been reported, but you guys were to damn busy chasing Britney. Please more negative news on Kevin!!! And yes, I am a Britney Supporter! :)

2372 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Potato Head,

In agreement with you spud...why doesn't TMZ report on what is going on with Stedman and Dina?

2372 days ago


It is just a bunch of crap that he can blow money like that and SHE gets stuck with his outrageous bills. Hello..he wouldn't be getting thousands a month in child support if he hadn't gotten someone rich & famous pregnant. He is a freakin' loser!

2372 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

The ex mr spears should have held on to some of what he "earned" by throwing himself that party ... legal fees are pretty high these days .... the judge isn't going to like spending all you "earn" at the craps table and then yapping for someone else to support him ... mark vincent kaplan was there - was he charging by the hour? Who parties with their attorney anyway? Or was he kdud's body guard for the night? Was he the one who pulled kpuke from the mike? Now, that would have been a money shot ... or maybe not.

2372 days ago


Who would stalk Tyra? She's fun but she looks like a tranny.

2372 days ago


'I lost my voice at the craps tables and I lost all my money."

He lost his voice and Britney's $$$$$$$$$$$$

2372 days ago

just me    

Here is a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit exposing K-Fed's proclivity for squandering money:

2372 days ago


who cares? Britney makes money just walking through her neighborhood. Fed does work. I hope that he does pay child support and tries to help Britney. well anyways he is not driving drunk with his babies in the back seat. If he did he would be put under the jail

2372 days ago

L.A. Native    

Usually it's the woman that gets the money and the kids ~ don't hate just because this isn't the norm!

Britney was well aware of Kevin's personal & financial situation before she married him and decided herself to have children.

2371 days ago


What a lowlife!.....Can't get a job and has to live off of his ex wife. She is even supporting his "other kids".
The only accomplishment he has in his life is to be smart enough to con Britney into marrying him. This is what she needs her ass kicked for....being really stupid. Get a job GayFed and support yourself! I would hate to know I wasn't man enough to be able to take care of myself and had to rely on a another woman to do it. Lowlife!

2371 days ago


KFed is one sorry piece of S___ .His kids with Britney are being raised by body guards and nannies. His kids by Shar are being raised by her. Kaplan put in writing that KFed had NO income. He got paid to go to this party??? I hope the judge in the custody case sees this video.

2371 days ago


I know this comment will fall on blind eyes, however, I feel compelled to send it anyway. Is it a Hollywood thing or what? Why does everyone at TMZ refer to a woman having a "baby", as a KID. According to your article on Marissa Winokur, you referred to her AS having a KID! The baby is called a "CHILD", NOT A KID! PLEASE GET IT RIGHT!!!

2371 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Yup sure seems like you see the kids either with a body guard or Brits parents or you see K Fed by himself. You never see him with the kids. Makes you wonder if he really cares about his cash-cows er I mean kids.

2371 days ago
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