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Paris Skanks It Up in South Africa

3/23/2008 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever the diplomat, Paris Hilton and BF-of-the-moment Benji Madden partied like Africans at a hastily thrown together publicity event in South Africa on Friday.

Making good on her "promise" to do charity all over the world, Marie Antionette Paris visited a school in Pretoria on Thursday, and then decided to throw herself a soiree the next day at a club in Johannesburg.

People reports Penji (get it?) hung out in the VIP balcony section all night while her fans partied below. At one point, the heirmess announced that she "loved South Africa, the accent and everyone." Charming.

A person in the club says every time Hilton leaned over the balcony, the crowd went nuts.

Let them eat cake.


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America's Sweetheart? Yes, and GWB has been a great President.

2373 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

12. Dear Princess Paris,

I watch The Simple Life over and over and over again.
You are my favorite actress.
You bring joy to my furry life.
I look forward to seeing your reality show looking for a bff.

800 Pound Gorilla

Posted at 4:34PM on Mar 23rd 2008 by 800 Pound Gorilla
800 Pound wussy? 800 Pound dumbass? 800 Pound Douchebag?

2373 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

This stupid skank continues to amaze me. So, she goes to South Africa, and throws herself a party, in a country where people are starving and/or homeless. The money this dumbass slut spent on herself at this party could feed & clothe thousands of poor children for a year. She has absolutely no idea how idiotic she is, how self centered she is and how arrogantly moronic; even when this dimwitted moron tries to get media about her doing "good", she spits in the face of everyone. She's poison, pure poison...

2373 days ago


Paris Hilton is definately not all that. I saw her and Benji backstage at LP concert a couple weeks ago in LA and believe me she is nothing to look at in person. Benji was actually checking me out the whole time. She is nothing and her hair is yellow and face is not cute at all in person. Airbrush and photoshop do wonders for her. Believe me.

2373 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    

How embarrassing that American celebrities use Arica & it's people for photo ops. & publicity. and Yes! that incudes buying the orphans as trinkets! Real Humanitarians donate money to the causes without all of the media knowing. And why not support an orphanage or a family vrs. taking them from their roots , family and or friends.

2373 days ago


Remember when Paris said N@#$% like ten times on a tape? Whatever happened to that? this is an oh so obvious publicity stunt. Paris black Americans don't like you, I'm sure Africans don't either. But hey, thanks for the party.

2372 days ago


This heifer is stupid to say the least for wearing a shirt depicting death to a country rife with it. What an insensitive bitch! She suffers from a case of too much money and not enough brains.

2372 days ago


OMG.....I hope that they don't measure Americans by this media 'ho and her current herpes crusted man 'ho. Geeez, how can anyone in their right mind think she is some kind of celebrity? Love the skull shirt--very 3rd world: just the outfit for a country known for famines and religious slaughter. TMZ: PLEASE DO NOT SHOW ANY MORE OF HER IN ANY WAY! Thank you from a grateful world...

2372 days ago

Thats One Ugly Skanky Hoe    

Paris is a price of dog crap that is nothing but something to laugh it.

Everytime that I see her photo or something about her, I laugh. She is such a skank and thinks herself to be a celebrity but in fact is nothing. Just a publicity seeking parasite that fails at everything she does.

She lies, and uses everyone that she comes into contact with for her own success, which by the way is zero.

Paris sucks! Paris Sucks! We hate Paris Hilton.

2372 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

PearASS. Is. A. Slut. Hooker. Skank. WHORE.

2372 days ago


gary mangi, as a born and bred South African, I can assure you that I find "to party like Africans" neither crude nor racist - what is racist about partying like an African?

To be an African does not require one to be Black; Africa is in fact made up of many colors, not just Black (which is why Nelson Mandela refers to we South Africans as the Rainbow Nation).

If you find it "greatly offensive" to "party like an African", you have issues.

Jenni (Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA)

2372 days ago


Paris is lame! She's been out of jail how long and she "so-called" is doing charity work! That's a bunch of bull..It's all for publicity..I like how her wardrobe changes everytime she dates a guy! I like Benji and the rest of Good Charlotte until he started dating Paris..Shallow maybe but come on, Paris she just gets under my skin, lookin at her makes my stomach roll!!

2372 days ago


54. PearASS. Is. A. Slut. Hooker. Skank. WHORE.

Posted at 1:02AM on Mar 24th 2008 by PearASS BLOWS


LOL @ PearAss, good one! And yes she is all of the above.

2372 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

All because of a porn video...

2372 days ago


To #38 - Just me

No one is saying that she is there to do charity. But to mug for the cameras the way she did while visiting that orphanage was in extremely poor taste. As for throwing herself party to boost her media profile - what else is new? That's really all she does. She is a very low-class individual.

2372 days ago
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