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Miley Cyrus One Step Closer to Being Miley Cyrus

3/24/2008 8:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley CyrusDestiny Hope Cyrus has taken another step towards legally changing her name to the one we all know her by anyway -- Miley.

As TMZ first reported, Miley's parents, Leticia and Billy Ray, filed name change papers on March 14. Part of the process is that the Cyrus fam needs to make four public notices referring to the name change in order for it to become legal.

Today, a notice was put in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, announcing that a hearing making the name change official will take place on May 1.


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WOW...She is literally becoming a character from a show. How sad is that.

2370 days ago


To literally become a character from a show, she would have to change her name to hannah montanna not miley cyrus which may as well have been her real name.

2370 days ago


she so weird why do famous people change their name?


2370 days ago


Disney will never give America a rest. 1. Britney 2. Lindsay 3. Hillary 4. Miley aka Nepotism at work.
Will America ever get over the Disney child stars getting pimped out by their parents. I feel sorry for all the parents who have the Miley Cyrus wanna be clone kids. As the years go on it seems like child stars have less and less talent. Oops almost forgot who needs talent in Hollywood when you only got your role because of who your dad was. We are in a time when entertainment is no longer entertaining.

2370 days ago

Von A-Hole    

A "flash in the pan" by any name,just another fad that won't last beyond 2-3 cd's.At least she seems to have a head on her shoulders (here us Britney,lindsay,paris,anyone with the last name Olsen)?

2369 days ago


What's up with this 4 public notices stuff??? Seems like a weird thing to put somebody through.

2369 days ago

Me in DC    

Why change her name? People have nicknames all the time! I have one that I have gone by my whole life, but I wouldn't legally change my name. Waste of time, money, and the court/justice system.

2369 days ago


How does tmz get records of minors I thought they were protected by law...Just curious.

2369 days ago

bri guy    

who gives a crap

2369 days ago


One of many steps toward her downfall. Destiny is perfect as her name. Her destiny and fate are sealed. Done. Finito. Omega. Caput. She WILL be the next Disney whore to futz up her life and throw away more money than anyone should have. Going from Destiny to Miley is just another move that shows the rails under this train are beginning to separate and the wreck is inevitable. Disney should stop wasting time. Just give the little darlings Mouse Ears, 6 inch heels and a thong from the get-go. Why take the time to let them grow up? The object is to, ultimately, get them to "go down"....and look hot doing it.

2369 days ago


miley, destiny, hannah montana..geez, how many names does this girl need! is her so called fame going to her head. LOL

2369 days ago


Dude this little twerp is so annoying. I cant stand her. Thank god I dont have kids, if I had to see/hear her constantly I would puke. played out is this "story"? Looks like TMZ is going downhill as Britney goes uphill.

2369 days ago


There's nothing wrong with changing your name to suit reality - and the reality is that although her parents named her Destiny Hope, they never used that name but rather called her Miley (which derived from Smiley, based on her happy disposition as an infant). I had the same situation - formal given name was never used except by people who didn't know me, so I changed my name as an adult to my real name (the one my parents and everybody else called me all my life). Only I was born in a state where no formal name change was needed - I asked about it at one point, thinking I needed to file some papers, and was told to just use the name consistently on everything and that was all that was needed to establish the name. California has different laws, apparently.

I assume that she added the Ray in honor of her dad, making her formal name now Miley Ray Cyrus.

The kid actually has a chance at making a good living in the legit entertainment business as an adult - I have the Disney channel on a lot while I'm working, so I'm familiar with the Hannah Montana show. I bet The Mouse is kicking himself for not signing her up sooner for that show - she and the rest of the cast were so good in the pilot, which was done a long time before they did more episodes. More importantly, she's shown tremendous improvement both as an actor and as a singer over the course of the show. She was good enough to begin with, but by the second season her voice was obviously maturing splendidly. I heard one of the 2nd season Hannah Montana videos in the background while doing dishes one day and actually said to myself "Who the heck is that singing? She's really good" before I realized it was just second-season Miley! She has good stage presence also for the Hannah persona - a little awkward in the beginning, now she's quite polished.

Her dad is good on the show also - I suspect his natural low-key style has inhibited the more manic tendencies of most Disney shows (with the kids coming from the Disney School of Overacting too often....). The show is still funny even past the first season, while it's not unusual for such shows to suffer Second Season Syndrome and lose it at that point (Lizzie Maguire is an example, they ran out of ideas and the actor playing Lizzie, Hilary Duff, lost any ability to play well in an ensemble). Miley is also well matched by the girl playing her best friend (Emily Osmont) in acting ability, and they work well together.

It's the growth I see in Miley's abilities that make me think she is not just the usual Mouse-driven flash-in-the-pan. In contrast, Hilary Duff never really grew as an actor or singer - she stagnated, and was actually a better actor in her younger days (before Lizzie and in the first season), maybe because she was more directable as a young child. She was the weakest actor on Lizzie Maguire - even the bit players in the school scenes had more skills. Her singing was embarrassingly poor when The Mouse first tried pushing her, and her range and power are still tiny (the magic microphone that keeps anybody on key and extensive digital magic are required to make her sound decent). And despite all the concert tours, Hilary never seemed to significantly improve on the stage. The Mouse packaged her so persistently because young kids loved her "look" and the Lizzie character, and kids that age don't really pay attention to talent or lack of same. Miley's stage performance nowadays, on the other hand, is rather electric even from an adult perspective - she's not cheating people who pay for the tickets. And she can definitely sing decently without the magic microphone, especially now, and is getting better year by year. That's pretty obvious from some bits they do on the show.

2369 days ago


#14 i completely agree with you

2369 days ago


i also agree with # 57

2369 days ago
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