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Famous Chef Invincible to Veggies ... and Bullets!

3/25/2008 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul PrudommeFamed Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme was shot today but amazingly the bullet did no damage. All that extra padding finally paid off!

According to reports, Prudhomme was cooking (of course) at a golf course in Louisiana when he felt something hit his arm. That something was a .22 caliber bullet! It didn't even penetrate his skin.

Police had originally classified the incident as a shooting, but then deemed it a simple complaint. They say a .22 caliber bullet can travel almost two miles, so they may never know who fired the shot. Who needs a bulletproof vest, when you got excess skin!


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Oh my word; bless his heart. I'm so happy he wasn't seriously injured. He is a great chef in New Orleans, and world renowned. And, yes, he certainly is Dom's doppleganger!

2401 days ago

April Fouels    

Double-edged sword, fat, you can absorb and not penetrate, skinny, you are less of a target.....

2401 days ago

Me in DC    


2401 days ago

Still Love Brit    

I seriously doubt the bullet did NO damage. Fat doesnt make you bullet proof.

2401 days ago


This is an old photo of the chef...he's had a gastric bypass and is quite thin these days.

2401 days ago


I always get him confused with Dom DeLuise

2401 days ago


One slug hitting another. Did he pick it up and eat it?

2401 days ago

just me    

I wonder how many people are not so thick-skinned and not so fortunate in Los Angeles when at all hours of every day and night bullets come down from all the guns fired into the air? And most especially at midnight on New Years Eve! It's been said that there is more damage from falling bullets on New Years Eve in Los Angeles than damage in Los Angeles from hail for a entire year. I would say that city versus city in the falling bullets category, New Orleans does not even rank close to Los Angeles. So the question I would ask here is if it's safer to be skinny or fat in Los Angeles?

2401 days ago

April Fouels    

Don Prudhomme has some killer sauce i love, it kicks paul newmans sauce all to HELL.

2401 days ago


Oh Harvey, Harvey, you know better than to let your staffers put up this BS. Chef Paul is thin now (and BTW everyone, he's from out near Opelousas, not New Orleans). Also, Avondale is in JEFFERSON PARISH, not New Orleans. JP has really gone downhill since Harry Lee died, hasn't it? Finally, that stupid poll question is idiotic and doesn't even make sense.

Quick everyone - to the Northshore!

2401 days ago

April Fouels    

Jefferson parish was one, if not the most hardest hit out of all of Louisiana parishes,(countys) for those that don't understand

2401 days ago

April Fouels    

Junior Brown.....your wanted by the police, and my wife thinks your

2401 days ago


32. Jefferson parish was one, if not the most hardest hit out of all of Louisiana parishes,(countys) for those that don't understand

And Bush was dumbfounded, he blamed Saddam

2401 days ago

How sad is this ? The price of BIG FAME ??    

I remember that "glazed look" as he smiles at today's food - UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! He's a fat pig, that's all ! Who needs sex when you have FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !

2401 days ago


First of all, this is nothing to joke about. My family lost our youngest brother at the hands of a murderer brandishing a .22 caliber handgun on May 8, 2006 in New Orleans. This was for no other reason than he was leaving a bar and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. TMZ...I AM A BIG FAN OF YOUR SITE AND SHOW, BUT TAKE THIS STORY OFFLINE AND HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SHOT AND LOST THEIR LIVES IN NEW ORLEANS!!!!! For those of us who have lost family there, it is EXTREMELY INSULTING that you would make a joke and take a poll on what your chances are for surviving a shooting there. Even more insulting are the remarks made by police regarding this incident, as it gives little hope that other unsolved crimes there will ever be cared about much less resolved. Stick to stories abour Paris Hilton and other celebs, what they are wearing, etc. It is not appropriate for you to joke about a shooting...obviously none of your staff has ever been through losing a loved one in such a way, or it would not be made a joke of on your website....I hope you have the decency to not make this a joke on your television show....signed, A Grieving Sister

2401 days ago
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