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Hey Leno, How's This for "Gayest Look"?!

3/25/2008 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Whitless vs. Jay LenoBroadway playwright Jeff Whitty is once again lashing out at Jay Leno -- this time for asking Ryan Phillippe to give his "gayest look" on the "Tonight Show."

During an interview last week, Leno made light of Ryan's first acting role -- playing a gay teen on "One Life to Live"-- by asking the visibly uncomfortable star to give him his "gayest look." Queer eye for the unfunny guy!

In a letter on his website, Whitty, who won a Tony for "Avenue Q" and is openly gay, calls Jay a jerk for "using the stereotype that we're laughable and really, all the same in the end." Whitty also links to various images and articles of "gay faces" -- like slain teen and hate-crime victim Lawrence King -- and asks Jay, "Which one's the gayest to you?"

After sparring in 2006 over Jay's relentless "gay-baiting" jokes, Whitty and Leno allegedly talked and, er, straightened out the matter. But with this latest incident, it's safe to say Leno and Whitty aren't exactly fishin' buddies.

TMZ contacted a "Tonight Show" rep, but have not heard back.


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Yes, it's a shame that he made fun of "gayism"'s better that it's not mentioned at all! Parts are parts folks and certain parts were meant to fit and others don't...if you get the drift. Just because people are becoming more and more immune to what is WRONG in the world doesn't mean it will ever be RIGHT. I don't believe in trashing/harming someone because of their lifestyle...but on the other hand, I don't believe in glorifying something that is obviously against nature and smearing it in other's faces.

2352 days ago


Jay's an idiot anyway, and rips off other shows for content...

2410 days ago


It's time for Jay Leno to step down. I have quit watching his show because of the jokes that he makes about the gay/lesbian community. It reminds me of what my grandmother said. If you put others down and make fun of them it is because you feel inferior yourself.

2410 days ago


Good for him! Jokes like Leno's and others make it okay for others to laugh at homosexuality, which in turn dehumanizes gays and lesbians. This, likewise, sends a societal message that it's acceptable to bully, bash, or otherwise mistreat gays and lesbians. Bravo to Whitty for taking a stand, and bravo for a change to TMZ for writing about it!

2410 days ago



2410 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I watch Jay Leno every night. He always puts me in a good mood. He tells jokes, people, stop all the bashing. Hope he goes to ABC when that very unfunny, goofy, silly Colin what's his name takes over. He will ruin the Tonight Show. It's a shame since the show has been on so many years.

2410 days ago


I rarely watch Jay; I've been a Letterman fan. But if he's saying these things, it's atrocious and NBC should not allow him to stay on the air now or fight for him in the future.

2410 days ago


Something tells me, Leno won't be loosing any sleep over Whitty!

2410 days ago


Never liked Jay Leno , He was never funny and always a ripping on any one other than himself. He probably a closet gay himself since he bashes us so much. Afraid to be real.

2410 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I've never disliked gays until I read the stupid comments that some of you are making on here. Gee, what dumb asses.

2410 days ago


#4 Dallas, Your a sore loser ( can't take the heat get out of the forum )

2410 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Sorry M&M. Gay people are not the ones making stupid comments... that would be Mr. Leno... and I don't think he is all that gay. Much.

2410 days ago

Johnny Lawson    

I'm sure Jay Leno is giving Whitty the same exact finger gesture right about now....

2410 days ago


I am so sick of gay people whining about being mistreated. Everyone, straight, gay, white, black, Asian, male, female, Republican, Democrat, etc is so sensitive these days. Come on America, grow some thick skin and stop whining about every little remark somebody makes. Sometimes you may deserve an apology, but it's gotten to where you can't say anything to anyone without someone being offended and demanding an apology. We are the most offended country in the world. Alot of people here walk around with a chip on their shoulder, and it's time we stopped this foolishness and starting acting like adults.

2410 days ago


Do you think gay men get off from having a bile movement?? Just askin'!

2410 days ago
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