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Archuleta Gets DUI -- Daddy Under the Influence

3/26/2008 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, Simon Cowell lashed out at someone after David Archuleta's performance, and we know who.

A well-placed TMZ spy tells us Simon went after David's dad, Jeff, for the kid's song, "You're the Voice" by John Farnham. Simon said, "I don't think that is you at all and I'd be amazed if you chose the song yourself." Our spy says Simon was blaming the fiasco on daddy dearest, adding, "It's exactly where the gun was being aimed."

As TMZ first reported, Jeff Archuleta is the ultimate nightmare stage dad who was so bad when David was a contestant on "Star Search," he got banned from the lot.

Almost no one even heard of the song David sang. Simon said it sounded like David was singing something at a theme park -- which would make Daddy Jeff a real Dumbo.


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Max is a HOTTIE!!!    

Ditch Daddy, he's only making it worse

2400 days ago



Poor kid - another "My Way or the Highway" stage parent...

2400 days ago


First biaches!!!

He's headed for Disney, Daddy don't like when little david sings naughty songs...he has to be after all a good mormom boy.

Divorce your parents David and grow to become the Latin Lover Sex Machine you can be!!

Try "sexual healing" next week and we'll see a lot of panties dropping.

2400 days ago


so sad to see another parent who failed at his goals and now must browbeat his child in order to regain lost fame/glory. Jeff Archuleta will be the cause of his son being voted off the show and will undoubtedly blame the child. It would be nice if the the mother had a backbone and protect her son! If she wants the abuse on herself that is her problem but no decent parent would tolerate their child being abused.

2400 days ago


Am I the only one that knew the song David sang last night?

2400 days ago


First, nothing WRONG with being Mormon, and has nothing really to do with what ya sing, and the song was beautiful, David has a huge following here in Utah, yes his daddy is a PITA, and should allow David to select his own songs.

2400 days ago


that kid needs to get himself emancipated. he'll never get anywhere with his psycho father, who by the way, is way more interested in the $$ than fame for his son. same story, different child star.

2400 days ago


Right when Simon said that I turned to my mom and said "I think that was a jab at David's father!"
Yeah I think Daddy Archuleta needs to back off.
That performance last night was less than stellar.

2400 days ago

MLB & Animal Fan    

Hi, Jill. No! You're not the only one who has heard of "You're The Voice" and John Farnham.

Any long-time Little River Band fan (to you kids out there, they were a HUGE band from Australia) from ANY country would know who John Farnham is - the singer who made MEGA millions from his recording of "You're The Voice" from his 1987 solo album that he recorded post-LRB (and that I owned at one time...I've got to find it on CD).

The song is a little cheesy, but the original performance of the song by John Farnham was AMAZING! John has a HUGE, loud, strong gorgeous voice. He's a well-known Australian singer to just about every international market out there EXCEPT the United States. Figure that out.

I thought that it was a poor song choice for Archuleta. His voice is good, but it needs to be a strong, loud, bold vocal in order to sing it as John did/does. (Yes...he still performs that song in his native Australia. I manage the Music Myspace for his former LRB bandmate, Graeham Goble). It was still FANTASTIC to hear that song on US TV, though. Still, Archuleta MIGHT survive tonight's results. But, he could be a bottom 3 feeder. We'll have to see.

2400 days ago


Jeff Archuleta sounds like Psycho Daddy.

He wants his kid to get close to the prize but then, he does everything he can to undermine David's chances. Maybe Psycho Daddy is jealous of his young, handsome and talented son? Or maybe he's just a sick f**k who derives pleasure from watching his crash and burn?

Either way, AI needs to ban Jeff Archuleta from the stage and practice rooms too.

After watching last night's show, I now think David Cook is the one to beat. He's brilliant.

2400 days ago


what a shame that this kid has such an ass for a dad, guarantee that it will backfire and he wont get the votes he deserves because he sings these "Up With People"-ish songs that daddy wants him to sing, that nobody has ever heard! AI ought to leave daddy at the door, and let the kid do his thing. He was my favorite, but not now, since he has been neutered by his dad, in my opinion he is not showing is talent...Shouldnt the minimum age be 18?

2400 days ago


Great voice, but the guy is a terrible performer. He was so stiff last night. He needs to loose his virginity if he wants any chance of winning.

2400 days ago


Im almost 47, love music, listen to various stations all day, and I HONESTLY have never heard the song that David Archuletta did last night. He sang it good. I would like to hear him sing a MODERN DAY ROCK/ POP song that we all know word for word.

Sometimes these teen singers get on the show, wow us with a song we all know and love, and once in the top 24/ 12/ 10 start singing gospel songs or similar types getting themselves booted off. Gospel music we can get at church. SHow us what YOU can do with modern mucis.

Ditch the dad, he is trying to relive HIS dreams and accomplishments thru David. If Dad could sing, he would be already.

2400 days ago


OF COURSE it was directed to David's father.

2400 days ago


When I heard the song my first impressions were...."What the hell song is this?" and then..."Oh No! Not another "Peace and love the world" song". David needs to pick HIS favorite song to sing and if his father won't let him then he needs to wait until he is 18 and can choose for himself. This is HIS chance at fame...not his father's. His dad is ruining his chance at fame, not helping.

2400 days ago
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