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Heather Wants More -- $50 Million Not Enough!

3/26/2008 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather MillsAnd you wonder why everyone thinks she's a gold-digger?

Heather Mills, who was just awarded almost $50 million by a UK judge in her divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, is now looking for even more, says a report in the Daily Mail. She had reportedly told pals that she's getting forensic accountants to pore over Paul's finances, to prove that he's worth more than the court determined he was.

She's also been claiming that she can't support her 3-year-old daughter Beatrice on the nearly $70,000 that she was given just for her care.

Did Usher's Wife Dog His Hot Co-Star?

She already has a reputation for being domineering and controlling, but now it seems that Tameka Foster, Usher's wife and baby mama, is mixing it up with Usher's video co-stars.

The New York Post reports that Tameka intentionally dressed Keri Hilson, a singer who plays Usher's love interest in his latest music video, "like an extra" and was "guarding like a watchdog" during the shoot. "It was ridiculous – she knows Keri and knows she's no video ho," says the source.

Usher's manager says that Keri was fine with Tameka's styling choices and that the shoot went "brilliantly."

Party Favors: Fleetwood to Crow – Oh Really? ... Spencer Says Peeing in Bed Isn't Sexy ... Miley – The New Britney?

Everyone was stoked when Sheryl Crow told she would be hooking up with Fleetwood Mac – except Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey Buckingham tells Billboard he was "a little surprised" at Crow's certainty. "We'll have to see," he says. ... In Spencer Pratt's first Radar advice column, he gets asked by an incontinent girl about what to do after peeing in a guy's bed. "It's time to sign up for AA, my dear, because drunks are not sexy," said Spence. ... Rush & Molloy talk to some lensmen who are saying that Britney is done as a pap target, and that Miley is next. Miley won't like that.


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u cant support a 3 yr old on 70k a month? are you frickin kidding me? this is just ridiculous! she shouldnt get a god damned penny!

2369 days ago


Umm...Spence? Have you ever heard of female ejaculation? Evidently not; I feel sorry for you, for this girl, and definitely for Heidi!! Look it up in a sex-ed manual. It sounds highly likely that this girl just had a really great orgasm--probably for the first time in her life. Most women who are lucky enough to experience this think that they're urinating when it first happens to them. It's definitely NOT pee, though! The fact that she doesn't remember her night indicates that she probably does need A.A. However, I really hope she gets over the shame (public and private) that's been heaped on (by herself, by Spencer, by whichever TMZ writer particularly doesn't know his way around a woman's body), and learns a little bit more about her own sexual possibilities!

2369 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Heather is INSANE and should not have custody of a child. So glad the Judge posted all of her lies in the divorce proceedings.
She's an arrogant, dumb as a rock, gold digger. She should get a Shrink to see why she she wants to be the Biggest Money Mooching Bitch in the world. It's obvious to all of us - why not to her? She is delushional. Poor thing !

2369 days ago



2369 days ago


Heather is a GOLD DIGGER. I'm sure she married Paul with the only intnet to get knocked up & divorce him. It's just a shame Paul was still grieving Lindas death & wanting another equal companion, that he didn't have Heather sign a prenup. She's a W&%re.

2369 days ago

Western Observer    

Can someone please put Heather out of our misery???

2369 days ago


Lets face it Heather is all about HEATHER. It isn't about her daughter, HEATHER JUST LOVES BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION, whether it is falling on dancing with the stars, making a scene on various talk shows. She will never be satisfied unless she could increase her "15 minutes of fame" into "1 billion minutes of fame"

If I were Sir Paul, I would take her to court that she is obviously menntally unsound and she should have sole custody of their daughter. I bet if Sir Paul sues for sole custoday,,, Miss gold digging Milles will suddenly realized that the "golden goose is about to get the ax".

2368 days ago



The reason Paul probably didn't get a pre-nup before marrying this bitch is because she probably 'acted' way different in the beginning when meeting him and with all her talk about her amputated leg.. blah blah blah,, aka "feel sorry for me and have pity on me" and how she just 'loves' giving to charities aka "i'm not like other women who might be gold-diggers only after your money".. yeah right, TRAMP! Of course now, Paul realizes that she was a gold-digging, two-faced lying bitch all along.. right from the start and he is paying for it now. Sad really. I hope she gets totally sandbagged in court this time around with her new team of forensic accountants and their findings. I hope the judge sees through here scam and fraud and comes right out and says it to her and the world 'SHUT UP YOU STUPID WHORE, GOLD-DIGGING TRAMP! THE WORLD HAS HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR TWISTED BI-POLAR LYING EXCREMENT COMING FROM YOUR PIE-HOLE! ONE MORE WORD FROM YOU AND YOU GO TO JAIL, BITCH!' ..and then he kicks here ass outta court never to return again. ha ha ,, that would be so great. Everyone in the UK and in the USA now HATE her with a PASSION.. she's NEVER going to be accepted anywhere she tries to live.. and she will have to go into hiding. She'll have to move in with Salman Rushdie. I hope she's harassed by the public and followed continuously by the paparazzi every single minute of everyday for the rest of her life. She deserves a miserable life of loneliness and depression after what she did to an music icon, a former Beatle. Just watch.. I can GUARANTEE you that the very first check she gets won't go to her daughter, but rather to pay for new lawyers to go after THE REST of Paul's money.. and I can also GUARANTEE you that within a few months, she won't be giving ANY of that money to charities like she said on the court steps, but rather, the news and TMZ will be showing pictures of her spending millions wastefully and wildly on the most expensive parties, toys, cars, homes and exotic vacations and of her having the best time spending her daughter's, or rather, Paul's money. SLUT!!! She is going to, amazingly, completely forget about everything except her own selfish interests and focus on just how fast she can PORE through Paul's millions. EVIL, EVIL SUCCUBUS!!!! Well all i can say is Karma.. what goes around comes around.. and she'll get hers someday ;) knowhatimean?

2368 days ago


I hope someone throws a creampie in her face when she judges the Miss USA pageant.

2363 days ago


I really feel sorry for Beatrice, glad she has Paul, hopefully she will end up living with him isntead of Heather. I agree with the statements--she is very self serving, greedy, manipulative and probably needs to be committed to find out what her psyciatric problems are.
Isn't it odd that she would claim to give so much to charity and then not? You don't suppose she kept the money she was supposed to be giving, do you? What kind of person would do that? Oh, wait, Heather Mills!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2361 days ago
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