Oprah -- Gayle's $$ugar Mama?

3/27/2008 1:59 PM PDT

Oprah -- Gayle's $$ugar Mama?

Gayle King really could be movin' on up to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky ... and it just might be courtesy of Oprah Winfrey. We just got -- pardon us -- the skinny.

TMZ has done some diggin' and found Oprah's LLC -- called Sophie's Penthouse -- purchased the $7.1 million phat Manhattan penthouse two weeks ago. BTW, Sophie was the name of Oprah's dog, which just died. And Sofia was her character in "The Color Purple." Good detective work, we think.

There are reports Gayle is moving in. A well-placed source connected to the property tells us it's "uncertain" at this time if Gayle will live large in O's pad. Gayle has said she wants to spend more time in NYC to work with O's magazine and her XM radio show.

O had no comment. Gayle's peeps tell TMZ they don't comment on her private life. They leave that to us!

Mum(my's) the Word for Priscilla

"DWTS" star Priscilla Presley had nothing to say last night when TMZ asked about the faux cosmetic surgery doc who injected her with motor oil.
But Elvis' ex isn't the only star to try and drink from the fountain of youth only to find the water to be stale. Check out these others stars what made us wonder "What happened to your face?"

Busch Busted -- Lit on Natty Light

The great-grandson of the guy who built the Anheuser-Busch beer empire was popped for underage boozing -- and with the cheap s**t at that!

Adolphus August Busch V, 17, whose grandpa is patriarch Gussie Busch, was arrested at a party in Godfrey, Ill. after cops responded to a noise complaint. Busch was arrested with seven other buddies -- check out their mugs!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch quotes cops saying lil' Augie was knocking back Natural Lights. Wait -- he couldn't get his pals some Michelob?

Hey, Schlitz happens.

That's a Whole Lotta Jack

Jack Nicholson frolicked on the beach in St. Barths on Wednesday in a sexy one-piece -- which showed off his buxom man-boobs!

Unlike many Hollywood bodies, the 70-year-old legend is a natural beauty.

Jerry Lee Lewis: 'Memba Him?!

With '50s hits like "Great Balls of Fire" and "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," Jerry Lee Lewis became famous as one of the pioneers of rock and roll -- and for marrying his 13-year-old cousin once removed. Guess what he looks like now!