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Creep Alert -- Hulk's Date Is Brooke-alike

3/28/2008 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about awkward -- paps confused Hulk Hogan's younger blonde date with his 19-year-old daughter. Daddy's little girl.

After hooking up with Brooke's friend in the past, this isn't exactly a step in the right direction.


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He is trying to make Linda jealous. Nice job, she's pretty. Is she friends with Brooke?

2344 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

To "Jen N" -- Hulk wears the bandanna / dew rag to hide the rather large bald spot on his head. His hair fell out from the steroid use. I'm not being facetious, he admitted it himself years ago.

I guess when "The Hulkster" was telling kids to "Say your prayers and take your vitamins" he was talking about HGH. So now it looks like he's gone from vitamins and steroids to Viagra.

Not exactly the role model people thought he was.

2344 days ago


If you look at some "real" pictures on perez you'll see that this woman looks more like a pretty Linda than Brooke. get your minds out of the gutter. and i'm sorry what happened to nick's friend, but what is hulk supposed to do? sit home and pray 24/7?

2344 days ago

Melissa B.    

WHAT kind of IDIOT would "date" this brainless, worthless waste?
He has proven on his "reality show" and now even more by the way he treats Linda that he's a complete TOOL.
What has always been evident is now proven by his own mouth and actions!!!

2344 days ago


It's sad that these young girls date these old guys for two things ONLY: MONEY and GETTING NOTICED BY PAPS!

AND even sadder that these older men refuse to see that - they're sure it's because of their sex-appeal and sexual prowess even if they're ninety like some of the old men we've seen make total fools out of them selves over and with late teen/early 20 babes

HULK? You can do better. Yeah she looks hot and she's eye candy on your arm, but come on, she'll use you for publicity and try to grab what money your divorce and that lawsuit over Nick doesn't take from you and leave you old and alone, and if not her, then all the rest of the young chicks. You deserve better. Get someone older and yeah, there ARE still attractive "older" women out there who would love to be with you for YOU, not your money or for publicity. Party all you want now but find one of those when you really want to settle down and be happy and I wish you well Hulk.

Personally though I agree with those here who say she looks more like Linda when she was young and agree it's HER he saw in this chick, not Brooke. I would never believe for a second that the Hulkster would ever think anything like that about his own daughter

Whatever their problems, I'm sorry he and Linda split up because they're been married so long and seemed to really love each other. I think that Nick's problems probably had a lot to do with that AND that stupid reality show didn't help! They evidently were much happier when they kept a low profile as far as their family life.

2344 days ago

Amazing T!    

GROSS! The sad part is that she probably wasn't even BORN when The Hulk was in his heyday...What could they possibly have in common? Is he secretly really into The Hills or is she secretly really into shaving old has-beens back stubble?
I'll have to go with the obvious- He's having a mid life crisis and she has some deep rooted "daddy didn't give me enough attention" issues......

2344 days ago


These twits want to date him because he's got money and he's famous. No big mystery there.

2344 days ago


Can't anybody be alone for 5 minutes?!? They have to go out and date before they even get there s*** together! This man should be consentrating on the mess his family is in, instead of chasing tail.

2344 days ago


I think the world at large really doesn't care about Terry Bollea and who he sees. As for the woman looking like his daughter, in a pigs eye! Terry Bollea chooses to ignore the fact that he is in his 50's, is bald and a big nobody. His choice. he also chooses to ignore the fact that he is and never was no father or husband of the year. It takes 2 people to make or break a marriage in most cases and when he chose to put his family on reality TV he killed whatever was left. He needs to face facts that he has a son who is a punk and a daughter who needs to grow up. He is no role model for anyone, and way before he finally admitted to his steroid use, he was lying to nobody but himself. Grow up Terry and get rid of the doo-rag, cut off the flowing bleach blond locks and mustache and stop using your growth enhancing crap. In other words, grow up.

2344 days ago


Makes you wonder.

2344 days ago


yuck who would want to sleep with him? I bet his penis is itty bitty becouse of all the roids he has done.

2344 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

after being married to that yenta linda, the hulkster deserves some FUN! and btw - this chick is WAY thinner than brooke and has a better dye job, so the comparison is moot.

2344 days ago


What a hypocrite. He raised his eyebrows when his daughter dated a 30 yr old guy and now he is with some 19 yr old chick. What a dumbass. His brain is fried from years of hits he took in the ring, I bet his cerebral cortex is dead and only the reptilian brain is active.

2344 days ago


Terry cheated on Linda, she realized that she didnt need him.....just his money. "Dont get mad Linda! Get it ALL"

2344 days ago



2344 days ago
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