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Dane Cook is Hack-tastic

3/28/2008 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Dane Cook billboard outside of the Laugh Factory on Sunset was tagged with the word "hack."
Dane Cook
Sucks for Cook ... but did the tagger have a point?


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tagging may be hack...but real graffiti is an art! don't believe it...go to and look at the work of shepard fairey...he started with spray paint and is an incredible street artist!

2346 days ago


#15: Ditto

2346 days ago


Anyone who says Dane Cook is not funny is lying!!! I watched his stand-up and was laughing so hard my stomach muscles were killing me. There are too many haters out there. These are people who are so insecure they have to hate on other people to feel better about themselves.

2346 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Maybe someone wasn't really writing "hack", maybe they were writing "hack-ey sack is good exercise" and they got interrupted. It could be the graffitti had nothing to do with Dane.

2346 days ago


#19 said: "Anyone who says Dane Cook is not funny is lying!!!"

Many of the jokes he tells are funny but they're a lot funnier when the people he stole the jokes from from tell the jokes themselves.

2346 days ago


exactly #21! His bits were way funnier when John Bowman and the others he steals from told them for the first time...same goes for mencia!

2346 days ago


I knew Dane back when he was a struggling comic from Arlington MA! Congrats for all his success even though he is still telling the some of the same jokes from his days at the 99 in Billerica!

2346 days ago


Dane Cook is probably the most famous homosexual in Hollywood today, but he does have a drinking problem, so thats something to think about.

2346 days ago


I heard Dane has never had a drop of alcohol. Which is hard to believe.

2346 days ago


Dane has some bad jokes but so do all comedians. And that about him stealing jokes is rubbish, many of the stand up comedians do jokes about similar things, doesn't mean he's stealing.

2346 days ago


This idiot hack is sooooo not funny. He may be OK in movies, where somebody hands him a script, but his stand up is the worst I have seen. He is the most unfunny funnyman since that schmuck Tom Green.

2346 days ago


Dane cook rocks! I am sure it takes a little more to achieve his level of success than just telling other peoples jokes

2346 days ago

aussie girl    

My son showed me his work on you tube and the guy is funny.One person said he stole some material from another comedian,after listening to the two peices they were similar but the difference with Dane Cook is you can visulize the situation he is joking about.he puts in the extra effort to give you a laugh.Some comedians jokes do not work well and are understood in other countries.Jerry Seinfeld is another comedian that does well in other countries.We Aussies give 10/10 to Dane.

2346 days ago

Republican for Obama    

I thought you actually had to tell jokes to be funny. All he does is make strange noises and faces and man is that hilarious!!! If I wanted to watch someone do that funny I put in a Jim Carey DVD.

A genie comes out of the windex, wow, thats friggin hilarious. I'll give him credit, I heard one joke I actually laughed at so I guess that makes him a comedian.

Luckily I can just get most of my friends drunk and get the same laughs this guy gives.

2346 days ago


I was at the Laugh Factory last night and had a blast. Dane is in fact hilarious and his jokes were unique and highly enjoyable. Plus you have to give props to a celeb that hasn't forgotten their roots. So many stars forget where they come from and where their careers began. Let's face it, Dane doesn't exactly need a career boost. My friends and I were really excited and he made our night. To be honest though, the second to last act was the best. The Laugh Factory was my favorite part of LA and I definitely recommend going. They have some amazing unrecognized talent. So basically the freak emo kid that wrote "hack" is a self mutilating humorless sac of excrement who wouldn't know talent if it tea bagged him in the face.
xoxox, Lindz

2346 days ago
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