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Axl's Appetite for Coke, Er, Pepper

3/29/2008 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pepper wants some AxlHoping the reclusive rock star won't drop dead before he can finish his long-awaited album, Dr Pepper is begging Axl Rose to finally release GNR's "Chinese Democracy."

Here's the deal - the good Dr will prescribe everyone in America (except estranged guitarists Slash and Buckethead) a free can of Dr Pepper if Axl gets it together and releases the album sometime, anytime, in 2008. No lies --TMZ spoke to media reps for Dr Pepper -- they confirmed the authenticity of the offer 100%.

Speaking from his cave, Axl released a statement on Guns' website. The shrieking singer quipped that he'd gladly share his Pepper with Buckethead since some of his work is on the album. Aww, sweet child. Rose however, did not mention anything about getting out of bed and finishing the damn album.

Fans -- some of whom are now approaching middle age -- have been waiting in their flannels for a new Guns N' Roses album since 1993. Welcome to the career slump!


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This is great news. Do the kids working at TMZ even know that flannel was typical clothing for the grunge crowd of the early to mid-'90's? Hello, GNR wasn't grunge, they were just the most successful rock band of their time, '87 to '93. Axl didn't lose a damn thing. Axl Rose is a living legend. I can't wait for the album and rockin' out on the Chinese Democracy World Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2363 days ago


Axl Rose and Gun's n Roses were a kick a## hard rock band. However Axl has been on some strange trip for the last 15 yrs. or so...I don't think he willl ever put the album out. And to post #16...regarding flannel. Yes...flannel was pretty much worn by all the grunge bands but from someone who actually saw Gun's n Roses in concert ...Axl usually wore a flannel shirt open over a white t-shirt and the always present bandanna around his head. Not too mention the blue jeans with a hole in the knee and the leather jacket.

2363 days ago


I'll Stick to my Coca Cola! Thanks anyway..................

2363 days ago

Black Teef    

Axl Rose is actually Michael Jackson.

2363 days ago


Not many people know this, but Buckethead is Slash. I read it in an interveiw in Rolling Stone.

2363 days ago


Chinese Democracy has been finished forever. The album has turned out to be so expensive to make that the company does not was to spend anymore money to promote it or release it. They have been trying to sell it to recoop all there loses but there are no takers that instantly want to lose millions. The fact is albums dont sell anymore and an albums that have already costly multi, multi millions is a garenteed loss. Eventually they will probably have to just put it out for download and try any recoop anything they can. Any heat AXL had has been gone for years and years. If Dr. Pepper is so excited maybe they should purchase the album and and give it away.

2363 days ago


Buckethead isn't Slash you idiot. I hope that was a joke.

2362 days ago

gnr fan    

TMZ, you guys are idiots.
the album has been done for awhile and this Dr Pepper thing is a few days old so way to "break" the news

2362 days ago

Kris Peterson    

Axl is an alcoholic for sure. Anybody that would put money into him, with his history is out of their minds anyway. There was a gig that Axl cancelled some time ago on the east coast where the city had an ordinance that no alcohol was allowed on stage. He couldn't make it through the gig without it. How many years has anybody been waiting for an album from him? At least 15. Unless we hear this big story about him going into re-hab, would I even consider him on the way back to functional.

2362 days ago


America...Where they set their artists up on a pedastal - to see how bad they can hurt 'em when they knock 'em off.

2362 days ago


I predict it actually will be released within the next couple years... I'm dying to finally hear it! Axl is a musical genius and for those that say he isn't - you really have no clue about real rock music!!!

2362 days ago
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