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Bachelor Screws Contestants: Defrauds Them Too

3/29/2008 1:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If bachelor from "The Bachelor" Matt Grant marries one of the chicks from the show, it may have nothing to do with love.

Turns out Matty boy -- a horny Brit -- recently met a cutie at a bar. Sadly, for him, it's someone who works for TMZ. He's been in touch with her on a pretty regular basis. A few days back, he told her he wanted to permanently move to the U.S. and his lawyer advised him, the best way to do it was to marry an American.

Warning to skanks on the show who want to marry him -- he's gonna let you down (let you down), and leave you flat.


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K the way...all for man whores and sluts....just call'in it what is is. Take away the mansion, roses etc...and just go a nasty roadside motel and film it. I'm telling you, they should just do the porno version and get on with it...Instead of champangne...they just light up the crack pipe...ha ha...

2367 days ago


20 years from now....Celebrity Rehab 2028...All D list reality show whores....still living in their 15 minutes of fame from 2008. We all have moved on and they are just a bunch of junkies lining in shared studios in LA...How depressing...but yet funny....

2367 days ago


Isn't in his contract that he has to be on the down low until after the whole season airs?

2367 days ago


Hey Matty...hows fame at any cost look'in now?

2367 days ago


What a bunch of crap. He is a very successful business man in London with family, friends and well off financially. If he wanted to relocate to the USA he wouldn't need to marry any of those bimbos on the show. He could get a business visa (renewable) and stay as long as he wanted. All he needs to do is show financial ability to support himself (U.S. authorities need proof he will not need government subsidies/welfare to live here). Think about all the Brits and other well off Europeans (Beckhams, McCartney, etc.) who have homes both in America and abroad and live here without having to have married an American. Your article is just too ridiculous...but I guess it keeps your audience titilated.

2367 days ago


Why isn't Brad on Gayest bachelor list? Not that anything is wrong with that...but just doing a reality check...

2367 days ago


44. Why would anyone want to be an American.. not exactly the most respected country in the world these days.

Posted at 1:39PM on Mar 29th 2008 by BlueJayFlys

Perhaps not, and while imperfect, it's still better than anything any other country on the planet has to offer at this time. The day I see Americans climb into a rubber raft and take off in the ocean to escape from here is the day I'll start to worry. Since we "catch and release" people from other countries who do that exact thing on a daily basis, it's safe to say, respected or not, plenty of folks are still willing to die to get here. Besides, there are other countries in Europe that are cheaper to live in than Britain, so it's not like this guy doesn't have other choices. Don't come to an American site and talk trash about America, that's just so lame. (Yes, the internet is worldwide, but this site is based in America, run by an American)

2367 days ago


Seriously everyone knows how to stay in the us.... Get a life TMZ!!!! Who cares if he is a sleez! It is TV!

2367 days ago


Hey BlueJay...your swimming in the sewer with the rest of us on TMZ..get over it or go to FOX & blog...

2367 days ago


God bless America!

2367 days ago


Oh look...a "BlueJay" just flew outta my butt!!!!!

2367 days ago


Well, I knew they were talking out of someone's butthole, for certain.

2367 days ago


wow.........what a jerk. WTF did The Bachelor get someone from England anyway? (no offence) Any one who would go on the Bachelor is retarded, let alone fly HERE to be on the bachelor.... wow.

2367 days ago


blue jay

that really was a pretty stupid remark to make on tmz.

you been drinking mouthwash again?

2367 days ago


Can't believe people actually watch this crap.
I wonder how much money these bimbos are getting paid to make fools of themselves

2367 days ago
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