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J.Lo to Jenny Craig - Follow My Lead, Bitch

3/29/2008 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WTF?! Jennifer Lopez must have given birth to two pillows, because the weight she dumped is ri-damn-diculous.

J.Lo unloaded the kids a little over a month ago, but she's already 'bout as thin as her wimpy husband. We got the video as J.Lo (or as People maga$ine now calls her) Jennifer Lopez, left a beauty salon in NYC.


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Earlier someone posted on the "parents" article that J.Lo appears to have faked the pregnancy. Maybe that person was right?? Interesting....

2335 days ago


First! No way she gave birth......must have had a surrogate carry those kids and she faked being preggo herself. No way!

2335 days ago


yes but did she really give birth? after all money and clothes can do lots!!!!!!!!!!!

2335 days ago


She performed with 4" heels while standing on a small platform that was way in the air. Who does that when they are pregnant? JLo is too vain to wreck her body from being pregnant, there had to be a serrogate mom involved.

2335 days ago


But if you watch the video, she is wearing a rather baggy jacket. It would hide a little bulge if she had one to hide. Who knows??

2335 days ago


Okay obviously who all have posted so far have never been pregnant and obviously havent seen how movie/model/tv stars drop weight. I guess one must forget about heid klum who went to a awards show 8 DAYS after giving birth to her second child and there was barely an ounce of fat on her. At the Victoria Secrets show 8 weeks after giving birth she had her abs back. Please these people have the money and the means to drop weight fast

I guess no one notice how she glowed, how her nose spread (happens alot with pregnancy and how she had gotten rounder in all areas including her face. Pregnancy does this and it has a specific look to it

Damn I do not like the b^%ch but I wouldnt never accuse her of faking a pregnancy. But much dont you think?

2335 days ago


I guess this proves you don't have to breast-feed to shed those pounds quickly.

2335 days ago

ding dang y'all    

Things that make ya go HMM....................

2335 days ago


the pregnancy had to be real.....the way that azz kept growin and growin....IT HAD TO BE!!!!!!!!!

2335 days ago

john johnson    

j-lo should be careful about ingesting all them fat burner pills.none of that mess is apporved by the food and drug administration.

2335 days ago

In My Opinion    

Twins it does a body good!

2335 days ago


She is so selfish. deprived her babies so that she could loose weight quicker. She didn't even try to breast feed so that she could starve herself!!! Hate her.

2335 days ago


TMZ, isn't "Unloaded the kids" a little bit crude?

2335 days ago


Notice the top of the thighs are hidden as well as that butt. She is still rather large and probably has at least 30lbs to lose.

2335 days ago


if this b!tch is sooooooo proud of her background, why didn't she pick any puerto rican or hood names? instead she picks the antithesis of hollywood related types (like "won an emmy", and "max"imillian) it just bugs me, because she's always singing about being regular and proud and never changing from where she came. i'm sorry to say i just don't like her and how she reportedly treats people.

2335 days ago
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