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Lara Flynn Boyle Is Lookin' Swell

3/30/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know Diddy doesn't go by Puffy anymore -- someone else has that title.
Lara Flynn Boyle
WTF happened to Lara Flynn Boyle? Has someone been injecting silicone used to lubricate auto parts into her too?!

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Lenn K.    

I concur with #34 Clowns, and would like to add Demi Moore is using leeches to cleanse her blood. Watch and see who follow her into this stupid beauty tip. If someone in Hollywood start drinking rat's piss and said it helps to tighten your skin everyone would follow like clones. No one ever said, these people in Hollyweird are smart!!

2396 days ago


What a shame, what a shame, what a shame. One woman who did not need to ever mess with her face.

2396 days ago


Also just goes to show what can happen when you mess around with the perfect face, you get a mess and there ain't gettin' any going back! What a waste!

2396 days ago


It looks to me like she just had heer wisdom teeth excised.

2396 days ago


i wonder what Prince Von A-hole would have to say about her

2396 days ago


Hey TMZ...........................
Laurra Flynn Boyle -----I think she has Lupus.

The puffiness of her face...she looks as if she takes prednisone. If you look at some of the other close ups you can see a Mylar or butterfly shaped rash across her cheeks and nose. Her hair has thinned also.

I know someone who has this disease and her looks are very similar. She may have gotten lip injections to balance her face. But Botox for someone with such a conditoin would be a particularly bad idea.

2396 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

I will be very honest. White people do not age well. That is why they get botox, plastic surgery and everything else in the book to make them look younger. It does not make them look younger, just monsterous (look at the pics). Now a days, white woman want to look more black. They are paying big $$$$ to get butt injections/implants, breast implants, lip injections and they get tans to make their skin darker. It is sad because there is a large percentage of white people that are addicted to plastic surgey. They can pay for 12 surgeries and they still are not happy with themselves. Sally Sue says, "I think that I need to loose 10lbs." Instead of going to the gym, she pays to get a liposuction or an uncalled for tummy tuck. Good greif!! I am just telling the truth.

2396 days ago

Here's the skinny    

OMG! You have got to be kidding. People in this industry HAVE all got to be crazy to subject themselves to the public. Growing up I used to want to be famous.. NOW.......I would have to be crazy. First, Laura was too thin, now she is too fat. Someone, pLEEEEEEEase tell me what the perfect size is. You can't win. I think if you want to be famous nowadays.....start taking pictures and join TMZ, that way you can be one of the bullies. BTW, I do love the show and the sight, but this is nuts. I truley feel sorry for her. Where is the story?

2396 days ago


ew. I never did like her. I never thought she was pretty. Now she looks HORRIBLE. Oh well, she did it to herself. And what's up with her name? I always wanna call her Larry... is it supposed to be like Laura or Lare-a?

2396 days ago


54 Gei - that post was complete racist-bull-shet. Funny that you didn't bring up all the white women getting weaves, extensions and straightening their hair to look more like... oh, wait a minute. Nevermind, the Sally Sue's aren't doing that. The Sheniqua's are.

2396 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Oh, for Pete's sake, the camera view is all distorted!

2396 days ago


Is she balding too? Poor thing...

2396 days ago



2396 days ago


I cannot understand why people continue to undergo plastic surgery when the outcome is predictably bad.

As far as I'm concerned, yeah, it would be great to lose the age lines and lift up everything that is tending to sag, But, knowing that I will likely wear a frozen facial expression for a long period of time, in some cases permanently, and I might suffer side effects or after effects of the surgery that could be fatal ... and that the most likely resuilt is that I will no longer look like myself ... well, why in the world would I even consider having such procedures done?

It may be time for all our celebrities to get together in one huge meeting room and discuss the effects of current plastic surgery procedures. Because of the high probability of negative results, they need to agree to stop having the procedures done to them. If all of them agree, then they will no longer need to compete with each other to keep looking "young" to remain employable.

If writers and producers joined in and insisted on natural looking actors and actresses for their future productions, we might eliminate anorexia along with the avalanche of plastic surgery clone look-alikes. Wouldn't it be interestiong for us mortals to be able to compare ourselves to normal looking performers for a change to see who really held up the best over time?

Well, it was a good thought anyway ...

2331 days ago


Funny, isn't it, that a woman who is pathologically anorexic would find it appropriate to have a face that looks like a patch-work of suet pockets?

2396 days ago
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