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Obama Strikes Out With Voters

3/30/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barack ObamaNo, he can't! Bowl, that is.

Barack hit the lanes in Pennsylvania yesterday, where he bowled a 37. He did, however, don a size 13½ bowling shoe. You know what they say about candidates with big feet ...

Big tax breaks!


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Mr. Hat    

And don't get that tie caught in the ball return.

2343 days ago

justice for daniel    

All talk and no do...and McCain cannot beat Hillary in the presidential race, he CAN beat someone named Hussein that has been a 20 year member of a church that spews hatred and refers to his grandma as a typical white...AKA bigot...American. The media that is controlled by the Chaney/Bush good ol' boys have done EVERYTHING possible to serve this election up to Obama....because it is in thier best interest to have him in a race against McCain. The good ol boys network retakes the white house, its buisness as usual...our young people keep dying, our poor people get poorer and the middle class disappears. Hillary Clinton is our only hope to end this miserable mess. It will take more than smooth talk, we need a strong, brave, tenacious go getter that doesn't know the meaning of can't or quit! We need Hillary Clinton for President!

Posted at 10:10PM on Mar 30th 2008 by whitmore5

Put Hillary in the White House and there will be no upper class, middle class or bottom class. She will have us living under Socialism rule where everyone works FOR the government. We will be no better off than the Mexicans in Mexico are. Everything is owned by the Mexican government and you live how they tell you to live. Those people don't have a chance for a better life and with Hillary, neither will we Americans. Oh, yeah, by all means lets vote for Hillary the SOCIALIST. Better still, lets vote for the guy who "puts up with" white people and other Nationalities just to get their vote all while damning them in Church and then lying about it the rest of the time. He is for "change"... better be careful what you wish for. Come on people, these politicians only tell us what they know we want to hear, and then when elected do just as they damn well please . At least with McCain we would have a man with experience, a man who actually fought for and paid dearly for in order to keep our beloved America free. What did Hillary and Obama ever do for this country?

2343 days ago


That republican crap backfired w/ Bush and his war... the country is broke as a result and now you're afraid a "black man" is going to deliver the karma. Since there is no longer a MIDDLE class... it will either be the rich man or the poor man's ass... Obama is like Robin Hood... coming to a hood near republicans...

I don't think God is looking down smiling on AMERICA AT ALL... and the reprocussions will just happen to be WHEN Obama is the President.

2343 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Actually, not being a good bowler makes him go up in my estimation.
Don't be so serious #82.
This is just for fun.

2343 days ago


To #79, I am not speaking political trash. The article references his big feet indicating he would be inclined to favor big tax cuts which is the exact opporiste of his stated position that he would repeal the last set of Bush tax cuts which means he will INCREASE TAXES to the higher level before the cut and that it would cost someone maknig about $45,000 a little over $400 automatically out of their pay in the form of higher taxes.
Hey, if you don't like his policies don't vote for him just because he looks good in a suit.
Lower taxes results in more wealth for all and more employment. Higher taxes results in the opposite of that (Take it to an extreme to understand it: If you were taxed on 99.9% of your income would you work overtime or sacrifice to start a business or bring your capital to such a high tax jurisdiction? If taxes were 1% would you not be more inclined to work overtime, or sacrifice to start a business that would make you more money, or bring your capital from a high tax jurisdiction to this low tax jurisdiction?

2343 days ago

Mr. Hat    

To #85:


2343 days ago


Let me guess - he's trying to be one of the "common" folk - he's gonna bowl now, huh? I'm surprised he couldn't afford to buy his OWN bowling shoes with the $ 1.6m he made in 2006! What's next - he gonna go out and make a photo-op out of rebuilding the engine on a semi or go to a tractor pull? Phony, phony, PHONEY.

2343 days ago

You Wait And See    

Alright #84. I'm not trying to be too serious. I've dealt with a lot of crazy people on the net. Sorry if I sounded bullish or something.

2343 days ago

Mr. Hat    

To 86:

I don't think the big feet comment is in reference to tax cuts.

2343 days ago


That's quite a nice big black ball he's got

2343 days ago


I will not refernce "BIG FEET" to anything on this blog. That's just silly! I can't wait until November. His shoes were DAPPER! :)

2343 days ago


Who cares about the RACIST OBAMA or his RACIST Anti American Church that he belonged to for over 20 years all that support him are anti americans

2343 days ago


Also like to add that even if he didnt have big feet and a big you know WHAT, I still find him sexy and would love to do him.

2343 days ago


Hill need to stay at home w/ her dried up ovaries and take care of her hubby before ...

McLame needs to use his wonderful health care plan, he doesn't look so hot... one foot on a banana peel...

Obama... Obama... Obama... what can we say other than he's a "racist" for what his pastor said and the sick crap his granny said which got her labeled as TYPICAL.

Politics is the name of the game... and they all sound good until they're APPOINTED and we end up DISAPPOINTED.

Exactly why we are losing our service men/women and all the other social issues going on... some damned lies that were sold and bought. That's not Obama's fault... why he would want to even try to fix this place is a story yet to be told...
Hill is a liar and McLame is too old. (lol)

God Help Us... I agree with #83... I'm sure God is not smiling on America saying- "Awwwwww look at my sweet little children"...

2343 days ago
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