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Tone Loc is a Funky Cold Cheap Bastard

3/30/2008 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tone LocThe only way Tone Loc can get a gig anymore is if a bar owner gets taken for a ride.

Two small Michigan bars were scammed out of a total of $1,400 last summer after a man posing as Loc's manager promised the rapper would play at their establishments. Why this con man didn't pose as the manager of a popular rapper -- one from the 21st century, perhaps? -- is a mystery.

Fast forward to this year, where Tone's real manager heard about the misfortune, and out of the kindness of his heart agreed that the rapper would play at both bars -- for Tone's regular fee.

Clearly Sir Mix-a-Lot, Young MC and Kid 'n Play were all too busy.


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Hmmmmmm........Tone Loc steps up to the plate and extends a kindness to these bars, when he clearly wasn't obligated to, and you reward him with scorn and insults. How very classy, mature and human of you. Man, I hate to even think about the Karma that anyone associated with TMZ is going to reap.

2364 days ago


Wait, so was the bar owner more concerned bout the fact that he told 40 people that Tone was ganna be there or the fact that he lost $1400?? Sounds to me he didnt wanna be embarrased by a no-show since he dished out more money for Tone's REGULAR FEES. Welp, maybe now the bar will get its full capacity of 100!!! Yay them!!! :P

2364 days ago

H B Rider    

Well, well, well, it looks like yet another rather eventless weekend for the SS TMZ-tanic as it takes on yet more water causing it to sink even more. I love it! Harvey Levin is starting to try on life vests to see which one may save him I bet. Harvey, where is Britney when you need her most? Oh yeah, she is getting her life back in order....sober! HAHAHA!!!

2364 days ago


Come on TMZ, Tone Loc's music is classic and a lot of fun. Give him a break TMZ, he didn't owe the clubs anything, therefore it's only right that he perform for his regular fee. Lighten up; you guys are way too critical.

2364 days ago


Mr. Levin, you are an attorney, correct? In the beginning I thought you were a reputable journalist. If you were so inclined to stoop so low, why not keep your name and reputation off and away from the TMZ moniker?

2364 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Dear Joni? "CLASSIC" music? Have you not EVER listened to music? Tone Loc is FAAAAR from a classic ...
HILARIOUS! He'd be lucky to get a gig to play an 8-year old's birthday at a Chucky-Cheese for $25! He's a

2364 days ago


Joni........Harvey stopped being an attorney in '96.

2364 days ago


You guys are idiots, what is wrong with TMZ you guys really suck yourselves.

2364 days ago


levin is the sleaze behind tmz. he can only get it up by putting others down. he skulks out the most inane things about a person and posts it. really nervy, considering he himself, and the cast of cohorts on his so called "entertainment" show looks so busted, and haggardly. yeah, watched for about ten minutes and was totally turned off. in those ten minutes i saw fat azzes, fuglys, and pukes. the very kind they make fun of. undoubtedly ironic. glad people are finally seeing them for the losers they are. no doubt picked on, and bullied in school, and trying to dish out a little pay back. okay this is redundant but, they are the original biggest losers. how many of them can say they’ve ever accomplished anything close to what stars, past, or present have. so what the person isn’t as popular anymore, had a hit record, movie, etc. in years. their success can’t be measured, or taken away by measly ignoramuses. for every photo, video, hateful word tmz posts, i’m sure than have more than a few relatives to fit that very bill. Their children must be so proud. and oh, btw tmz, you say you will remove our inappropriate comments. but, wait. isn’t that what you promote 24/7. all things inappropriate?!

2364 days ago


Wow, this is lower than low, TMZ. Guess your 15 minutes of fame are over.

2364 days ago


I'm confused: How is Tone Loc a "cheap bastard?" Seems to me that he made the time to put on a couple of shows when he had no contractual obligation to do so. And rightfully so, he got paid for it. Where's the scandal? I suppose I shouldn't be shocked anymore that this site stoops to such levels. Oh well.

2364 days ago


TMZ - you guys are totally pathetic.

Tone-Loc should be commended and so should his manager.

2364 days ago


Dude, I saw Tone in concert a few years ago. He was awesome, so don't be dissin' on Mr. Funky Cold Medina.

2364 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Tsunamis are awesome ... earthquakes are awesome ... the electricity produced by the turbines at Hoover Dam are awesome, but I can ASSURE you that Tone Deaf AIN'T awesome. Learn some new definitions ...

2364 days ago


I own a bar in Illinois. Less than a year ago, I received a phone call from Tone Loc's "manager." We on spoke on several occasions. He seemed well-informed and professionally. I agreed to book a show and started advertising on my website. A week later, the "manager" called asking me to send a money order in full for the show. I was immediately suspicious and refused. A band has never requested payment in advance. The other bar owners should have known it was a scam!

2364 days ago
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