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Brit's Real Diet Secret? Stay 21 ... For Five Years!

4/2/2008 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You thought Brit looked awfully svelte on the cover of this week's OK! magazine, didn't ya? It's the one that screams, "Britney Lost 15 Lbs in Just 4 Weeks!"
Britney Spears
Turns out it was taken back in 2003 for a Glamour magazine photo shoot, ancient history in Britwreck time. So she probably was 15 pounds lighter ... but that was well over four years ago.


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Ms. Behavin sounds kinda like something people from TMZ would do....

2402 days ago


papa spears is trying to make sure money is coming in. I think he waited till the last minute to take over because he was scared she was going to marry Adnan and then there would have been no money for the family anymore. Most important things to Britney 1. attention whore 2. money 3. her two babies She has some fan base left but the majority has had enough of her. She is done. There isnt even anyone decent that wants to go out with her.

2402 days ago


Why doesn't TMZ give her a break- you guys go too far in making fun of other's when they are down.

2402 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Typical of the LIES the Spears Machine constantly uses! Lies like she can sing, dance, is smart, is not on drugs, is sane, is in control, has her kids as her primary focus in life; lies like those and others.

2402 days ago


prolly used LAXatives!

2402 days ago


I'll bet Brit looks at all these recycled photos of her pre-baby/K-Fed days and just sobs - bwaahhahahahahahaha!


2402 days ago



2402 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

42. Come on. You all need to give Brittney a beak. The lady has a lot of health issues. What if she were your friend, aunt, daughter, or sister?

Posted at 5:54PM on Apr 2nd 2008 by just me

What a tired old excuse! If anyone I knew, even a relative, was that much of a beotch/a-hole/idiot, they would have been reeled back to reality long before any of that. If she was such a narcissistic,strong willed FOOL, she wouldn't need the conservatorship. She refuses to do anything in a smart, reasonable, adult fashion so now she needs to be treated like the infant she is! Her whole life has been filled with idiotic decisions that she is responsible for! If the c-ship is undone, you will see her going down the tubes faster than ever! It's a given.
Many of you 'fans' want her released back to her own recognisance again, well be careful what you ask for! Since I'm not a fan, watching her screw herself is the only thing entertaining she really bring to the table as a 'life skills' go. Yeah, cut her loose again, so we can watch her do what she does best, mess up her life beyond any comprehension. I've never seen her in any light that shows her to be a nice caring person, so screw her! Let her sink herself!

2402 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sorry, 'if she WASN'T that much of a beotch....'

2402 days ago


Wow, thats crazy...I was looking through old magazine lately and I have that magazine sitting out !

2402 days ago


Brit's a pig

2402 days ago


who cares.................if this is all u have on britney.....things are most definitley gettin better!

2402 days ago

shut up tmz    

OK puts whatever they want in their magaizine, just like TMZ writes whatever it wants. Lets move on TMZ why don't you treat people the way you want your family treated for a change. Your turning into a smuck web site, no class, it's getting boring really fast.

2402 days ago

that's all    

Her tracks give me nightmares. when she pulls up her hair in that pebbles and bambam look I dreamt that someone forced them on me and I went bald on one side of my head.

2402 days ago


Look how Preggers she looks in the bottom picture.

2402 days ago
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