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Naomi Campbell Busted -- Just Plane Crazy

4/3/2008 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Naomi Campbell has been arrested at Heathrow Airport after she allegedly assaulted a police officer. Why? Bitch lost her bag!!

Campbell was pulled off a British Airlines flight to L.A. today after reportedly causing a huge stink when she claimed one of her -- count 'em -- three carry-on bags was missing. The Sun says cops first tried to calm her down, but then yanked the supermodel off the plane after she flew into a rage when she was told she was unfit to fly. The anger management class superstar was then hauled away "ranting and raving" after allegedly assaulting an officer -- sources tell us she actually spit on the cop. Where's an assistant when you need one?!

Witnesses say they heard the model scream "get off me, leave me alone" as she was taken to the Heathrow police station. Hide your Blackberries!

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big joe    


2333 days ago


Naomi..... you are SOOOOOOOOOO too bad designer clothes can't GIVE you class . get a FRICKING clue and grow up..... you are no longer a SUPER DUPER MODEL!!!!!

2333 days ago

Boycott Canadian Seafood    

When are they going to lock this bitch up?

2333 days ago


Ok John in San Diego, how are we violent by nature? So, you should say that about white people also. Why do yall act like black people are the only ones that mess up in life. Do you honestly think whites are angels and can do no wrong? Your ignorant. I hope you are just saying that to get a rise out of people and dont really mean this.If you go by history than white people are mass murderers. Slavery, hangings, beatings, burning churches, the KKK, dragging people by a rope from the back of their puck-up trucks, degrading african americans for years and still are. You need to stop the stereotyping man. Black, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc. all fight in the same war together. You seriously need to get faith in God and pray to remove the hatred from your heart.

2333 days ago


Hey EDUB, what are you talking about? Your really not helping man.

2333 days ago


She just got arrested in UK....for spitting at an officer!! hahahaHAHAHAHAhahaaaa stupid girl

2333 days ago


i feel bad for this chick. she probably doesnt have anyone in her life that cares enough about her to encourage her to get help. she sounds bipolar. i think its crazy how she the excuse that her temper is a result of her dad leaving her when there are millions of people that have experienced the same thing (and a lot worse) that do not act this way. her dad probably took one look at her when she was born saw the bitch potential in that bitchy looking face of hers and said... "im out". get some class your disgusting lady and self respect!

2333 days ago


HOE! she has the body of a man and her face screams out BITCH which in turn makes her soooo unattractive. what a waste of a life she is. cant she fall walking down the a runawy go into a coma from getting a concusion and never wake up?

2333 days ago


this is exactly what negative attention craving behavior looks like. shes so desperate for attention she'll do what ever it takes to get it.

2333 days ago

The Icon    

To everyone responding in anger to the the racist remarks...

You do realize that these are just idiots sitting in front of a computer screen living vicariously through TMZ because their own lives reek of loneliness, despair and ineptitude of the world around them. Don't be angry with these people, feel sorry for them and don't give them the decency of a response as that's what they do it for. They enjoy it when you respond in anger.

Here are two solutions:

1: Email TMZ and ask that they moderate the amount of hate speech that happens here. At least make them aware of it. More than likely you already have and no response so then move on to my second solution...

2. Flood every posting about a white celeb with like minded hate speech. Every single post. I can virtually guarantee that TMZ will immediately moderate when Lindsey Lohan is called a "coke sniffing cracker". You'll then see Caucasian posters yell out, "Who's racist now?!?!?!"

2333 days ago


I tried that Icon. These people have no heart, no soul, no compassion, and no God!

2333 days ago


People are so mean to each other, Yall get ready, cuz when the Lord comes - "He's coming like a thef in the night" Get your lives right and stop all this hatred against each other.

2332 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Why is that wannabe white girl so angry?? She's pretty, rich, successful..i'll trade lifestyles with her anyday..Bitch be grateful and humble already!

2332 days ago


Good! She is such a bitch,,,

2332 days ago


Hope some day she does this to the wrong person and gets the - - - - beat out of her. Think it would go a long way into making her stop!

2332 days ago
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