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What Happens In Vegas Stays On K-Fed's AMEX

4/3/2008 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Daddy got Britney to pay his legal bills, claiming relative poverty. But, as her lawyer calls it, "Bank of Britney" may have been taken for a ride -- specifically, from L.A. to Vegas.

According to legal docs, in a recent eight-month period, Federleezy blew $50,489.71 on hotel rooms and refreshments in Vegas.

In one day alone, K-Fed dropped $2,632.50 at TAO Beach (the pool club at The Venetian). And on one wild evening, he spent $2,862.60 at TAO nightclub. One day at the Hard Rock Beach Club -- $3,008.33

Oh yeah, and there's this.... at Scores strip club, he once spent $365, but left a $2,000 tip.

And for this he dinged Brit? Dang.


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Stupid USB. President George Bush has given more money to help the poor and needy and ill in America and across the world, especially Africa, than any other president. You just don't hear it blared on the front pages of the NY Times because they hate him and refuse to acknowledge his unprecedented generosity. Research and study the facts as I have before you post lies and hatred.

2401 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with his expenses. Celebrities live differently than we do, that's for sure, they're expected to pay big and live in the limelight. As for his methods of raising young'ins....was you there? Unless you're part of his every day life you don't know squat. You can have a nosey neighbor say bad things about you and your own kids to the point that child protective services would be knocking on your door.
She deserves to pay the bills, if she hadn't diddled him and his lawyers around with her monkey acts of selfishness and caused a scene of horrific proportions everywhere she went she wouldn't be in this mess. She's wacko and she's paying for it.
Let's see your expense account for the last two years! How much fast food did you eat? How much beer did you buy?
She blew WAY more of her own money than He ever has! Buying a new Mercedes every other month, new puppies every time she walked by, horrendous clothing on a weekly basis, not to mention keeping the corner gas station in business along with Taco
Bell and Starbucks! C'mon....$5000 on a flippin purse?

2401 days ago

Women R Hizoes    

USB...whatever you do, don't drink the Kool Aid dude!!

2401 days ago


So now that Britney is getting help, Kevin is the enemy de jour?

They have always been equally matched. It was lame for anyone to take sides.

2401 days ago


Kelli, I doubt the boy knows how to read much less has the ability to open up the yellow pages!

2401 days ago

It' OK Buddy    

Then where the hell is it? All this charitable funding and Human Service money? Because I worked in Human Services for years and they are now absolutely ravished to the bone and beyond as never before! The charities are burst beyond capacity and can't even feed or clothe the hungry because Government isn't giving and the Public can't or won't anymore. People are losing their housing in droves and before long we will see whole families including children out and living on the mark my words...I have never seen conditions like this in my life and I have never seen a Governmental structure that systemically treated people as this one does. I have personally witnessed it as a matter of policy. Now are you calling me a liar?

2401 days ago


I'm sure he gets a special rate. Bam, wham, thank you mam. No baggage. It wouldn't look good in court D. I bet that is what he has used his comps for, no paper trails.

2401 days ago


This man is a moocher! It has been obvious from the beginning really think this is a matter that needs to look into why Mr Kaplan, The show toons attorney is being payed so much and I really do believe this judge may be corrupt,With his legle fees alone, besides the money he is extorting, He sure is putting his blinders on. And he is not concerned about his lisence with th California bar. I hoe this is a turn around for Britney and some of this money does return to her

2401 days ago


Kelli, His day will come..................Hell haft no fury, like a woman scorned! Daddy Spears will take care of Brit!

2401 days ago


#77,,, and Britney knew Shar was pregnant, and Adnan was married so what is your point???

2401 days ago


Hell, if she is wearing her underwear and staying out of Starbucks this is progress. Her Dad is doing a good job. Her parents are keeping a good relationship with K-Fed. Maybe it will work out for those kids. She is going to have to be able to stand on her own before she can be a full time Mom. We shall see.

2401 days ago


NShado,, I feel the same way... Love the points you make

2401 days ago

lola espanola    

A dog, is a dog, is a dog, is a dog and it changes not.

2401 days ago


He saw his bank cards rolling in when he met her. He no doubt manipulated her into thinking he was the love of her life by charming her and telling her everything she needed to hear at a time a weakness! He estranged her from everyone who cared for her and her best interest and then pulled the rug out from under her. It's a classic tale of a woman loving with passion (as we women are taught to do) and then feeling alone when deep betrayal is felt by the one you gave everything up for. Brittany is not crazy. She loved someone who hurt her very deeply and just momentarily fell off the deep end. It happens to even the sane. I hope that the media continues to show everyone what this man is truly made of...nothing. Brittany will come back and she'll come back stronger than ever. She is surrounding herself with the right people again and it'll happen for her. I hope she gets her babies back and I hope she doesn't have to spoon feed their father for much longer.

2401 days ago


kevin is a d bag

2401 days ago
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