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Being Bill & Hill Doesn't Blow

4/4/2008 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bill and Hill could have been just another couple of retired Prez old farts, figuring out how they would pay their $2 million legal bill for that ... Monica thing.

Turns out, a little scandal pays off in the, er, end. Thanks in part to books about their lives, Billary just reported $109 million in income over the last seven years.

That's a whole lotta cigars and blue dresses, folks.


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They earned their money honestly and paid plenty in taxes while giving generously to charity. What more do you want? Blood?

2329 days ago


classy- thank for helping us forget TMZ

2329 days ago


Rather have Billary in the white house than hypocrit Obama and his lies!

2329 days ago


i hate billary
mostly i hate hillary
that's a lot of cash money

2329 days ago


Good, now maybe Barack Obama can STFU and focus on the real issues affecting our country like he pretends he does.

2329 days ago


Great- looks like TMZ has a bunch of white supreemies in their midst- I need a shower

2329 days ago


Monica didnt use her teeth, so there was no blood, just white jism

2329 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

The billary kool-aid barrel keeps on getting fools to drink from it! They are both PROVEN LIARS, she is an enabler to his sex addiction and a bad role model for many women in abusive relationships whether it be emotional (Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones and countless others come to mind) or physical abuse. Her message is just roll over close your eyes to what your deviant whoring husband is doing to you and other women and pretend you have a happy marriage. THEY ARE POWER HUNGRY LYING pieces of crap. She claims she "mis spoke about her claim of ducking and running because of sniper fire while in Bosnia" WHAT A LOAD of CRAP!!!!! It was a bold face flat out and out LIE!!!!!! She would have stuck to her story had not Sinbad and that video tape shown differantly..... I would like to someday be able to back a female for President, but HILLARY is NOT THE ONE!!!! She and her husband sleep, eat and drink in scandals, SHE and that A**H*** husband will bring only more shame to the presidency and to our country. My personal opinion is that I am not even really convinced she is a woman...Crocodile tears can be produced by both male and female. BILLARY DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME . I would be ashamed if she were to be elected to Slick Willys' THIRD TERM.

2329 days ago


earned Honestly ? wahhhhh Ha. Puff puff pass. I want to smoke some of that. Put a price on Morals and the Clinton are disgraceful bankrupt bottom feeders.

2329 days ago


Obama's income jumped to 2.6 million upon election to the senate. His wife's salary at the hospital where she is an executive also tripled when he became a senator, from 122,000 to 316,000. Being the wife of a senator pays off, too.

I'm always interested in these very wealthy people talking about helping the poor. Why don't they just give them a lot of their own money? Instead, they want to take the money from the middle class, from those barely paying their own bills, and REDISTRIBUTE that to the poor.

John McCain for President.

2329 days ago


TMZ seems to support Obama. Certainly they don't support a Republican.

2329 days ago


Paid taxes? Where did you read they paid their fair share of taxes?? I wonder how much they got for all the stuff they and their staff STOLE from the White House when they left?? These are the biggest bunch of crooks in the country. If any normal citizen did the things they have done we would be under the jail. And if they really want a socialist country, the first thing we need to do is split up their money to the have nots.(Or should I say the work nots or lazy Government whores.) They want us to pay for everyone elses health care, food, housing, etc... in higher taxes and struggle to make ends meet, all the while they are getting richer and richer. Al Gore has made about $100 million off his global warming scam so far. How much longer will the American people be so stupid???

2329 days ago


he i just plain rich!!! :)

2329 days ago


I wonder how much money was put into OFF SHORE accounts? Billy is a CAYMAN ISLAND depositor!

They are both BAD NEWS and God Bless this country if another one gets in office! Very scary!

2329 days ago

Mama Says    

Jealous much? ALL of the past presidents are able to better their personal finances after office. Gee, do you think Dubya's not going to clean up after he leaves office? There's a lot of paybacks owed to him for all the government contracts he and his gov't pals have dished out these past 8 years.

2329 days ago
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