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Forget Firecrotch: Greasy's a Racist, Homophobe

4/4/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting taunted by the paparazzi sucks -- but it's still no excuse to attack someone with some of the most offensive slurs in the English language. Paging Michael Richards!

One photog was definitely laying into Brandon Davis outside Foxtail last night, but Brandon took it to another level by calling the black photog a "nigger." The pack of photogs was shocked -- and ripped back, calling him "Greasy Crotch" and "d-bag."

Around an hour later, cameras caught the scumbag oil heir still fuming outside of Villa, where he called TMZ's photog "a faggot." Classy.


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and yet, TMZ, you continue to give him publicity by reporting this crap. W/out paps like you, what would this person be famous for? W/out your exposure, he'd be just another self-destructive, clueless heir. Let him go back to that!

2358 days ago


Who on earth is this guy? And WHY is he considered noteworthy.
I don't recall ever seeing his name in any tv or movie listings.
WHY bother with him at all.
At this point,,,,, he should simply be ignored by all the press,,, THAT might irritate him the most. :)

2358 days ago

Frank White    

Just because someone uses the "n" or "f" work doesn't make them racist or homophobic. They are merely words. Not actions. Everytime TMZ calls someone "fat" or "chunky" does that automatically make you guys prejudiced against fat people? Does that mean you would rather hire a "skinny" person over a "fat" person at TMZ? I would hope not. Brandon Davis has several black and gay friends. He is not racist or homophobic.

2358 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Yes, the Bear is a jerk, but wasn't the paps goating him into it? Isn't that race baiting?

2358 days ago


TMZ, be real. He shouldnt have used the N word, but you shouldn't be hounding him and messing with him. What do you expect to happen? People c an only take so much - yes, even celebs. they have feelings too, even Brandon Davis. Im sure he loves being on camera, but would you like being harassed and messed with on camera? The guy insulted his MOM ffs. Them's pretty much fightin words. Quit trying to stir up some "Brandon Davis is racist" crap.

2358 days ago


hello pot, meet kettle

2358 days ago


I think TMZ, and their felons with cameras, provoked him. I'm with ya Brandon!

2358 days ago


I think TMZ, and their felons with cameras, provoked him. I'm with ya Brandon!

2358 days ago


This is one of the most disgusting, stomach turning things I have seen on the site ever. So TMZ, do have certain questions on your job applications to determine if someone is a big enough bully to work for you? Like: When you were in high school, was there a person you bullied to death? Like the fat boy who lived kittens or the little red headed girl with glasses and buck teeth?

2358 days ago


They deserve each other. That is pot that is going to exlode. Just make sure you get it on we can watch.

2358 days ago


i still can't get over the fact that he stuck his "oily" crotch in mischa barton....

2358 days ago


Are you people making it any better by printing the N word in full? I agree with one of the above posts about you being able to dish it out but not take it. Now that Britney is on the road to recovery you seem to be grasping at straws. When she was at her worst you were *hoping* she would get help and get better and now that she is you find it neccessary to put snide remarks (i.e. wrecktastic) and seem to want her to fail.

2358 days ago

Bort Floberdongen    

Oil heir? More like oil hair! What a greasy loser!

2358 days ago

Keepn Itreal    

what makes this guy famous anyway? O yeah Tmz does.

2358 days ago


I tell you what TMZ stop taking his PICTURE!!! Stop making this guy somewhat famous. Oh he has a trust-fund. Wow!!! He must be famous. This guy will be blowing guys on SkidRow just to feed his brother. How is this guy news worthy? Try and get a job Bear. But I tell you what, come say the "N" word were I come from. Your little ass will be begging for hep!

2358 days ago
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