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Forget Firecrotch: Greasy's a Racist, Homophobe

4/4/2008 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting taunted by the paparazzi sucks -- but it's still no excuse to attack someone with some of the most offensive slurs in the English language. Paging Michael Richards!

One photog was definitely laying into Brandon Davis outside Foxtail last night, but Brandon took it to another level by calling the black photog a "nigger." The pack of photogs was shocked -- and ripped back, calling him "Greasy Crotch" and "d-bag."

Around an hour later, cameras caught the scumbag oil heir still fuming outside of Villa, where he called TMZ's photog "a faggot." Classy.


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Why is this slimey bitch always on here. He has never done anything.

2340 days ago


#127 shut up...I don't like to be called the 'N' word AND I DON'T RAP, so who the hell r u talking to ? Anyway- ppl need to get over being so FREAKING SENSITIVE in this country. Ever heard of free speech? He's famous for being an ass, he should expect to be followed around; he COULD stay out of the limelight, but he'd rather BE SEEN. The paps are famous for harrassing ppl, they should expect to get it back; THEY COULD LEAVE PPL ALONE, but it's their job, that THEY CHOSE. Stop the whining.

2340 days ago


#115 ~ You are clearly delusional and don't have a clue as to what you are talking about! You are grasping at thin air trying to put Rev. Graham and all the other very famous (white) preachers in the same league as Wright. He (Wright) is clearly a racist pig and it has become very clear to me that Black's are MORE RACIST than white's EVER thought about being! You my dear can thank WRIGHT for that!

2340 days ago


what a despicable human being

2340 days ago


Money does not equal class.......................CLASS can't be bought!

2340 days ago


Maybe he was just promoting Nas's new album

2340 days ago


I say all of these stuck up children of rich people should be locked away just for being douchebags. there all fake and stuck up and if greasy ever came here to new york I would personally kick his ass just for being who he is.

2340 days ago



You really don't get it that we don't care what happens to your staff or your kind. Yes, I read your site, but I do not watch your videos, I find it disgusting the way you hound these people.

2340 days ago


#127 u were not #127 wen I wrote that! #120 was.

2340 days ago


This guy is such a douchebag. Why do even want to take his picture anyway?

2340 days ago


Can someone try (i doubt you can) and explain to me why it is offensive when a white person utters the "N" word and it seems to ok when blacks say it?

2340 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This from the same A-HOLE who steals from his own friend! Remember the $100K watch he tried to steal from a friend? Perhaps one of the BIGGEST DOUCHES ON THE PLANET!!!!

I found myself rooting for the paps to kick his ass!

2340 days ago


After watching that video, I have to say that Paris H. has the IQ of a rock. One cannot seriously see her as anything but a walking shell. She is so void of any sense its quite sad. Kudos to her Grand Father for calling her out on what she is. I feel bad for him that she has his name. She has the behavior of a 3rd grade kid telling dirty jokes. She will never get through life on her own as she simply is not mentally equipped to deal with anything. Sad.

2340 days ago


Hey 'Double Standard,' here's ur explanation: NOT EVERYONE FEELS THAT WAY. I personally don't find the word offensive (I'm black), because I know what I am, but I know that some do so I think it should just not be said. Most of my friends and family feel the same way. In fact, I don't know many ppl who use the word. And I know lots of blacks and whites.

2340 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Actually he is a useless nobody, if his family wasn't rich no one would or should give a rats ass about this lsoer

2340 days ago
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