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Jennifer Love:

Broken and Braless

4/7/2008 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

JLH has given her fashion sense the boot -- literally. Love injured her ankle on the set of the "Ghost Whisperer," and apparently was in so much pain, she forgot her bra underneath her Laura Ingalls dress. Swing low sweet chariot!

The actress flipped and flopped in L.A. yesterday. Is that boot a size two also?


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She has to wear that big shoe in order for her foot to heal. Check it out. Everyone has to wear them when something like
that happens. You just deal with it. As for the bra. Hey, I don't blame her. Sometimes it's good to be free. She looks fine.
Looking forward to new Ghost Whispers!

2299 days ago


SHe is a lovely young women with a normal healthy body. It's the Pamela Anderson wanna-bees that you should be knocking. They’ve influenced young women to mutilate their bodies for a big chest. I’d take her soft natural breasts any day instead of living with 2 stationary cantaloupes protruding from my chest. I like to sleep on my stomach!

2299 days ago


Are you serious about this being news?

And stop with the fat jokes already. It's starting to sound like High School on here. Leave her alone. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. Move on TMZ.

Attack the idiots of the world... not JLH

2299 days ago

ken j    

Harv buddy, TMZ seems to have gone in the toilet. How could you let that happen? Your a lawyer. kb

2299 days ago


I love JLH.....I think she is just the sweetest................

Dont ya just love ..........REAL WOMEN..............

She's confident, smart, pretty, and (what I love )....the kind of old fashioned ...real woman.....

u go girl................

2299 days ago


You guys are idiots.. Why would you make a remark about the size two? Its you fools who make woman feel bad about themselves and YOUR ALL MEN.. DROP DEAD TMZ.. YOU SUCK

2299 days ago


Jeez, I think she looks perfectly fine. Leave here alone already -- I mean, she's got a broken leg, what do you expect?

2299 days ago


Haha YO MAMA....Good one... First...I'm sure that will tick everyone off!
She must have gotten that dress from "Accept yourself."

2299 days ago

stephanie s.    

Hello this is the entertainment news (news about non-important) stuff that is just fun to read about. So all of you complaining just don't come to the site-but you know you want to because its fun FYI. So just take it in. This website shows how celebs can be idiots like the rest of us or more so. Props to you TMZ and continue dishing out the celeb gossip and faux pas.

2299 days ago


This is low, I can see crapoids going after the people who act like twits in public like Spears, Hilton, or Lohan. However I've never heard anything bad about her, matter of fact I've heard a lot of good things. Then to take a cheap shot at someones physical appearance because she's not perfect? No class at all...

2299 days ago


So now I know why women endure what they do to get fake boobs...... It's because men don't really like REAL ones, do they?

2299 days ago

aussie girl    

Lay off her TMZ.She is a lovely girl.I love her show.She beats the skanks like Paris anyday.

2299 days ago


Jennifer love hewitt is an adorable woman, we've all seen here grow up and i really think all you people with your nasty comments need to grow up. I have large breasts and like someone said if you don't wear the best bra that day it shows, but really is it your business. She should have to put up with nasty critisizm like that. she stays out of the light, do her job, goes home to who she loves, why do you people care?

2298 days ago


I don't care what Jen wears or doesn't wear.
I'm gonna love her for what she's got going on inside. TMZ can't touch that.

2298 days ago
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