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Government Gives Swayze All Clear to Land

4/10/2008 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Swayze is using an ex-Navy base that's totally closed to civilians to fly himself to his cancer treatments, supposedly to keep the paparazzi from snapping him smoking. The thing is -- the FAA says it's only for government business.

But officials at the airfield, now operated by NASA, tell the Palm Beach Post that he's getting special permission because he's a patient at nearby Stanford Hospital and thus qualifies as a "life flight." A friend of Swayze's tells the Post that he's using the private strip because the paps caught him smoking when he used a public airport.

We've contacted Swayze's rep, but haven't heard back.


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First, who cares if he is smoking? Any doctor will tell you when you have something as deadly as pancreatic cancer, it is NOT the time to quit smoking. His time on this earth is very limited - this is the deadliest of all the cancers. My mom was diagnosed with her a few years ago, and 3 weeks later we buried her. So, let the poor guy smoke. However, regarding the airbase, I agree with the earlier comment that the treatment given to celebrities is getting completely ridiculous and out of control. Their wealth and celebrity gives them such an unfair status in our country it's sickening. They all cry about the paparazzi getting in the way while they live their glamourous, golden lives. What about the rest of us who need some special privileges but can't get them because we have no clout? And, while they are getting richer, we are all getting poorer. As one who recently lost both house and car, I would like to see the gap closed between celebrities and average people.

2316 days ago


He is dying of cancer. No need to hound him to death.

2351 days ago


He has pancreatic cancer, not lung cancer. Leave him alone.

2351 days ago


This is Moffet Field in Sunnyvale/Mountain View, CA. I live right by it. He's lucky that he has the use of this base. Its an awesomely interesting one. It has on the base, this huge hangar that used to house blimps. I am hoping the best for Swayze.

2351 days ago


I hate to say this because I adore Patrick but if they let him fly into this closed off airport then they are braking rules and then others start complaining that they want the same special treatment...There are many private airstrips/airports all over so I hope Patrick finds another solution. My prayers are with you buddy, and can't wait for you to be back dancing again.

2351 days ago


A smoker is still a drug addict, even if their addiction is legal. Many people continue to smoke when they are dying of cancer. Though be doesn't have lung cancer, the doctors would still advise him to quit.

2351 days ago


I had cancer and the doctors told me it was NOT the time to quit. They said I was under enough stress and didn't need the added stress of quiting smoking.

2351 days ago

Area 51    

Love the phony picture!

2351 days ago

Over It Already    

You're right - a smoker is a drug addict. However, isn't it unfortunate that drug addicts, whether it be alcohol, tobacco, or the worse substances like crack, meth, etc., are looked down upon as if they could help their situation and be better human beings? It's an addiction folks - and it's a disease... just like diabetes, obesity and others. Don't judge them - figure out a way to support them and help them through it... And for the record # 1, you're just low-class. Already have Mr. Swayze in the grave do ya? If Mr. Swayze can get past the system, good for him. If it was you or I, we would do the same thing if we could - instead of standing in line at the HMO.

2351 days ago


The man is sick....instead of criticizing everything how about a little support. He should be more than welcome to use the airstrip.

2351 days ago

She looks great    

Feel really badly for Swayze but it is sickeningly wrong the way celebrities are given special treatment. They are treated like deities - they are only actors. And then the celebs have the nerve to whine and complain about all the attention they get.

People need to start speaking out more against this celebrity VIP treatment. This country is headed for a social revolt as the division between the haves and have nots widens, and the grotesque excessive wealth of celebs keeps getting shoved in everyone's face.

2351 days ago


I have absolutely no issue w/his using whatever means of avoiding the paps that he deems necessary. Leave him alone. This, of all times in a person's life, should be private.

2351 days ago


Patrick is my neighbor...and earlier this week, our entire street was blocked off, and paparazzi were everywhere, and were trying to get a picture of him, IT WAS LIKE A ZOO! People everywhere, Police cars all over the streets blocked off. Poor guys dying what more do they want from him? and just my personal opinion, if your gonna die... why not die doing what you want (smoking)????

2351 days ago


He is old enought to make his own decison about somoking who should care

2351 days ago

Insert comical name here    

You guys totally get off on kicking people who are down, don't you? Not just a little bit down either, but really horribly down. Perhaps you should all pool your funds and buy a conscience to share among yourselves.

2351 days ago
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