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Gayle: Oprah's No $ugar Mama!

4/11/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah definitely spoils BFF Gayle King -- but, according to Gayle, the big O ain't putting a new roof over her head.

Last month, TMZ confirmed that Oprah bought a killer $7.1 million Manhattan penthouse (and supposedly for Gayle) but King tells TMZ she's not relocating to the city anytime soon. And we've asked peeps at the building -- no sign of Gayle or O since then.

Oprah's LLC, Sophie's Penthouse, did purchase the pad though -- so who's moving in?


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Tmz, did it ever occur to you that maybe Oprah bought it so that she would have a place to stay while in NY?! Gayle has her own money and I really don't think she needs Oprah to buy her a home. Yes, you confirmed that Oprah bought a place but, you also said that Gayle was moving in. Is this your way of trying to get the STORY correct?

2386 days ago


Maybe Oprah bought it for Stedman so she can kick his sorry ass out?

2386 days ago


I am surprised to hear piggly wiggly call Stedman sorry, do you know him or anything about him??, except what you read in the gossip pages, it is ridiculous for you to call him that.

2386 days ago


what is a BFF ?

2386 days ago


BFF - best friend forever.

2386 days ago


I am going to guess, that she is about to embark on a new reality show to show Donald Trump how it is done... ;o)

2386 days ago


They are waiting

for all the trust papers to go through

so that they can avoid paying taxes.

It will go down as a 'donation' or 'loan' from one trust to another and thus Gayle will not be actually getting the swanky penthouuse, but it will be her trust...and this is how rich people don't pay ANY taxes.

2386 days ago


on oprah and friends last week gayle was talking about how she's moving to NYC on the upper west side at the end of MAY! she lied to you all last night.. !!!!!!!

2386 days ago


Hey Gayle, move into the 7.10 million dollar townhouse in NYC. Hey man, whether you are just really good friends or lovers, do it and be happy. Who says you have to dislcose anything to anybody, even if what you may or may not want to dislcose is non-existant. Does that make any sense? Good, so glad it did.

2386 days ago


No offense, I watched Gayle King as a news anchor in Hartford for years. Every chance she got she plugged her 'friendship with Oprah' more times than I can count. When she split with her hubby, she went running to her BFF - and why not? Her BFF has more $$$$ than her and her ex combined. She's nothing but a thread hanging onto Oprah's purse strings. Get your own life Gayle.

2386 days ago


#12 - I am so glad that you are such an authority on everything. Do you live in such an enclosed world that, you BELIEVE everything you read?

Obama was on Oprah's show 2 years ago and at that time she asked him if there was any way he would ever run for president. At that time, he said no and she preceeded with, "If you decide, will you announce it on my show". She is a Chicago resident (as he is) and they have been friends for a long time! Her relationship with him and her endorsement of him has not hurt her pockets or her popularity.

2386 days ago


WE love lesbians, WE love lesbians

2386 days ago


I also watched Gayle when she was on the news desk in Hartford. She did plug Oprah whenever possible. For the record, back then, Oprah did purchase Gayle a house in South Glastonbury, CT. I am not sure if she still resides there.

2386 days ago


And even if Oprah did, SO WHAT ! Friendship is a word that HOLLYWOOD doesn't understand. Many times we do generous things for our friends because we can, it feels good.

2386 days ago


I would like to meet Gayle she reminds me of an ex-girlfriend I had back in high school. Gayle if you did get the gift enjoy. I am sure if you had the money Oprah has you would do the same for her.

2386 days ago
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