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JK -- This Suit's Got Me All Blocked Up!

4/14/2008 2:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling just told a New York courtroom -- with a totally straight face -- that her suit against ex-librarian Steven Vander Ark has "decimated" her ability to work on her next novel, which isn't about Harry. This from a woman who in the last ten years has pounded out literally millions of words over thousands of pages.

When asked about how she felt about her beloved Harry Potter (um, he's not real), she said she had to stop herself from crying -- because she's British and that's just not what Brits do. Maybe it's because she just realized that her sugar daddy -- that's Harry -- is gone, gone, gone.

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OC Get A Life    

Erin, "brits need meds", take a close look at the legal system that is driving the entire industry of getting wealthy for being a whore or an idiot, it did not start nor evolve anywhere other than the United States of America. From Governor Spitzer's soon to be millionaire whore, to the guy who was so stupid he spilled hot coffee on his groin and an American jury gave him $2 million dollars, the drunken idiot who fell out of his balcony and an American jury made him a millionaire, the Wall Street types who bankrupted millions of US citizens and spend a few months in Club Fed and then head to the Cayman Islands where they have stored all their stolen money, and let's not forget every skanky woman in the US that has married some rich moron and then turned around to take him for half or more of his net worth.

Do not point your fingers at the Brits or anyone else, the only nation responsible for such behavior and it's rewards is the United States of America, if Heather Mills had married Sir McCartney in the US, she would have taken him for probably ten or eleven times what she got in the UK.

Skanks, morons, and idiots the biggest export produce in America.

2391 days ago


Oh please. American's didn't corner the market on greed and stupidity without a good lesson from the parents they emancipated themselves from.

2391 days ago

Not a dumb@$$    

Maybe TMZ should look up the difference between decimate and DEFECATE.

2391 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Ms. Rowlings take your billions of dollars and please go away!:
Comparing J.K.Rowling to Tolkein or C.S.Lewis is silly because the styles are completely different. Tolkein and C.S.Lewis wrote epic fantasy spanning worlds and generations. J.K.Rowling has written a nice little set of novels in a very homey sort of world which stretches no farther than the borders of Europe except for Azkhaban whose location we never know. Granted her later novels would have benefited from an editor who wasn't afraid to tell her to make the books tighter but to call her an imitation Tolkein or Lewis demonstrates either a hatred of Ms. Rowling or a lack of understanding about the literature of Tolkein and Lewis.

Other points: There is a difference between fan fic and fan sites which are free and someone profiting from another person's intellectual property. Rowling has a right to protect her precise words; that's what a copyright does. Maybe if the fellow had spoken to her first and suggested that they share authorship or he call himself the editor and they shared the royalties, she would have said yes. That isn't included in the story so we'll never know.

That she is having trouble writing, well, stress can interfere with one's ability to write and writer's block is not unknown. Is the stress of this situation interfering with her writing? I don't know and neither do any of you.

I have to agree that her suddenly announcing that Dumbledore was gay seemed a gratuitous and obvious attempt to be politically correct. Dumbledore's sexuality is irrelevant to the story unless he had seduced Snape or attempted to seduce Harry.

I hope she doesn't try to add more novels to the Harry Potter saga. There really is nowhere else to go given that she includes Harry and friends putting their children on the train to Hogwarts at the end of the book. As a science fiction and fantasy reader I have seen far too many worlds destroyed by an author turning one novel into a trilogy, a trilogy into sextology and a sextology into how many novels in the Great Wheel cycle had Robert Jordan completed before he died. I gave up reading them when he twisted the world so that it was no longer the one I had enjoyed.

NShado; I don't know about you but most of the Star Trek and other media cons I've been to were fan run not corporation. My friend, who has a complete set of K/S fan mag, used to run one up here but I've only been concom on general SF cons. I never got to help her on hers.

Please erin, lilu, & Erin brits need meds? Have you looked at Americans?. Don't start an argument about which country started which problems or I'll have to put on my history teacher's hat and, believe me, nobody wants that.
History is always complicated and cause-and-effect is never really clear. That's why there are so many books written about it.

2391 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Boston Belle, for an alleged college graduate and now a "history teacher", your grasp of English literature is not only amusing but it borders on the ludicrous; utlilizing Wikepediaesque references to defend the "writings" of JK Rowlings does not impress anyone at TMZ, nor does your denial that the themes, settings, and charcaters in the works of serious and recognized fantasy novelists such as Tolkien and Lewis are clearly evident in the aforementioned "writings" - any survey of serious academic critical analysis of JK Rowling's body of "worK' has revealed a troubling pattern - but why let facts stand in way of a good story right - that is why American teachers are graduating the most illiterate and uneducated generation in comparison to any other first world nation.

No comment required on your laughable defence of JK Rowling's instability in writing styles, all I will simply say is read, any literal objective academic interpretation from Harvard to Oxford, JK Rowlings is a laughingstock, albeit a billionaire with a brilliant PR firm and only in literate and educated demographics.

Finally, your ridiculous threat to "put on your history teacher's hat" has every poster at TMZ pissing all over themselves in fear - NOT. If you do not have the resident knowledge to debate an issue or your link to Wikepedia is off line, simply post again, claiming intelligence or intellect, without any evidence is tantamount to an argument that would get anyone thrown out of kindergarten, let alone your alleged "history class". And, before you post some inane defence of the development of common law principles in the UK being brought to the US, and try to justify the retarded American jurisprudential history, read some serious academic and legal reviews, make certain that you are not posting to a site that not only employs real lawyers, teachers, and college graduates, but is also visited by the same clientelle.

Have a nice day.

2390 days ago


Boston Belle, Did you READ my comment? I fully accept what everyone has to say about Americans. I just don't think we're the only country behaving badly. So try your "reading comprehension hat" before your "history teacher's hat".

2390 days ago


And you! The one who positively oozes HATERADE!

Please, for the love of god and all that is holy, start spelling J.K.'s name correctly. It is Rowling. Not Rowlings. No 's'. None at all. Not even the silent kind. So could you please spell it right? Because it is bothering the hell out of me and seriously detracting from your incredibly haughty and superior stance on the subject. In other words, your credibility goes 'bye, bye' when you cannot even spell the name of the person you are attempting to roast.

2390 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Lilu, sorry. You're right. On rereading, I see the point you are making.

I didn't need to check Wikipedia for information on Rowling, Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, I have read the entire works of all three writers, Tolkien and Lewis multiple times. I never claimed to be speaking as a professor of literature, I never said that Rowling wrote literature. However, for the first thirty years after the Lord of the Rings was published it was not considered literature either. Not that I think Rowling ever will be nor did I ever claim she would be so considered.
What I said was that she was not writing in the epic style. C.S. Lewis wrote novels whose canvas as I said spanned entire worlds and included an epic war between immortal, not merely mortal, peoples. J.R.R. Tolkein wrote novels that spanned large portions of a world, although he was creating a mythology for England, and included a world between multiple races of creatures both humanoid and not. Rowling wrote novels in which all of the action takes place within the rather small island of Great Britain and the war involves only a small number of people hidden within the normal population. Rowling includes some non-human creatures but none of them have an equal place in her world. She focuses on the humans (or wizards if you prefer). If you cannot perceive the difference between the type of novel that Rowling writes and the epic fantasy works of Lewis and Tolkein then you are even more of a fool than I thought.
However, I was writing as a reader of fantasy and I can almost guarantee that I have read more of that genre than you. Most of it is not literature but then most writing is not literature either. There are some authors who transcend the labels, the examples we were both using were Tolkein and Lewis, but have you read Lord Dunsany, James Branch Cabell or William Morris? Their stories are all different but more closely fit the classic fantasy style.
If you truly compare the themes, etc. in the novels of Rowling to Tolkien and Lewis, I will grant a few similarities. C.S. Lewis did include the theme of the child who enters a magical world because he/she feels abandoned by the adults in the real world. However this theme is not present in Tolkein. There is a war in all three works and all of the wars are against an incredibly strong evil. Wars are present in a large number of novels not merely the works of these writers and all authors declare that their heroes are fighting for good and the villain is evil. Likewise, the quest theme is common to many novels and myths. If you wish to claim someone has copied another writer's themes then perhaps we should accuse Tolkien and Lewis of stealing from Homer or Vergil. If you want you can go back to the mythologies of the Egyptians and the Sumerians. Gilgamesh is a classic example of the quest myth from Sumeria. I believe Tolkein admitted that he had borrowed those themes. They are classics and it is not fair to accuse Rowling of doing what so many writers have done before her.
I disagree with any claim that her characters are directly drawn from other works however the type of character certainly is. I suppose one could claim that her giants are like Lewis's but they are not unique to him. Elves, dwarves, goblins, dragons, etc. are found in mythologies all over the world. Perhaps these academic critics have no training in comparative mythology or folklore. If they do they are making themselves look foolish and if they don't then they should get some. If Rowling had included hobbits or a huge talking lion, then I would agree that she had stolen characters, but she didn't.
Likewise, all of the writers set their works in an idealized England. There is bound to be similarities in settings. Most of Rowling's work is set at a school. There is a small portion of Lewis's “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” set at a school and in “The Last Battle” it is said that the Pevensy's were heading off to school (or university) and it was a train accident that allowed them, through death, to return to the world of Narnia. There are NO school settings in any of Tolkein's major works. I don't have a good enough memory of his short fiction to state that he never used that setting. As Charles Seeger, the Harvard-trained ethnomusicologist, “Plagiarism is basic to all culture.”
I was not attempting to frighten you with my statement that no one wanted me to start going into the history of the subject you were debating. I was jokingly expressing, I believe accurately, that the length of essay necessary to discuss the issue in depth was something that no one would really want to read. The length of your response and mine to you has, I'm sure, proven my point.
I said nothing about common law principles. The only legal point I was discussing was that Rowling's suit was based on intellectual copyright. This is not common law, in fact, but a relatively new concept and the internet is

2390 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Boston Belle, I will comment to you directly and respectfully in a moment,

But first Lilu, I am, I believe the one you are referring to as "And you! The one who positively oozes HATERADE!", actually I am fully aware of the proper spelling of your favortie individual, I choose to misspell J.K. ROWLINGS on purpose, because she does not deserve, nor will she ever deserve to be provided with the respect of any reputable original artists let alone the luminaries of the fantasy literature genre. And, if that bothers you, just read some of the contortions of her name which border on the profane to provide the same disrespect but in a much more overt manner, and finally your anger and inability to communicate coherently is ironically the exact reason that the simplistic "works" of JK ROWLINGS have been so successful among a certain demographic of adult readers, although the only laudible thing about JK ROWLINGS is that her "works" have substantially increased the interest in reading by many children - ofcourse JK ROWLINGS negates any positivity by her inexplicable commentaries on homosexuality, mental health, suicide, and the other irrational disclosures she feels are necessary to continue JK ROWLINGS presence in the media - to the detrement of JK ROWLINGS largely child audience and fan base.

And now for something completely different, as Monty Python's Flying Circus so humorousily observed, "Boston Belle" a very well comported and personal defence of JK ROWLINGS, and although we disagree on the entirity your post from your analysis of fantasy literature to your definition of "common law", I have always been taught to respect the hard work of others, and if you are willing to invest so much personal and intellectual energy in defending JK ROWLINGS, then God Bless you, I think you are one of the intelligent, well spoken, and loyal fans that will keep JK ROWLINGS in the media and public far beyond my life span. It is is of great import for Americans to be able to once again engage in discourse at a high level, thank you for putting forward your thoughts and opinions in such a manner, good work, and have a great week.

2389 days ago


HATERADE is a joke, you humorless tw*t.

I didn't realize you were being so cute. I really thought you were so caught up in your own venom spitting that you carelessly misspelled her name. Over and over. Oh, and my communication skills are quite good, thank you. Apparently, I communicate well enough to warrant an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH OF IRE from you. Jesus. I wish I had the kind of free time you enjoy, so that I may devote hours to posting well written tirades against J.K. Rowling and her fans on TMZ! I come here for a laugh and you've provided it. Thank you! However, what I find IRONIC, is you calling me "angry" for asking you to spell her name correctly while you appear to be in some type of hate fueled state of fury. Tell me, are you so angry because you write for TMZ instead of doing something worthy with your advanced literature degree? Really. Are you so angry because someone you consider a talentless hack is rich beyond your comprehension or that she somehow (magically?) managed to capture the hearts and minds of all of us dumb people? That's life. It's unfair and awful. J.K. Rowlings success is far from the worst thing about it. And where did I ever, ever say she was my favorite person? You know nothing about me. Or my bookcase. Your incredible arrogance must make you a real hit at parties.

Boston Belle, you are my new hero. I agree with your last, well researched post. You've so eloquently stated what I simply don't have the dedication to. Well done! I think that may be the only thing on the face of the Earth my new friend (HATERADE) and I may ever agree upon.

2389 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Liliu, "I lay down my proverbial sword", at your advanced intellect and superior collection of literature, although, your entire post does not hold one correct assertion regarding my character, education, profession, or background, nonetheless it was a brilliant tirade, and for that, God Bless you, you should be commended, and placed along side of all of those few other adults but millions of children around the world that will continue to keep JK ROWLINGS not merely a public figure but a mulit-billionaire long after my anonymous passing from this planet.

Have a great week.

2389 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Boston Belle we are all at TMZ so impressed with your hard work:

I thank you for your very kind words. I'm not sure how long Rowling will remain in the public eye and memory. Taste appears to be cyclical in nature and she is certainly not the only writer to be extremely popular for a while only to disappear in a few decades. Even Lewis and Tolkien have had their ups and downs and several of the authors I cited are almost unknown now although they were very popular in their day. I was lucky that both of my parents loved books and had a large library which included a large amount of fiction from their childhoods. (They're the reason I adore Sir Walter Scott.)
I do, however, think that Rowling (or rather, the Harry Potter series) will remain popular for a long time because her basic theme of a young person who, after spending many years living with a family that hates him, suddenly learns that not only doesn't he really belong there but he is actually a very special person. It's the old "I know I'm adopted and someday my real family will come and take me away" fantasy. It is very old theme and has been the basis of many stories over the centuries. It is, in many ways, the basic theme of both Theseus and Oedipus. I am in no way suggesting that Rowling ranks with Sophocles or Seneca, merely that she is using common themes and unlike Greek mythology leaves her main characters alive and relatively happy. I believe this theme explains the appeal of the series to young readers and, for that, I will always thank her since I know several children who had ignored books until they started reading Harry Potter.
Ultimately, whether her books stand the test of time remains to be seen and I am afraid that any subsequent novels she may write will suffer by comparison. Perhaps she should be happy with her fortune and quit while she's ahead.

2388 days ago
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