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Congressman to Ric Flair


4/17/2008 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The economy has gone to crap. Our foreign policy is a disaster. So what is the House of Representatives doing to make the US of A a better place? Honoring wrestling legend Ric Flair, stupid!

Congresswoman Sue Myrick took the floor and duly noted that the Nature Boy won the championship title a record 16 times. Did anyone tell this chick it's fake? Watch the heartfelt tribute -- then gag.


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Bobbina Leanne Perez    

June 19-2008
I have consistatntly tried to stay alive because this is not a joke-This is an organized child trafficking ring- Mareana Helene Perez who was forced to marry Harry Walden of Lynnwood, Wa had a birth certificate for Bobbina Leanne Perez 9-11-1963-homebirth- Harry Walden is not the father- ransom demands were tracked to that address 1982- the camper of Brad Velez- Mareana Helene Perez ti Walden was murdered 1982 beaten to death with a hammer by Braqd Velez-cover up- Harry Walden had a funeral and collected life insurance for Bobbina -she is not dead- Nancy Tallman and William Goldthorpe forged a birth certificate for Bobbina under the name of Judy Goldthorpe- Mareana Helene consistatntly reported crimes and reported about Alyssa Flair's murder and so did Agnes Tallman then of Lakestevens, Wa- Many children have died consistantly and this has only grown-police do not want to investigate-they are concerned for thier safety-they might get a scratch on them- B. Flair

2285 days ago

Bobbina Leanne Perez    

I don't really care if I offend anyone or not-Freedom of Speech- I'm just being honest here-Alyssa Beth Denay Flair came up missing in Arlington, Wa 1975 on a saturday- Professional wrestler Ric Flair recorded phone conversations around the time of her disappearnace-He spoke with me on Sisco Heights Rd. Arlington, Wa I just could not speak Engles (not my primary language) He has the evidence he needs-Alyssa got her head beaten in with a night stick by officer Lewis P. Stanton (tell him I said Hi) it's not over-no-ma-wa
B. Perez-Agnes Tallman then of Lakestevens, Wa made police reports-covered up-Mareana Helene Perez Walden made police reports-covered up ignored-she was beaten to death with a hammer by Brad Vlez 1982- ransom demands tracked to the address of Harry Walden Lynnwood, Wa the camper of Brad Velez (tell them i said Hi) it's not over no-ma-wa

2279 days ago


ok thats it.the good old u.s.a. is can anyone vote for that fool.whooooooooo hooooooooo.

2348 days ago

guess who    


2348 days ago

not first    


2348 days ago


This sort of thing goes on all of the time. You could start an entire website dedicated to odd Congressional tributes and recognitions given. If this is shocking to you, you clearly don't pay attention to how Congress operates and uses their time.

2348 days ago


Maybe she was just honoring a home town boy. The fact that he won the title 16 times only means that he is good at what he does and is a great perfomer and audience draw. It's about the numbers. People love to see Rick get the title only to have it taken away again. It's called show business. No more real than what TMZ does. It's just entertainment. Yes our economy has gone to crap and foreign policy is a disaster but TMZ being critical of celebrities and personallities doesn't fix it does it? It's entertainment, get over it. I was involved in the industry for 14 years and one of the best things I heard Fritz Von Erich tell a media group "don't come out to be a critic, come out to be entertained and you will be."

2348 days ago

Flair fan for life    

To be the man, you've got to beat the man. Woooooooooo

2348 days ago

Kitty Angel    


2348 days ago


There are no other words to describe this than sad.

2348 days ago

James Toney    

Unkibill..........agreed but for clarification I was referring to the members of congress when I stated my embarassment for them being paid. Entertainers and athletes are performing for our amusement whereas congress is paid to do a job to better our country, a job which they are failing miserably at.


2348 days ago


Our congress~Are they working to fix our economy?Are they trying to assure quality health care for all Americans? Are they atempting to repair any of the damage that the Bush adminastration has inflicked on America and the world?NOOOOO... This witch should be run out of congress and never allowed to hold a public office again.(and that is the clean version of what I really feel.) OH and by the way~HILLARY can fix whats broken in America.

2348 days ago


Screw you guys. Ric Flair is the man!! WhOoOoOoOoOo!!

2348 days ago


Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08 Obama 08

2348 days ago


REDNECKS. Case closed.

2348 days ago
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