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Nanny's Folks -- Lowe Worked Her to the Bone

4/17/2008 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ may have learned that Rob Lowe's nanny is a party girl and likes her some older man love, but, predictably enough, her family is trying to paint her as a saint.

In that People interview that we told you about yesterday, Jessica Gibson's dad says that the Lowes made her work "ridiculous" hours and that he was "shocked" when he heard about the Lowe blows. Likewise, the mom says that it's "absurd" to suggest that she tried to extort the Lowes for $1.5 million (we hear otherwise). Look Ma – no hands ... in the honeypot!

Papa Simpson Pimpin' Out Unborn Grandchild?

Joe Simpson was never shy about making a quick buck – or a hundred thousand – off his girls, and now he might have another kid to shill for some easy coin.

Ashlee might or might not be preggers, but Joe is already trying to cash in on the rumored baby, says the New York Post, offering up the baby pics for a cool mil. Problem is, no one really cares about Ash's kid, and one mag editor said she's more likely to corral $60K.

Of course, maybe the Simpsons are smarter than we think: all the speculation comes just a week before Ash's new album pops out.

Party Favors: Oprah Does Vegas ... Naomi Not Being Begged by BA ... Kareem Says "Horton" is the Ultimate Evil

Oprah Winfrey is taking her show to Las Vegas, says Vegas Confidential, and her guests will be Tina Turner and Cher, which is about as much diva fabulosity as one stage can contain. ... Naomi Campbell hasn't been asked back by BA, says the Evening Standard, despite rumors that she's suddenly back in the airline's good graces after her tantrum and arrest a couple weeks ago. ... Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes on his blog that "Horton Hears a Who" is essentially the root of all social evil right now. Seriously, just read it. We can't make this stuff up.


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Papa Joe makes me sick. He is a Daddy Pimp. Why won't his girls break away from him.

2379 days ago

Lenn K.    

Who care about Asslee Simpson being pregnant. Her dad would pimp anything to get a buck. For some reason I believe Rob Lowe, I could be wrong but I just do.

2379 days ago


I agree 100% with Kareem! Something to think about.

Joe Simpson is the laughing stock among his EX peers in Dallas.........I can't help but think that Ashlee and Jessica are very embarassed by his antics!

As I have said before, Rob Lowe opened up a can of worms I feel he will regret.

2379 days ago


The problem with celebrities and old sports stars like Kareen...they open their mouth.

2379 days ago

thats right    

kareem is a whackadoo

2379 days ago


Joe Simpson is just beyond CREEPY. Anything to make a quick buck off one of his girls. What a pimp.

2379 days ago


I agree with Kareem, there are so many subtle messages in kids' movies these days, and no one bats an eye about them. It's a sad state of affairs in Hollywood, when movie makers are more concerned with making money and less concerned with the messages they are sending to impressionable kids.

2379 days ago

Team Doggies    

Kareem didn't say anything about Who being the root of all evil in the world. He actually made a very interesting point about how their was sexism in the movie and accepting this type of blatant discrimination makes it easier for society as a whole to accept all forms of discrimination - including ageism, homophobia, racism, etc. As a parent of a young daughter who is trying to teach her gender empowerment, I appreciated the warning about the movie. That it came from an older man made me really appreciate his sensitivity to the subject even more.

2379 days ago


The skanks parents must think she worked for a normal family with 8-5 hours. Of course they think their baby girl did no wrong, they believe what she has told them. Rob Lowe needs to allow the police to investigate this girl, though depending on what comes out in the trial, the judge may send the information to the DA to investigate.

Joe Simpson is a joke, he used his church to kick start Jessicas career, then left when she was able to make him more money...I am sure his former congredation prays that he gets back what he gave to them one day.

2379 days ago


Thanks for posting about Kareems remarks. I think he make a great point.

2379 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

The facr that the Lowe nanny Jessica was smirking through most of her TV interview makes me think she's a complete and utter fraud!

2379 days ago

hither harder    

Maybe the reason Pete doesn't know his pop tart is pregnant is because pervert JOE SIMPSON IS THE DADDY!!!! WOULDN'T SURPRISE ME - THAT GUY WOULD DO ANYTING TO MAKE A BUCK..... and really who would pay to see pictures of a kid that people don't even pay to see the parents..

2379 days ago


TMZ...shame on you.

I enjoy your show and site. However, I realize that you producer, writers and others staff seem to mislead the public by providing false information knowing that they average person would not actually look further to investigate the truth.

Kareem's comments were true. If you have never been affected by the racism and/or sexism which plaques our country, Then you are subject to make such limited comments.

Its almost like the "reporter" for this portion didn't actually read the blog themself.

2379 days ago


Hmm, this so called nanny begins working for Lowe at the age of 17, works for him for 7 years and now claims she was sexually harrassed? I have serious doubts about her story and the lame excuse "I needed the money" is crap. I hope Lowe is smart enough to let the police take care of the investigation if he is innocent. As for Ashlee and her maybe baby....who in the hell cares, outside of Papa Simpson who would pimp his daughter for the drop of a hat? Where is the mother of these daughters in all of this? You never see her and both girls are the creation of a sick man. I just have a feeling that there is and has been some incest in that family.

2379 days ago

idaho potato    

Regarding MM: This was proven to be sooooooooo untrue years ago and people in any type of news business would have known that. You, tmz, are just as bad. How did you now say it: "...might be blowing ... hot air."

Picking on the bones of a dead woman. Spreading lies. May this all come back to you and your loved ones, tmz. Lies should live in your life.

2379 days ago
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