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Britney's Acting Again -- Hide the TV!

4/19/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsShe's baaaack! Britney Spears is returning to "How I Met Your Mother." Take that Neil Patrick Harris!

The popwreck's appearance in late March gave the show a serious ratings boost, so producers are giving Spears another shot, according to People.

With "HIMYM" and a movie like "Crossroads" under her belt, Brit's becoming a seasoned acting pro. And the Emmy goes to ...


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Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

The real reason HIMYM has invited Britney back ... it needs the $$$$ from auctioning off the costumes she wore on the show.

2354 days ago


TMZ- you know people want to see her act again. The show had the highest ratings ever and I think she was hilarious. Just accpet that she is getting better and doing well. Some people just want to keep on seeing her suffer. How pathetic.

2354 days ago


I can see how some people might put Britney in the same category as Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson, but Albert Einstein?!!!

C'mon, kamara, you're comparing a person who revolutionized physics and drastically changed our ideas about the structure of the universe with someone who wasn't even smart enough to hang onto her own children by following a judge's simple orders and attending a few court hearings.

Also, the Egyptian civilization has lasted for thousands of years. Do you actually believe that people will remember Britney or her contributions for even one hundredth of that amount of time?

2354 days ago


If anyone is casting for a movie about a poor white trash girl.......they definitely should sign Britney. Except for the poor part...she wouldn't even have to act.

2354 days ago


To RB: weren't some people talking about casting Britney as Blanche DuBois in some production of Streetcar Named Desire?

Does anyone know what happened with that?

2354 days ago


Another thing: aren't these sitcom cameos pretty much a 21st Century version of going on Hollywood Squares? I mean, if Britney had any kind of chance of going on a 100-million-dollar tour in the forseeable future, wouldn't she be spending all her time preparing for that instead of just pulling in a few bit parts here and there on TV?

My guess is that no one wants to make the investment of what it would take to send Britney on a tour, because it would take hard work and commitment and discipline on Brit's part to pull it off in a professional manner, and she doesn't seem to have it in her these days.

And besides, it doesn't seem to me that Britney even wants to make a comeback as a pop diva, because she would have to start working her butt off if that was her goal. I think that Britney just wants to party and have fun and be the center of public attention. Her fans seem to want the comeback a lot more than she does.

Maybe Britney could have a measure of success on a TV show (and this is a _big_ "maybe") . But even then, I don't see her wanting to work very hard, so I doubt it would be a starring role.

2354 days ago


Why do people think Brit can act? She has no talent....cannot act, sing or dance. It is amazing how these drugged out stars in Hollywood become millionaires while DECENT people who behave appropriatly are not acceptable. Guess all you have to do to get a job in Hollywood is go pantyless, cuss like a mad person, go to all the sleazy bars/restaurants in town, jump in bed with someone new everynight, pass all the diseases around, get arrested, require attention and on and on and on. She needs to get a good soap and water scrubbing, wash her hair, take some responsibility for her life, become a proper mother etc, etc, etc. What is wrong in taking a little pride in yourself. In other words, CLEAN UP YOURSELF AND YOUR ACT.

2354 days ago


America LOVES this girl.......No Matter how bad it got for her, and how much it looked like she was down and out for ever. AMERICA kept waiting and hoping for her recovery. No matter what Britney does good or bad the American public is infatuated with her. For right or wrong reasons Britney Spears is by far the most famous and recognizable star in the World. Love her or hate her everyone wants to know everything about her. Personally, I wish Britney the best of luck she was the most adorable and gorgeous girl and a great entertainer. I hope she recovers fully from what was bringing her down and regains that famous physique that is as good as it gets. Good for her and all she does. She should thank her dad for being a good father when it mattered most.

2354 days ago


Ya know what's ironic, MC? That lots of people here will want to call you a "hater" and want you to "leave Britney alone" simply because you are suggesting that Britney take some pride in herself. Those of you who urge Britney to get her act together are a lot better friends to her than those enablers who blindly encourage her each and every whim, and who want her to have no responsibilities whatsoever in life.

2354 days ago


I believe that it is possible for Britney to recover from what is ailing her, but this recovery is not going to look like what a lot of you people are hoping for.

I think a key part of Britney's healing involves her being able to fulfill parts of her that she has always repressed when she was being a diva. The poor girl never had a chance to grow up because she was so insulated from the real world and so driven to produce the entertainment she was known for.

Now, she's 26 years old and she's showing all the signs of someone who is totally worn out, and who is trying to find some sort of happiness in life that doesn't involve being a total Entertainment Machine. She now has a lot of growing up to do, and that is very hard for someone her age -- although not impossible by any means.

Her outrageous antics seem to be attempts for her to find joy when she doesn't even know who she is. As she continues to recover, I predict that Britney will move further and further away from being the Pop Princess she used to be. This is not something negative, however. She has the potential to create a happy, fulfilling life for herself as she grows into being a self-aware adult, and therefore those who truly care about Britney will rejoice in seeing the whole, happy, tranquil person who emerges.

Just don't expect the Recovered Britney to be a clone of who she used to be. She won't have a 17-year-old body any more. She won't look "cute" in an adolescent way. She can still be an attractive woman however, in a more mature way, and where her attractiveness consists of something more whole than simply nubile physical features and a cute smile.

Therefore, to those of you who have fantasies about Britney becoming your beloved Pop Princess again, I strongly suggest you step back and think about what you are asking for. Do you really want her to drive herself to another breakdown by turning the Entertainment Machine inside of her back on, to the detriment of her self-awareness, growth, and physical and mental health? If so, then you are thinking more of yourself as a consumer of a fantasy than of Britney's well being.

On the other hand, if you really and truly _care_ about Britney, then let go of your desires for her to turn back into who she was, and let her heal and grow into who she is becoming -- whatever that may be, even if it doesn't fit the standard superficial Hollywood model of "perfect" physical beauty and phony, ever-smiling personality.

2354 days ago


... and even if she no longer chooses to be an entertainer.

2354 days ago

captain obvious    

49. To RB: weren't some people talking about casting Britney as Blanche DuBois in some production of Streetcar Named Desire?
As I understand it, the producers deemed her "too unpredictable" to be have any involvement with their show.

2354 days ago


Thanks, "me again".

2354 days ago


To TMZ: someone on your end forgot to put this article into the "Britney Spears" category.

2354 days ago


Awesome! Love Brit. Actually, the only reason I watched the show was because of her...if she's on again, I may just watch it again.

2354 days ago
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