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Suri's Two -- Thanks Xenu!

4/19/2008 5:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil' Suri and a few close Thetan tots celebrated her second b-day yesterday, as Scientolomom Katie Holmes and her controlling devoted hubby Tom Cruise watched -- making sure the kiddies didn't try to make a run for it.
Click to view pics!
The party was held at a Hollywood Hills mansion ... it's rumored to be used by the Church of Scientology as a retreat.


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Baseball Junkie    

If you truly believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, why are you supporting Drew who insults anyone he perceives to disagree with him whether he has read their comments or not.

2346 days ago


I totally agree with German Duckie! p.s. Boston Belle find something else to do with all your free time.
for those 1/2 way interested here is actor jason beghe talking about leaving scientology and he is shook up and scared and disillusioned

2346 days ago

German Duckie    

Thanks, Mary-Kate, the news on Jason Beghe has been in German papers and weeklies for a few days now, but I couldn t find it in English. :-)

Sad enough, that this cult again and gain finds new VICTIMS! Makes me wonder about the mental state of people nowadays.
If you have PROBLEMS, go to a DOCTOR/psychiatrist, health centers, but NEVER to Scientology!

In Munich, municipal authorities just closed a pre-kindergarten that Scientology had secretely established....

2346 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

I want to thank TMZ for posting pics of my baby growing up!

2346 days ago


Katie's appearance, behavior and personality have totally changed, while Tom remains the same ol' Tom. Something's going on to have such a vibrant, happy, beautiful woman turn into someone who allowed all her hair to be chopped off, puts her head down when cameras are around now, and shows no personality anymore. It's like she's been stripped of her individuality and her life. I think Tom only allows her out in public so it doesn't raise questions. I think Katie is too far into it now...Brainwashing is done little by little, day by day, until a person is finally worn down and starts believing differently. That's what happened to the prisoners of war, and that is basically what Katie is. A prisoner. She did it to herself, though. She traded her life to be controlled by Tom Cruise. I guess to her that's better than being just another struggling B-list actress in Hollywood who could barely pay her rent. Now she wears thousands in jewelry and $1200 shoes. Her parents must cringe when they see her now, and what that delusional man has done to her and their granddaughter. I think that in Germany they suspended filming on one of his movies last year, due to his Scientology connection? Everyone can see he's a loon. Katie's a laughing stock now, she's made fun of, not taken seriously, and the subject of late night talk show monologues.

2346 days ago

German Duckie    

Yes, the filming of the film on Stauffenberg, the German noble who - unfortunately unsuccessfully - tried to kill Hitler by y bomb was AT FIRST not allowed on the original places (i.e. the "Bentler Block" where Stauffenberg was executed by the Nazi Government then, if I remember it right) - but lateron some ignorant German Berlin politician (Scientology not too long ago established their German Headquarters there to influence politicians and economic leaders a.s.o. on site!) allowed the filming.

After that, there was some rumour(!) that the films German director Donnersmarck has a "liking" for scientology, though he EVADED explanation when asked about it in interviews

And a high-ranking Frankfurt FAZ daily newspaper Manager later held an completely and ridiculously enthusiastic "laudatio" speech at Dusseldorf which Tom Cruise and his wife attended tand where TC was awarded a prize for the film. That laudatio speech was RIDICULED all over in the German press and also made a lot of people think and started some murmurs that this FAZ editor could be ATTACHED in some way to Scientology....

2346 days ago


In Response To Accordin to TMZ No should have privacy (wow that was a novel of a name)
108. #24 Zoya. what kind of stupid name is Zoya?
what do you know???
everyone knows everything about everyone.
in reality, you dont have a clue.
keep on thinkin you know everything. good luck to you.
Posted at 12:58AM on Apr 20th 2008 by ACCORDING TO TMZ: NO ONE SHOULD HAVE PRIVACY

To show what got her panties in a twist my origional post:
23. Katie Holmes everyone thinks you are this wide eyed girl sweet and totally gullible. I however think you know exactly what your doing. I think your marriage to Tom was very calculated. You married Tom because you were attracted to the power and money. All one has to do to see that is to evaluate how you threw away your birth religion so easily changed your appearance and dont forget the free for all shopping. No one has a complete turn around in personality in that short of time period unless their screwy in the head (which ur not) or are being very calculated in getting what they want. Well you got IT.....What a prize........But then again with all that money I wouldnt feel so bad either.....All you had to do was get pregnant.....(I have to admit though Suri is a cutie)

Your absolutely right ACCORDING TO TMZ: NO ONE SHOULD HAVE PRIVACY, My orgional assumption that Katie knew/knows exactly what shes doing is dead wrong. She is merely a mindless girl who is weak willed who had a complete personality change because of the infatuation she has with TOm Cruise (as per Katies earlier interviews she stated she has ALWAYS luved tom since she was a kid). As for the name Zoya it is Greek and its meaning means "life"......Next time I respond about Katie I will refrain from the notion that she intelligent enough to know what shes doing and just call her a mindless Zombie.... And I dont need your"good luck" I make my own because thats the only kind thats worth having

2346 days ago

German Duckie    

For those interested in the TRUTH on Scientology.... *g*: It s all in ENGLISH! :-)

2346 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us

Interview 10:00pm EST tonight! Be sure to be there for interview with Mark Bunker/Wise Beard Man.

The cult may have temporarily shut down WBM on his youtube, but trust me, his message about the cult and it's effect on Jason Beghe will still get out. You will NOT silence the press. Ever.

And as for Suri, take a look at the size of her clown feet in the picture. Two years old? Puleeze. That child is 3 easy. Maybe the required barley milk is like a human type miracle grow. yeah, that's it. /sarcasm.

Keep up the good work scientologists, must keep working at damage control when TMZ runs stories like this. Trust me, everyone can see right through your postings, and you aren't accomplishing anything. The truth will not be silenced. Information is free. for the truth against this cult.

2346 days ago


"Anonymous 5.10.08 Expect us". Why is your group going after the Church of Scientology, and what are they going to do in May?

2346 days ago


We were told that the leaders of the group 'Anonymous' have ties to the same entity that founded Al Qaeda, the same people who supplied Al Qaeda; anonymous is led, funded and organized by the same terror network behind Al Qaeda. Is that true?

2346 days ago


We were told that the leaders of the group 'Anonymous' have ties tothe same entity that founded Al Qaeda, the same people who suppliedAl Qaeda; Anonymous is led, funded and organized by the same terrornetwork behind Al Qaeda. Is that true?

2346 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Victoria, don't be silly. Do you believe every outrageously purposeful ridiculous disinformative thing a Scientologist with an brainwashed agenda posts on the internet? Or are you one, too? I've never read anything anywhere that links the two, and there is simply no basis for them to say so, apart from purposeful misinformation. This mysterious Anonymous seems to have them flapping their wings. Anyway, Scientology is not a religion. It's a vehicle for a tax exemption. L. Ron Hubbard said so himself, and it's right there on Wikipedia in all it's tawdry glory. Look for yourself.

2346 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If Cuise does wear platform sneakers, it helps him to give Katie a smooch here in the photo without having to stand on his
'mega-movie-star' toes. Now, that just wouldn't do. That poster was right after all. Most are not on his level.

2346 days ago

Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Of course that's not true! Anonymous vs the cult of scientology, ONLY began when toms' video was leaked by It's the one that has many spoof on youtube, where tom wears the black turtleneck and cackles like a loon. "I'm the only one that can help at an accident scene, it's up to scientologists to help" etc.

From what I understand, the group began when the clams threatened gawker to remove the video or face litigation. Gawker basicly told them to screw themselves. And the video spread worldwide in a matter of days. Check out,, or Google: Operation Snow White, Lisa McPherson, Wiki R2-45, disconnect scientology, or Fair Game, which is what is happening to Mark Bunker and actor Jason Beghe right now.

Ask any of the policing organizations around the world if the protests held each month are violent or peaceful. You can search "Anonymous" videos yourself on youtube. The only ones that say Anonymous is related to terroristic organizations are the cult officials trying to do desperate damage control.

Centers around the world are begining to be closed. Belgium and Germany have already shut them down.
Mark my words, you think the Texas cult story is flooding the airwaves, you just wait until this cult is exposed with Jason's story

As for May 10th... Ever since January when Anonymous formed against the this cult, there has been a picket at local centers worldwide! Our pickets were Feb 10th, March 15th, April 12th and the next one slated May 10th. Each month has a different theme exposing the truth.

2346 days ago
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