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Foxy to NYC -- What Can You Do for Brown?

4/20/2008 11:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Foxy Brown's diva-tastic exit from prison Friday was both highly unusual -- and totally by the book.

The rapperista got her ride out of Rikers in a black SUV by City Councilman Charles Barron -- which is not SOP because newly ex-cons are usually shuttled to freedom on a city bus. Yes, that nice lady next to you on the Q101 could be a convicted felon!

But since Barron was a city employee, it was completely and entirely by the rules for him to do so. In fact, we're told that the Dept. of Corrections was absolutely obsessed with making sure nothing was out of line for Foxy's exit, right up until she saw her mama.


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Youuu know you're a cute little heartbreaker FOOXXXXXY youuu know you're a sweet little looove maker FOXXXXXY! God Bless you TMZ. It may be Sunday morning, but the restless, roving reporters of TMZ do not sleep nor slumber. For who knows what can go down...Lindsay Lohan might be driving her SUV over a defenseless family of koala bears at the San Diego zoo while on a raging coke bender, Britney Spears may be trying to illegally adopt a family of orphans currently working as slaves in a diamond mine in Zimbabwe owned by Madonna, Dr. Phil might be trying to bail Charles Manson out of prison so he can co-host a week's worth of programs on recipes from Phil's new diet book and cannibalism, Paris Hilton may be singing Happy Birthday to the Pope doing her best Marilyn Monroe can never know what is afoot but you know TMZ will be there. And you know the good people of will be there a short time later. For more delightful articles on this pop culture madness go here:

2344 days ago


What a zero.

2344 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

You go girl! Thank GOD she is out... this girl is going to set the world on fire... Racists like SandyKay will try and hold Foxy back down but she will survive...

I have written an original poem to celebrate Foxy's release sung to the tune of Old MacDonald (had a farm)

Foxy Brown is out of Prison
SandyKays a ho
With a rap song here a blond weave there
SandyKays a ho

to be continued...

Here is the same song in Mandarin

狡猾的布朗是在监狱SandyKays 外面一ho 以说唱音乐这里一种白肤金发的织法那里SandyKays ho

2344 days ago

Andy Hilton    

What has this person done to be a celebrity? I have no clue who she is.....

2344 days ago



2344 days ago

lily green    

i just want to add one question it wrong for a rich woman to have a sugar baby?? it's an absolutely extramarital relationship, but more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship, such as S u g a r m o m m a M e e t . c o m . how do you think of such a thing?

2344 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

suck it (lovely name)

MAKE ME B!tch!

2344 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Hiding "suck it?"

2344 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Clive Summers -formerly of McMillan Street, no one can make you do anything, Clive, just like no one can give you talent, and that is sadly why rather than resting by an indoor pool at your L.A. mansion with a PR firm and a manager handling your business, you are at TMZ and all over the internet, promoting yourself and trying to sell your "art" out of the trunk of your 1975 Dodge.

Keep up the great work, and by the way Clive, it is almost time for your shift at the Quikie Mart, and Apu says that Homer really backed up the toilet this time so where your heavy boots!

2344 days ago


who cares about this washed up piece of trash? did anyone even know she was still alive until she got out of jail?

2344 days ago


funny tmz.. i pass by the 101 bus to and from school everyday lol

2344 days ago

Admitted Democrat    

This is who she is - a professional criminal. Why the hell is a NYC elected official escorting her away from prision? What is up with that? TMZ now there is a story!

2344 days ago


why do we blow up felonious behavior, she is not worth a picture in the papers or tv coverage, she is a mean girl, she will be back inprision, she did not pray to anygod allthough she said she did. i do not believe her, she should have been much more humble"

2344 days ago


her career is off. down, bye bye" she will be a clerk in a supermarket, nrext year"

2344 days ago


these celebrities need to learn from their mistakes, stop thinking that because you are famous that you have the right to get away with anything, wish more celebrities get what they deserve for the things they do ,they are just people like us ,just with money,GLAD SHE SERVED THE TIME THAT WAS GIVEN!!!!!!

2344 days ago
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