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Izzard to Cross-Dress Over into Politics?

4/20/2008 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

eddie izzardEddie Izzard's looking to become the next big transvestite on the political scene. Take that, J. Edgar Hoover!

"The Riches" actor, 46, told Newsweek he wants to get into European politics, and said, "I think the stakes are if we don't make the European Union work, then the world is screwed. End of story."

Izzard to save the world? In heels as well! Kinda looks like Angela Merkel, doesn't he?

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for the benefit of mr kite, there will be a show tonight

2342 days ago


To Jacqueline Bryson,
Izzard is straight, loves women, but he also lovessss to put on women's clothes. It is not just part of his act. He put it in his act because he could use it( which he does well) but he is truly a transvestite. As for anyone who does not know what that is exactly. It is a person that likes to highlight, dress, act more like the traditional views of the opposite sex. In men this could be makeup, women's underwear, women's formal clothes, etc etc etc, and in women this could be men's suits, hair cuts, absolutely no dresses(at least in the West), etc. The most famous female transvestite I can think of would be Marlena Dietrich. That woman made a man's white tux smoking dripping hot! It does not make them either straight or gay, nor do they want to change their sex, that would be a transexual.

2342 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So that's what Britney looks like without her hair extensions! YIKES!!!

2342 days ago


Eddie Izzard is a remarkably inteeligent man, his stand up makes me THINK more than any performer I have ever heard. He has a great grasp of the world and I think he would be an excellent politician!

2342 days ago



2342 days ago

German Duckie    

Merkel? Well...even nasty old Bush Jr. couldn t keep his HANDS OFF Merkel s shoulder when he visited us in Germany! (Yes, there were MASSES of protestors in Germany AGAINST Bush's visit, but I know the U.S. Bush press made sure you did see NOTHING of this in your news! *G*

2342 days ago


Ms. Mellow, the clowns here can't focus on anything beyond their own paranoid bigotry. Eddie is perhaps the most intelligent stand-up out there (most of the best ARE), and for the record, beyond his choice of clothes and makeup, he makes it clear that he is STRAIGHT. As he says in DTK, "I fancy girls!" Still...consider the trolls and each day they must lead, the nightmare of having to live in their skins, with nothing but their own hateful juices and limited neurons to keep them company. It takes a few dozen of them grouped together to collectively form one working brain cell. (If only their part of the gene pool would dry up...that might be an upside to global warming.)



2342 days ago


he looks like Tony Curtis in that movie with Marilyn Monroe and I think Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau...where they're made up like if i could just remember the name of the thing...

2342 days ago


I like the color of his lipstick, but his trip is revolting.

2342 days ago


I think it should be pointed out that Izzard is not actually a transvestite in the sense that has become the commonly accepted use of it.

He enjoys wearing make-up and what is deemed in western culture as female clothing, but he has no desire to actually be a woman and is straight. To quote Eddie himself, "Women wear what they want, and so do I."

Truthfully, Eddie Izzard is a very intelligent and well informed person. If it weren't for the fact that he cross dresses, this would be no different than someone like George Clooney or Brad Pitt wanting to become involved in politics.

2342 days ago


This guy is freaking brilliant. He is not just a transvestite, he is an "executive transvestite – ciao!" He explains history with a sense of humor and truth that is unmeasured. He is sexy as hell [and I am a married woman] and has the accent and cojones to go with it!

2341 days ago

brazen weep    

Eddie kinda looks like an older Milla Jovovich. I hate to say that because Milla's beautiful, but WOW there's a big resemblance.

2341 days ago


top_sockdologer, well said.

2335 days ago


I am deeply saddened by the collective stupidity and race to judgment by people who are clearly ignorant and think that their insults make them cool and clever. The fact that anyone who knows ANYTHING about this man loves him should say something to those who criticize him. Intelligent people appreciate his genius level of intelligence. People who understand him like MS.MELLOW,HONESTY,etc. have nothing but praise and respect for the man. People who assume that he is a "weirdo" or "sexual deviant" based on a photograph should be ashamed of themselves. How would you like it if someone judged YOU and didn't know the first thing about you? TMZ - I beg you, please consider the fact that you are hurting decent people by your irresponsibly worded post. Why don't you find out more about him so you don't sound like the idiots who left some of these blogs. Gossip is one thing, but do you REALLY want to be stupid and mean as well? Please don't trash this wonderful person just because you have decided that you don't like the way he looks. Hollywood is full of ACTUAL weirdo's - go after THEM !!

2322 days ago
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