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Jennifer to Brad: Chew on This!

4/21/2008 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt may have tossed her aside, but Jennifer Aniston clearly didn't turn to the Häagen-Dazs! The 39-year-old hottie chilled in Miami over the weekend, making sure the sun shined on every tiny angle of her body.


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It's too bad this poor woman still has to be associated with someone she divorced years ago. I doubt she gives him a second thought, yet every mag keeps this threesome going.
On another note, tanning in the sun gives you skin cancer and wrinkles. My mom told me this years ago, and I didn't listen. Luckily no cancer, but I have brown spots and wrinkles I hate. Word to young will regret it later, trust me.

2378 days ago


Brad is a dumb ass, leaving Jen for a dirty hoe. Jen is smoking hot.

2378 days ago



2378 days ago


Not a big mistake at all. Very simple. Brad wanted a large family/lots of children. Jen wasn't ready for that. A divorce was inevitable. Now he has his "lots of children" with more on the way and he seems TERRIBLY happy.

The big mistake was made by Jen.Her career and body came first. Family was second.

2378 days ago


Love her. Brad made a bigggg mistake. But it's all good, she's better off without him. Team Jen!

2378 days ago


I love it - Jennifer filming a movie...
that will probably be a HIT!!

Enjoying herself at the beach...

and where is the Pitts??
sucking fish-lips and tied up with rug rats!!

Even George Clooney has said he cant stand being around his buddy Pitts with all those brats running around!!

Karma - its a goods thing baby!!!!

2378 days ago


Brad made a great choice in Angelina - substance and smarts over vain and neurotic. Angie travels to third world countries with a backpack; Jen won't go anywhere without her hairdresser in tow. Angie is a respected UN Ambassador, deeply admired by people like Colin Powell; Jen is respected and admired at her local tanning salon. Angie is a Golden Globe and Oscar winnining actress; Jen was in some sitcom and a few straight to Blockbuster movies. Most importantly, Angie gave Brad the family he so deeply wanted. For those who say Brad looks unhappy - have you noticed the way he looks at Angie, the way he can't keep his hands off of her?

2378 days ago


Boring as watching paint dry.

2378 days ago


She looks great but she has a stressfree, no kid, no husband fun life. Good for her if that's her choice.

2378 days ago


Jen is a beautiful person inside as well as out. She has major class. Brad didn't make or break her so why even compare her to Angie ? What happened has happened. They ALL know in their hearts where they stand. Happy or awake a lot of nights wondering....what if. I wish them all well.

2378 days ago


Walk down the beach in Malibu and you will see hundreds of better looking chicks than this one. OK bod - scary face.

2378 days ago


Go Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2378 days ago


jen looks great but not that sexy and hot like angelina, whether skinny or pregnant, she is still a Goddess!!!

2378 days ago


Here's the thing, at the end of the day, Brad has a beautiful soul mate, Children that he adores. He has a very rewarding life. He has a very chartible heart. His life is complete and content. He has a woman who wants the samething that he wants, and know that at the end of the day, it is not about how you look, or about how much money you have. It is about the love you give and the love you receive. Jennifer is still searching for that contentness. The only family she has, is Courtney Cox's family. She is not a woman who is happy, and has no fulfillment in her life. Her only legacy is "FRIENDS". She will only as Rachel Green, and the girl that Brad Pitt left. Angelina has substance, beauty, and Brad!!

2377 days ago


Jolie=white hot

2377 days ago
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