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Victoria's Secret? Ditch Seal for a Good Time!

4/21/2008 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi & Seal have an adorable family ... when he's not in the picture.

Just look at how cute Klum and sons Henry and Johan were at the Grove yesterday -- with no Seal in sight to flip the bird or verbally attack the paps.


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Pogue Mahone    

I seriously wonder if things are ok in their marriage; ever since the infamous blow-up Seal had with the photogs I have NOT seen him and his wife photographed out anywhere together since, it's always just her and the kids,making me wonder if they maybe aren't getting along? Also, I have seen photos of Heidi and the kids alone in local hotels but again without Seal. Why would they stay at hotels in the same city they have a home? Did they have fights or something?Are things not well for them? I hope not, and I do hope i'm wrong about this(esp. since I have always admired them and their family and thought they had a Fairytale romance!!) but with his temper I also hope he's NOT abusive to his he a violent person and it's affecting his marriage now,too?

2354 days ago


12. Hey Lisa,

Why don’t you put a picture of yourself and family on here so we can see how ugly your A$$ is B!@%&.
Come on please put your address, so I can come over and show your how pretty mixed people are and will always be better looking than ANY OTHER RACE. That’s right your just a punk ass B!@%&, so stop posting your comments here before someone exposes your dumb A$$.

The mixed race is Beautiful!

Posted at 4:14PM on Apr 21st 2008 by Sassy & Cute

A little defensive are we? No one cares. Really.

2354 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

Hey R. Zimmerman,

You obviously cared enough to post your dumb comment. Yes, I’m defensive especially when it comes to children who are innocent. All children are beautiful, but I do have to say mixed kids look better than pure white, or black kids and ect.

Just telling it how it is.

2353 days ago


Um Hyde #24, SHUT UP! You’re just mad because your kids or grandkids are ugly…

Posted at 5:47PM on Apr 21st 2008 by Sassy & Cute

I don’t have kids and if I did Heidi and my kids would not only bet your kids in a beauty contest, but kick their ass.
So little man do us all a favor take your retarded ass family and go jump off a cliff.

Posted at 7:10PM on Apr 21st 2008 by Sassy & Cute

Yes, I’m defensive especially when it comes to children who are innocent. All children are beautiful…

Posted at 2:10PM on Apr 22nd 2008 by Sassy & Cute
You’re kind of contradicting yourself here, Sassy. But I do agree that mixed people are beautiful.

2353 days ago


S & C come on now, be realistic here....Who would want that kinky hair that is the ugliest hair type of ANY race!

2353 days ago


Don't give MIXED (blk and white) kids all the credit for being beautiful ANY dark race that mixes with white always makes a nice skin tone...mexicans, italians, etc...

2353 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

Matt your right, I totally agree. I just want to put it out there, since for some reason these idiots always attack mixed (black and white), for their hair and specially a white women being with a black man.

Now Kelly, look B!@$% don’t be jealousy because you can’t do s%!& with your hair. I personally have the curliest hair and could go straight or curly and I can’t count how many times people have complimented me on my hair and how they wish they could have it.

Hey Mommyx5,
Are you stalking me? Seriously, you have been reading and posted all my comments, but that's ok since you know the truth and believe that mixed kids are cute. Contradicting? I think not... just my opinion which I’m entitled to.

The more we mix the better the world would look.

2353 days ago


Those little kids sure do need someone who knows what to do with their hair. Cute, tho!!!

2353 days ago


i don't see whats wrong with their hair? i think its great. i am a white mom and have a mixed daughter who is 14 months. sometimes i put john frieda frizz ease or herbal essence curl gel in her hair and yeah, it looks super cute but sometimes i don't and it looks like that and i think its the most adorable thing ever. am i the only one?

2353 days ago


No, not stalking you Sassy. I just remembered your previous posts. I'm on your side! :)

2353 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

#53 -carly:

You are not alone. I think they look great. I have been doing hair for years on all kinds of textures. Sometimes having natural and free flowing hair is a good thing. Having braids all of the time can pull out hair not to mention when it is done, it is painful for the first few fays. They are just kids! Let them have a fun 'do. Let them be comfortable.

In the end, no opinios matter with the exceptions of the mother, father and the kids. You like it - I love it.

2353 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

bobbuilder has retarded kids
bobbuilder is a racist
bobbuilder smells
bobbuilder is ugly
bobbuilder has no balls

2352 days ago
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