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Jay-Z: 99 Problems But a Pap Ain't One

4/23/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jigga Man is used to his street cred keeping the paparazzi off his back -- but he was still quick with the put-downs when one of the peons actually dared talking to him about Beyonce.


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2374 days ago


To: #28 Z and #29 Pimpin

Loved the posts, you said it beautifully!

2374 days ago


Joe Camel in a hoodie

2374 days ago


He does have 99 problems, and his lips is one

2374 days ago


J, you and B can suck my D! How are you going to tell another human-just like you-not to talk to you? Are you freakin' insane? No matter how much fame and money you have, you are not special. Material things are a sham, and they won't save your life. You're going to die anyway. Even if you all were royalty I still would have said F U if you told me not to talk to you. I am so sick of you and B hiding your ish about your marriage. I've been a fan of hers since the begining. A lot of her belongings, including her wedding dress, has come from my pocket. Why couldn't she show her wedding dress? It's not like your marriage will stand the test of time...they end regardless of speaking about it or not. As far as I'm concerned I invested in you and her, and I'm waiting for some kind of retun, because you rapping to me, and her singing to me does not repay me as a fan...especially since I can sing damn well as good as her.

You all are f'ed up, and now you've lost me as a fan. Both of you all.

Tell B her knees are going to be arthritic by the time she's 32, and you need to prepare for her to cheat because her duck a$$ shouldn't have sealed a relationship deal with you so young. she hasn't lived, and she looks boring as hell.
I can't stand you all. That high and mighty ish has got to go.

2374 days ago


Hahahaha....You go Mr. Carter! Loved, Loved, Loved You and Mary J. at the Hollywood Bowl...That was my teens 1st concert ever and they had the best time. Wish we could see you guys again but from the front row.....We can wish right?

2374 days ago


You all are haters Jigga is the man! I freaking love this guy, and looks aren't everything his swagger makes him attractive! Like Bey said he's the coolest guy on the planet, and they are the hottest couple out!

2374 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Jay Z landing Beyonce gives the rest of us guys hope...

2374 days ago

eat a dam twinkie you skank!!    

So much for beyonce having pretty kids

2374 days ago


#33 - Hilarious! hahahaha

2374 days ago


Damn John Gotti can you please be original!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2374 days ago

Dr. Adams    

The paparazzi should get a clue and perhaps be a little smarter, by ignoring the AZZ-holes like Chris Brown and Jay-Z for awhile …I would be willing to bet that the Azz wipes would appreciate having their pictures taken and being asked a few simple questions…..If any of you shudder bugs read this, just try ignoring the jerks for awhile and see what happens!!!

2373 days ago


DALLAS......I argee with you 100%...this is AMERICA and you can SAY whatever you want...who is HE to think they dont need to speak to him, they should have went off and then if he did try something, throw his THUG ass in Jail....

2373 days ago


he is a private man, and a great artist

2373 days ago


I respect the fact that they don't discuss their relationship. Marriage is sacred.

I do agree that if stars stopped getting public attention if would affect their ego and career but get upset when they get attention. Yes, some of them do become very arrogant. He can't even open his car door. It would be very hard for anyone to stay grounded when people are always doing for you. I wouldn't want all that attention but certain things come with fame. He said don't talk to me but what was being said to him, you couldn't really make out every word.

As far as calling the man ugly etc., looks aren't everything. Janet and Jermaine is another couple everyone talks about. So what he doesn't smile maybe thats not his personality. Some of the responses just sound like hate. Being a fan doesn't give you the right to know all of their business.

I'm on the site to look at videos of the stars but I do think the pap go to far. Just film, why do you ask crazy questions and push if they don't want to talk.

I loved the concert my fav rapper and artist. Jigga and Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2371 days ago
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