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Peter Falk Runs Amok -- Refuses Help and Comb

4/23/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Columbo's got a new mystery to solve -- what the hell's up with Peter Falk?

Police were called to the scene in Beverly Hills yesterday after onlookers saw the 80-year-old actor flapping around, looking disheveled, and seemingly in need of assistance.

Sources saw Falk come out of a building and attempt to make his way across the street to a bank. Along the way, he was nearly run over by a car. When the police arrived, the glass-eyed TV detective refused their help and was let go.

Calls to Falk's rep were not returned.


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Tough times don't last, tough people do!!    

He Looks a Hot damn Mess, you can just see the hair growing out of his ears.... Its over Johnny time to go home.

2372 days ago


very sad, harvey. the way your little tmz urchins roam the streets, you'd think they would take better care of your mother. in a couple of years, that's YOU, big man.

2372 days ago


Some medications the elderly take cause confusion, delirium and other neurological problems. His medication will probably be adjusted and with his family's monitoring he should be fine. He gave us so many years of wonderful entertainment on Columbo...we wish him all the best.

2372 days ago


Sad, Instead of helping this great actor ( who gave joy to generations ) what does TMZ do ? Nothing but take the pic's and leave him to possibly injur himself let alone post the photo's with rude arrogant comments. Why couldnt the photog's help him ? Sad VERY VERY SAD commentary on our society .

God Bless Mr. Falk

2372 days ago


He may be seriously ill. I think TMZ ought to remove these photo's until there is more information. If he's ill this is just too exploitative.

2372 days ago

Matt Damon    

Hell I would do him!

2372 days ago


9. This is a sad commentary on the state of the U.S. these days. An elderly man who gave millions of people pleasure in his younger days is clearly in need of assistance and what does he get? Rather than anyone helping him across the street, his picture is taken and slapped on a snarky gossip rag and cops are called. Our grandparents who lived in a more civil time must be rolling in their graves.

I agree....this man is nothing to gawk at. What's the matter TMZ, couldn't find a celubtard doing something stupid TRYING to get coverage? Your obsession Von A-hole not around? I mean c'mon....this man is well liked and respected for his entertainment contribution and not TRYING to be covered to boot...NOONE wants to see this! Please use better discretion next time.

2372 days ago


TMZ you suck!! Didn't do anything to help did ya? Show some freakin respect-this isn't Lindsey, Britney or Paris. This is an elderly gentlemen in distress (and a great actor!).

2372 days ago


I am a HUGE Peter Falk fan. I've read his autobiography, which was very very funny. The guy is brilliant. A lot of the things that made the Columbo character so lovable, was the doings of Peter Falk. He really was a character genius and knew just how to portray Columbo in a way that would make America fall in love with him. He also had a long history on Broadway. In addition, he's a wonderful artist. I'm hoping to purchase some of his prints in the next month or two (see his website at

In his 80 years, he has shown him to be an upstanding, respectful citizen. There are no stories of drunken ramblings or drug induced psychotic events. He has lived his life with pride and dignity and a lot of humor. He has brought joy to millions, literally millions of people worldwide. Night before last, I watched about 4 hours of old Columbo shows on DVD, so yeah, he's still bringing joy to people today.

All that he has given us in the last 60 years, is discredited when TMZ makes a mockery of this poor man who has done NOTHING to warrant the snarkiness and just plain meaness. He is a man who should be respected and who should be aided when necessary. He deserves no less. He should not endure the embarrassment of having his photos plastered on TMZ, during a very obvious difficult time. He should have been treated with dignity, and he received none.

I will be the first to admit, I tend to jump on the snarky bandwagon on TMZ. I'll engage in snarky posting when I comment about celebs who are truely deserving of snark, you know the ones who drink and drive, the ones who harm others with no thought to their feelings, the ones who make boneheaded decisions after boneheaded decisions, who do nothing to redeem themselves. Mr. Peter Falk does not belong in that category.

I'm sorry Mr. Falk that TMZ chose to disrespect you in this way. From the comments, you can see that your public adores you and wishes you only the best. Personally, I would have helped you across the street. I would have helped you with your banking and I would have made sure you got home safely and with your dignity intact. That's the least of what you deserve.

2372 days ago

good grief!    

OMG! TMZ you have sunk low AGAIN (i'm not surprise though), this is so disrespectful! I can laugh at the comments you make about the young diva's out there, but from this man c'mon this could be your dad!!! you can't tell me that you did not enjoy watching him on Columbo!!! please remove the pictures, ASAP!!!!!!!!

2372 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

You took this directly from the London papers! It was in this morning's Daily Mail! I wonder where his wife, Shera Danese was. Probably out to lunch with the girls or spending money.

2372 days ago

just me    

What an interesting stroke of luck! There just happened to be a photog on-scene to capture this outburst. Give the BS a rest TMZ. Peter Falk's comedic style, more than anything else, is erratic, offbeat, and weird. So I suspect the attention he is drawing to himself in the strikingly odd and buffoon-like outburst here is nothing more than a performance, just offbeat antics to get some media attention just prior to the release of "American Cowslip." The man is a hoot!

2372 days ago


Tristania, am 100% with you and JustMe! Shame Shame Shame on you TMZ. You are really getting mean lately. Getting to where I won't even watch you on TV.

2372 days ago

buxxy least he's not carrying a meat cleaver or something...I thought all the folks in Beverly Hills were, wrong I guess.

2372 days ago


Ah #22 Gazzao that is so sweet. I totally agree. How dare this stinking gossip sight make fun of such am american icon. Peter falk is amazing and his Columbo shows will live on forever. He was great. No one should every make fun of the elderly. He may have dementia, and if you any of you are lucky, you will live to see 80! I hope if you do TMZ no one makes fun of you.As my Grandmother use to say, "you will be old someday too."

2372 days ago
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