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Mariah Goes from S**t List to Blacklist

4/24/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

mariah careyThe paparazzi are done being mad at Mariah Carey's ultra-diva antics -- now they're trying to get even.

Mimi's been unofficially placed on a paparazzi blacklist after breaking unwritten fame game rules at a CD signing event last week.

After Mariah showed up two hours late (bad), sprinted down the red carpet (even badder), and wore sunglasses on the red carpet (huge no-no), paparazzi nation decided to unofficially boycott the singer -- that means no pictures, no coverage, no love. Surely, she will plummet into obscurity.

We're hearing the photogs are planning to ignore the singer as long as it takes to prove their point ... or until Mariah wears another slutty outfit (tomorrow?).


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New day, new world    

First? Or Second? Or Third? Isnt TMZ going against the pap ban by posting this story? Way to stick by your people JERKS!!

2319 days ago



2319 days ago


I'm sure Mariah really gives a rats ass what some lame ass paparazzi's think or what they will or won't do. Puhleeze! Mariah's too busy breaking records and making good music. Lastly Mariah has never been good with time (something she admits to) but she is good to her fans- ya know the ones who buy her records, merchandise et cetera- unlike Britney, Paris, Lindsay and others Mariah has never been a publicity whore so her fame even without photographs or blog comments will always been intact.

2319 days ago

Lara Lynn    

Thank God - I was sick over the fact she had a "comeback" no pun in deed. She is going to get fat. 20 pounds , sure.... who is her spin doctor? She will get so spent from no press , she'll be eating from sun up to sun down. YEAH!!! Down goes MC....!!!!!

2319 days ago


Get over yourself paps!!!!! There were stars before you, much less horish stars especially, and there will be stars after your down fall. Having to stand around waiting to take someones picture, ohhh poor babies. MC is the bomb so quit belly aching and do your friggin job!!!!!! HOSERS!!!!!!!!

2319 days ago


NOT A FAN AND I HOPE NOBODY WILL BE......................................

2319 days ago


yet TMZ still reports on her.

2319 days ago


so... let's write about how we aren't going to give her any coverage???? riighhhht.....

2319 days ago


Thank heavens. I can't stand to watch her sing. Someone needs to tie her hands down and open her eyes. She also need a good friend to tell her to put some cloths on. She is just not that special.

2319 days ago


This is great!!!! I loathe Mariah...............what she relly needs, is to be bitch slapped and knocked down a few notches! Now, if the papz would just do that to Paris, Speidi, Kim K. and Lindsay the world would be a better place!

2319 days ago


Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight
I wanna do her sooo bad....

2319 days ago


Skye, I don't know where you have been, but Mariah is the definition of a "media whore"! She is OVER as far as I am concerned and Leona Lewis IS what Mariah USE to be!!! Mariah's voice will NEVER be what it USE to be.

2319 days ago

Danielle Turchiano    


The paparazzi at that event just didn't know what to expect from her. Fans know Mariah's usually running late (they think she's worth the wait) and will don shades after a particularly long week (they should have prepped their lights accordingly). It was the UMusic staff who made the paparazzi file into their pen early and stand around in the heat... which quickly turned to night.

But hey, if the big agencies like Wireimage, Getty, Kathy Hutchins (that photographer would not stop complaining all evennig!!) and Celebrity Photo all boycott, that just means us small potatoes places will get the better spots on the pressline. BRING IT!

2319 days ago

Rose-Lee Gypsy    

I don't don't know who this whore is, but I love me some Harvey Levin!
Harvey I still want your baby in me,
Call me!

2319 days ago


NOT ACCORDING TO THE NY POST! Mariah is at the TOP of her game!!

"ANYBODY WHO has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last the rest of his days," said Flannery O' Connor.

MARIAH CAREY survived her childhood, but it wasn't easy. A miraculous singing talent saved her from humdrum obscurity and possibly much worse.

Today, Mariah is at the pinnacle of a career that has seen some amazing pinnacles already. Her new album, "E=MC2" has rocketed to no. 1 on the charts. This is her sixth no. 1 album. She now ties with Madonna and Janet Jackson. (The grand diva deluxe, Barbra Streisand, has eight no. 1 albums.) And Carey has racked up more no. 1 singles than Elvis -- 18!

Mariah is 38, though you'd never guess it to look at her. She could be in her 20s, still lush and juicy. The statuesque stunner loves her sky-high heels her miniskirts, her bosom-baring blouses, her beaded and feathered gowns; all the accoutrements of her long-ago, little-girl idea of what being a big star is all about. (Once she dumped her discoverer, Tommy Mottola, Mariah "got down" with her sex appeal and funk factor. He preferred her more demure.) Still, she insists her hot displays disguise a "buttoned-up girl. I'm a freaking prude. I've never had a one-night stand!"

And for all the flash, Mariah is a private person. After the gilded cage Tommy provided, she hasn't married again. She dates, one assumes, but rarely speaks of that side of her life. A few years ago, she had some career problems and what the press described as a "crackup." But Miss Carey overcame a weak album, a flop movie (the unintentionally hilarious "Glitter") and put herself back together again. In the end, all the sensational headlines and doomsaying amounted to a barely discernible blip on her radar.

I KNOW Mariah. She is sweet and funny. She used to be the girl next door, before fame came knocking, but now she doesn't try to pretend she's not, as she puts it, "the diva next door." She enjoys her perks and privileges, and she adores her fans. For her, making those millions of people happy is the goal of her life. Love on a mass scale means more to her than one person's ardor.

And she is honest. Recently she spoke about the possibility of having children, and said that even the idea of giving birth, would leave her "feeling violated." She cites her upbringing, her parents constant fighting. And she added, "I don't think I could properly educate a child right now. Maybe in the future, but I actually haven't thought about it."

Lots of people -- including celebrities -- have children for the wrong reasons. And one of them is societal pressure -- "what's the matter with you, that you don't want kids?!" So Mariah Carey has the money to raise children who wouldn't want for material things. But Mariah, having grown up insecure, unsure, watching the adults around her mess it up, won't bring a child into the world without some surety that she'll do better. You should put ego and a lot of your own life aside, to have children.

Mariah, still immature in certain ways, knows children shouldn't have children.

TOMORROW, at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan, Mariah's new movie, "Tennessee" bows. Produced by the "Monster's Ball" maestro Lee Daniels and directed by Aaron Woodley, this is a touching tale of two young brothers -- Adam Rothenberg and Ethan Peck -- trying to re-connect with their father. (Ethan is the grandson of film legend Gregory Peck.) And this indie puts Mariah back where she was before "Glitter" pulled her down. Carey had displayed considerable promise in her first film, "WiseGirls" with Mira Sorvino, but the big-budget, overwrought "Glitter" shoehorned her in a typical high-camp showbiz rise and fall story.

In "Tennessee," Mariah plays against type as a drab waitress with musical aspirations who joins up with the boys on their road trip. She is also escaping an abusive marriage. This is a natural, effortless performance, nothing grand or showy. She makes her effects quietly. It is completely believable. And not until she sings, in a ratty bar, toward the end of the movie, are you reminded -- and with a jolt -- that this actress is indeed the famous, sexy and glamorous Mariah Carey. That's how well she inhabits her role. (And the song is quiet; she strums a guitar. Mariah doesn't go all five octaves on us!)

This is character study, modest, yet totally assured. I don't know if Mariah wants to be a "big movie star." Probably not. She has a successful day job! I think she just wants to be a good little actress who can connect emotionally with an audience; to make people love her in a different way.

When pressed about marrying again, Carey says: "It would have to be somebody who would take care of me emotionally and make the effort to understand me deep down. To know who I am, not what I am."

2319 days ago
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