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Peter Strauss Bitten, Dog Bites Dust

4/24/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

peter straussActor Peter Strauss was viciously attacked by a pit bull -- and the attack was so bad, the authorities put down the dog.

Here's what we know. A 30-pound pit bull mix escaped through its owner's fence late last month and attacked 61-year-old Strauss ('memba "Rich Man, Poor Man"?), who was on his property outside of Ojai, CA. We're told the ferocious dog found Strauss in his orchard and attacked him. Strauss was eventually able to escape by climbing up a tree.

A struggle ensued, and the dog eventually went on the hunt for fresh skin, attacking a neighbor. The Ventura County Dept. of Animal Regulation came and subdued the dog with a dog-catching pole.

The dog's owner surrendered the animal to the VCDAR and requested it be put down ... which it was.

We know Strauss was bitten in the legs. He was taken to the hospital and treated.


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emily from OZ    

Im sick of people defending pit bulls and saying if they attack its the owners fault. Im sure a lot of them are very sweet but the point is they were bred to attack and kill and not let go. They are a dangerous weapon. Would you have a gun around your children if it was hairy and cute? We had a faithful kelpy who had never shown aggression before who attacked my 3 year old sister when pushed too far by her. Luckily because his breed only snaps and lets go she just needed a few stitches. If it was an animal bred to attack and hold she could be horribly disfigured or even dead. DONT choose an animal who has the killing instincts instilled in them and try to make them a family pet. 95% of the time its probably fine but its just not worth the other 5.

2347 days ago


im so sick and tired of you people picking on pitbulls why dont you guys talk about all the other breeds of dogs that attack people stop making it look like pitbull are the only dog attaks in america .so stop the b.s ok . it because of people like you why pitbulls are out lawed

1444 days ago

Rylie Maes    

Listen, its obvious the dog is yawning! I have three pits my self.And there like having my own kids. Taking it that I'm only 13 years of age. NOT KIDS BUT family. So what are you guys trying to say? You all have kids. SO THEY DO ONE THING WROND AND YOU WANNA BAN PITS? No! I dont think so. So what are you gonna do? Just give your kids away? No give your pits away? No. Its called help. Maybe it will be tough, but atleast you can say you tried. Its not takeing the dog! Its taking the dog out of the wrong hands. Here's a tip don't hit your dogs. I would die before i ever layed my hand on my dogs. Pitbull banning is not right. And I know i'm young and all but really that's not the point. The point is that pitbulls are not bad dogs.People get their best friends toking away from ignorant people.They deserve nothing to happen to them. No harm what so ever do they give unless you give it to them. And you know what thats called? Stupidity!So i rest my case.

953 days ago
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