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Paris Involved in Another Hit and Run

4/25/2008 9:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris and Benji turned a simple nightclub exit into a police matter last night after their car ran over a paparazzo's foot.

As the snappers swarmed PBandJ's ride, a loud yelping sound can be heard as Benj drove right over one photog's checkered shoe-covered foot outside Foxtail. After the rollover, Madden checked out the situation and took off. But just minutes ago, TMZ learned the treadmarked photog is currently dealing with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department over the incident. No word on whether Benji and Paris are even aware of that yet. Good morning, lovers!

UPDATE: The photographer just left the L.A. Sheriff's Department in West Hollywood, where he filed a hit and run report.

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A trademarked photog?? lmao wtf is that suppose to mean?? Like the photogs and such deserve any type of credit, and to think they are paid for this kinda of should be illegal to even be that close to people, and if he didnt want his foot ran over, get the hell away from the car you nub. Honestly, what does he @ trademarked...stfu with that..

2375 days ago


Dumb asses! Photogs need to back the hell up, they deserve to get their foots ran over. If they feel its that necessary to invade someones personal space so much, then they have it coming!

2375 days ago


The idiots snapping photos need to learn to keep a safe distance away from a person's car if they don't want to be hit or run over. I think if a person is stalking celebrities and dumb enough to get their foot that close to a tire, then they deserve what they get. As much as people don't like Paris, Benji should not be cited for the photog's stupidity.

2375 days ago


Lenn K~ I think all or any tatt's are disgusting! I have to laugh though..............these people don't realize where some of these tatt's will end up as gravity sets in!!!!!

2375 days ago

hot snot    

you know, i cannot STAND Paris...but the paps get WAY too close, and bring this type of thing on themselves

2375 days ago


The cops should bust the photog for causing the accident in the first place. On top of that they should file kidnapping charges, or at least unlawful restraint. I'm not a big fan of these people, but jeez...there is no reason to stop people from trying to get from point A to point B and I don't want to hear that they are "in the public eye." Sure, I like to see the pics of celebs and all, but you guys cause a comotion everywhere you go! If you don't want to get run over, don't stand in front of a moving car! And why should they be even more inconvenienced by having to stick around to fill out a police report. I hope the LAPD issues a statement saying that they have more important things to worry about than some idiot pap getting their foot run get your foot run over-you're on you own!!!

2375 days ago


Someone is going to be seriously hurt and it will all be for a "money" shot..............It is not worth it! Get out of their frickin way or, better yet DON'T take their pic. We know what Paris and Benji look like and we could really care less. Blacklist her like Pariah!

2375 days ago


What do you expect.Your blinding the driver with all the flashes how is he suspose to miss a turd in the road.

2375 days ago


Everybody tryin' to get paaaiiiiidddd!!
Benji take that dumb hat off, it's rubbing you bald..

2375 days ago


How come when this happens to Britney Spears it is her fault, if it were me I would run more than a foot over.

2375 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Well, Benj wasn't driving on the sidewalk, so the pap must have been in the street blocking traffic. There needs to be an official waiver: I am not responsible for damage done to paparizzi due to the inherent dangers of being a stalking, photographing idiot.

2375 days ago

MIA's Finest    

Stupid pap deserves time dont stay too close to a moving car...Idiot!!!!

2375 days ago


another one gets their foot ran over...."step away from the vehicle" lmao

2375 days ago


What crap! The photographer DESERVED it. Guess you rag places dont pay much because i smell a lawsuit coming...

2375 days ago


If they didn't swarm all over peoples cars, they wouldn't get hurt. They are going over the line to get photos and it needs to stop before someone gets seriously hurt. To file a police report is silly, it was this persons own fault!

2375 days ago
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