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Pregnant Hollywood

4/26/2008 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The newest accessory in Hollywood is a baby bump. Let's just hope these don't come with stretch marks. It's all about the cocoa butter ladies!


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Winky Vitalic    

I enjoyed Carrol's "LMAFO" comment. I would expect nothing less. And honey, I see LOTS of fat girls at the gym, so your Fitness center invite is meaningless to me.

Boy, betcha you're loads of fun to hang with. Your significant other must be so proud.

You may call me the bully, but chubs, you're the b**ch here. And you fat girls always are.

Sorry you can't handle me! And Mr Funbags, bet you're a charmer. Does your wife have one of those "I'm with Stupid" shirts> Thought so.

I hope all of the 50+ pound pregnancy weight gainers are proud of their over eating. Whether or not they lost their "baby weight," a weight gain for a singel baby (not counting multiples, people) is not good for Mom or baby.

Not an issue for me - sorry if you can't deal, folks. No I'm not, actually!

Keep on keepin' on, my judgemental friends. You know you will.

2369 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Whoops! Excuse my typo - obviously meant "single." Mea Culpa.

2369 days ago


Hey Jean, why dont you take her up on that invite, I have a strange feeling you are the one who is FAT and UGLY...inside and out!
And I will have you know that I have read all your comments and you are the bitch.
Have a lovely day.

2369 days ago


I think it's funny that she ended with, "Keep on keepin' on, my judgemental friends.
Pot, meet kettle.

2369 days ago

Jean Summers--Proud to still fit in my HS Cheerleader uniform    

Kylie's dad...what a cute name...VOMIT... you better get a DNA test pronto!

2369 days ago


As FlBiker says *rolling my eyes.* I will not argue with perfect people, pat yourself on the back.

2369 days ago


um ok. I see this whole thing has gotten out of control. I think #4 Jean was only trying to say that some people let themselves go too much. Calling them monsters was just an overstatement to create dramatic effect.

Truth is some people think when they are pregnant they really have to eat for two. They take that time to eat all the junk food they want. That's not right. There is actually a certain amount of weight that's healthy to gain and weight that's just bad for both mom and baby. It differs based on you pre-pregnancy weight but the average weight gain of 20-35 pounds for a single child is healthy. This is just a fact.Exercising during pregnancy and eating healthy is medically recommended. It gets your body in shape for birth and makes the post baby pounds easier to lose. Just giving you my medical opinion as a nurse.

I sse how people were upset that she said monster (that was out of line) but I think if she had just said" i went to ohio and all the pregnant women looked like they gained more than the medically recomended weight and dressed unkempt" things would have gone down much nicer. I think the way she phrased things may have made it sound mean.

2369 days ago


wow....i love how this comment board went from commenting on pregnant celebrities, to personally attacking each other.
pretty immature, i must say. and all this trash talking over a computer does NOTHING. no one will change their opinions or personalities.
i just wanted to say that every pregnant woman does their pregnancy differently. my first pregnancy i gained 60 lbs!! but i lost it all within weeks of the birth. (and dont you guys remember that teeny-tiny kate hudson gaining 80 lbs!!) my last pregnancy i only gained 40, but it was harder to work it off ( i am finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 120 lbs). my doctor told me that he NEVER sees women gain only 15-25 lbs. its just unrealistic. i know of no one who did that, but i am sure they exist.
my point is that everyones body is different than the next. everyone gains weight in different places, for different reasons. i, personally, dont think its any kind of reflection of who or what they are. judging someone by their weight is as ignorant as judging someone by their skin color.

2369 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

prejudging someone because of his or her weight is not the same as being a racist who judges by skin color... Fat people have poor self control and eat too much PERIOD...they often also have poor hygiene. This is the truth!!!!!!!! please I beg you no posts about glandular problems... LAY OFF ICE CREAM and BOOZE

2369 days ago


ok aunt sarah....uh....whatever you say.
Oh and all Armenians have harry faces....please no posts about follicle problems......

2369 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

did you mean "hairy"... you fool, Mr. Funbags! Better freshen up on your elementary school spelling list...

2369 days ago



2369 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Hypoctical post of the week

35. OK,
Is anyone else concerned that a woman who would write a comment like #4, has a job working with disabled kids??!!!!
Get a life lady! We are all so impressed that you were a cheerleader in high school....gag.....
And I have to agree with #10, you're a small minded twit!
Posted at 1:05PM on Apr 26th 2008 by personaltrainerOC

Too bad you can't get a personality transplant or at the very least some personality training... What is wrong with my working with dsabled kids? What is wrong with my saying I can fit in my high school uniform...if you are really a personal trainer aren't you helping people get fit?

I won't get into an attack on personal trainers but I will tell you that several who worked at a gym near my home were recently arrested. One was arrested for exposing himself to some homeschooled kids who were in some tumbling class. The other "trainer" was selling steroids to some teenage boys that he most likely was sleeping with.

2369 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Geez - U R all so touchy! I think Jean and Jean may be on to something...after re-reading everyone's missives, I think the Jeans correctly state that American women have let themselves go. And they use pregnancy as an excuse to do it. They not only eat for 2, but they eat for the whole family! Perhaps their impatience with others who lack their discipline explains the directness of their posts. Whatever. But again, their fundamental message is spot on and I applaud their efforts to be healthy.

Mr. Funbags - you sound like a classic woman hater who uses women for his own personal gain. Congrats to your wife for getting her baby weight off, but I wonder if it's because you brow beat her to do it. J & Kalista - you made some valid points, but you are exhibiting the same judgemental attitude as some of the other posters you criticize. Not your intention I think, but diminishes your argument. You are not the teacher in here. Kelli - you write some of the meanest posts on all of TMZ. Your mother must be proud.

Lesson here: ladies don't use pregnancy as an excuse to be FAT and SLOVENLY. I wish U all a happy healthy pregnancy and don't be so TOUCHY!!

2369 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Mr. you are one of those American Christians that will most likely be in church tommorrow. Republican Racist A$$!

From Germany here and find your racist comment disgusting... you PIG

2369 days ago
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