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Look Who's Walking

4/28/2008 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They are former "Fat Actress" star Kirstie Alley's Scientolofeet.

Kirstie walked on her hind legs as she arrived at a Chinese restaurant on Sunday.


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On her hind legs??? Oh man thats just outta line...but kinda funny

2367 days ago


TMZ promoting anorexia nervosa….AGAIN!!!!!!

2367 days ago


Even though you get double the traffic than and even being a part of such a reputable company as Time-Warner, you continue to sink into the tasteless abyss with comments like these. You're probably thinking, "But you keep coming back to the site." And you're right...because there IS some interesting information here.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me after seeing the pre-pubescent faces of your staff on TV and your 'Peter Pan'/'I refuse to grow old/I get to wear funky black clothes chief pretending to be 'amused' by the cleverness of his staff.......

Once more.....please, Grow Up.

2367 days ago


For crying out loud leave her alone already!

2367 days ago


OK Ladies, stick your finger down your we can make TMZ HAPPY!

2367 days ago

just wondering    

only in America.

2367 days ago


You TMZ'R'S have no heart when it comes to making fun of someone else's body..You should all be ASHAMED!!!

2367 days ago


TMZ is a size triple "0" sexy enough for your staff?

2367 days ago


BWAAHHHHHHHHHH! TMZ you are so wrong! "Can You Guess the Celebucankles?!" I almost passed out just from that title! "These adorable pork-loin feet were spotted roaming the wilds of L.A. this weekend. Guess who managed to beautifully wedge them into a pair of sensible shoes." YOU'RE KILLING ME! LMAO! I knew it was her!

2367 days ago


I have not left a comment before, but had to leave one this time. I'm tired of ppl who are overweight and battling this being put down. She has tried to loose weight and is having a hard time. This was totally out of line and downright mean and petty. You weren't even just putting it out there that she had gained weight, you had to make horrible comments and make fun of her. Grow up please. No wonder so many girls throw up after eating - no one wants to be made fun of like this. Terrible.

2367 days ago


I will probably be the only one on this blog to say that I love Kirstie, even though her metabolism has slowed, and she is having trouble with her weight. Here's the trick, if she really wants to lose: Figure out what foods you really like with low calories and form a diet around it, even expensive ones. I love spinach, tomatoes, most fish, broccoli, sweet potatoes, all fruits, etc. Put Parmesan cheese on baked potatoes, use olive oil instead of butter ,pita instead of yeas bread, tea, not pop, etc.Make milkshakes with powdered non-fat milk, ice, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, etc, add Splenda, and vanilla. Great ! As much as it is a pain, go to the gym or dance to fast music for 1 hr. a day, sleep 8 hrs. Most girls over 40 have to really work at it. She is really funny and a valuable actress and fun person. I hope she does the best for herself. Also, she has teenagers. Sometimes the pressure of dealing with that makes my friends reward themselves with chocolate, ice cream, etc ! Life is a beach, sometimes ! You know what I mean !!!

2367 days ago


My Ex-wife had the same problem after a case of Bud her ankles look just like that.

2367 days ago


It makes me so sad to see TMZ being so cruel. Just because
someone has gained some weight doesn't give you the right
to zing her.

It actually brought tears to my eyes. She's a real person,
with real feelings.


2367 days ago


So what kind of advertising is that for Jenny Craig? You'd think they'd keep her on their diet to keep people thinking she could keep the wieght off with their wonderful, magical garbage. I wonder if Valerie is going to explode once she's off of it too.

2367 days ago


I have never understood why people continue to make comments about "cankles" the one thing on your body a person can't change or have surgicaly altered!!!! and you feel the need to mock that just shows what a petty superficial person you really are !!!

2367 days ago
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