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Miley -- Hate When My Top Goes Missing!

4/28/2008 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus just can't decide whether she wants to be squeaky clean or a saucy seductress – and today's she's protesting a bit too much, again.

Snaps of the "Hannah Montana" star in Vanity Fair mag caused a big stir – especially one of her with her back exposed, suggesting toplessness. Well, she now tells People she's "embarrassed" by the photos and claims that she was hoodwinked by the great Annie Leibovitz: "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic.'"

Vanity Fair shoots back in the New York Times, saying that her parents and handlers were in the studio the whole time.

Mindy McCready –- Roger's Underage Ballgirl?

Country trainwreck Mindy McCready might be a brand new pain in the ass for Roger Clemens, if a report claiming a relationship between the pitcher and the singer -– starting when she was 15 – turns out to be true.

The New York Daily News is reporting that McCready met Clemens when she was 15, and for the next ten years, the pair spent plenty of time together, with McCready coming to games and sitting behind home plate when the Rocket pitched. The allegations may hurt Clemens' cause in his defamation suit against ex-trainer Brian McNamee.

Clemens' lawyer admitted that the pair had a relationship but that it wasn't sexual.

Jessica Can Buy Friends – for $300

Whoever thought that Jessica Simpson would start losing celeb cred to her sister Ashlee, all because of a new nose and a bun in the oven? Even Joe Simpson gets on TMZ more than Jess does.

But one entertainment branding company, CKrush, wants Jess to reclaim her fame and show little sister who rules the Simpson family. Jessica can create her own "personal social network site" for $300, and CKrush says that this could help jump-start her career.

Hey – when your boyfriend, little sister, dad, and mom are getting more ink than you, anything will do.

Party Favors: Chace Crawford, So 2007 ... Clayken's Wackjob Fan ... Are We Witnessing the Birth of Mayniston?

Chace Crawford might be the Southern pretty boy du jour, but TMZ hears that "Leatherheads'" Trey Moore is about to be plugged into said title. He's a Cosmo hot bachelor, blah blah blah – and how long until some ridiculous scandal involving an ex-boybander? Stay tuned. ... Clay Aiken has a fan who really really likes him. Gatecrasher says that this fan has seen "Spamalot" more than 40 times, gets to the stage door every morning at 9:30 am, and calls him the "Savior." ... Jen Aniston and John Mayer? They were just spotted having lunch and dinner in Miami, reports Us, and it looked like they were "definitely" on a date.


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Why do all these young stars feel the need to act and dress like adults? When I see these girls on TV they look like they are over 21 years old. I really didnt know who Miley was, I have 2 boys, they dont watch Hannah Montanna, so when I found out that she was only 15 I was shocked. I thought she was at least 20. And that pregnant Spears girl and that show Zoey10, they have her half dressed on that show! I know their in showbiz but c'mon, act your age and put some damn clothes on!

2348 days ago


For those of you blaming Annie Leibovitz, they (Cyrus's) could have stopped the shoot at any time!!!

2348 days ago


leibowitz should go to jail for this.

2348 days ago


that photographer is one nasty, mean lookin person. I wouldn't trust her around my kid

2348 days ago


Either you are naked or you are not. If someone looks at a photo and says that "it seems like she is naked", then she is not because she is covered up. I sure we would see a lot more of her if she were on the beach. If this were in Europe it would be nothing and should be here too.....calm down people!

2348 days ago


It's all a publicity stunt - you can stop now, sweetheart, you've made enough money, we don't need to hear from you every five minutes about pseudo "racy" pictures.

2348 days ago

Drama Drama...Baby Mama....    

I am DARN SORRY!!!! But everything about this photo shoot was WRONG!!!!!! If i did not know who MIleys father was, i would have think this person in the first picture with her is her lover or something. For Christ sake, didn't someone responsible have to approve these pictures as well as the photo shot??? Mom, Dad, Disney, somebody?? This pictures are DAMN racey and there is no way a 15 year old should be taking such grown up pictures. I think Vanity Fair should take it's share of the blame along with Miley and her parents. What the HELL was Vanity Fair thinking??? This looks like a mild case of child pornography in my view. Sorry if i sound harsh...There is a delicate line at this stage in your life, you just don't cross, whether it is for money, publicity or free....they crossed it. Word of advice to those of you with kids, do your best to be own kids role model and don't let them look to these train wrecks in the making for it....All in all i hope they realize their shame and learn from it.

2348 days ago


You're all blowing this far too out of proportion.. she is NOT naked.. she is showing PART of her bare back.. she is showing MUCH less than if she were in a swim suit.. you all just want something to complain about because YOUR lives are so boring. She did nothing wrong.. I think the pictures are beautiful, she's a gorgeous young woman. *Sniffs* Do I smell jealousy much?

2348 days ago


Dont you little people have anything better to do than trade acid??????????

2348 days ago


Don't let your young girls model themselves on these "entertainers". Get them into church and show them the right way to live.

2348 days ago


I guess my big question is......why did they feel it was necessary to have Miley pose in such a seductive manner to begin with??? She's known for her "squeeky clean" image, so I just don't get why her parents would allow such seductive poses? I also think the pose with her laying across her daddy's lap with him dressed a little scantily clad was appropriate. It looks more like a pose for husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, not daddy/daughter!!!

WRONG CALL PARENTS!!!!! Having a sheet draped over your daughter's breast with her entire back exposed to make it appear she's naked underneath at 15 years old was just totally inappropriate knowing she's A DISNEY STAR!!! Disney = child fans!!!

2348 days ago


I see no problem with bringing up those involved on pedophielia charges. That might finally send the message. Parents pimping out their children and paparazzi all too happy to oblige in the name of art.

At what point does Leibovitz think she's creating art? She obviously has no children of her own - or she might have morals.

2348 days ago


1) hoodwinked? ROTFL!! And anyone who believes this please tell me you have no education or history of the US. The magazine, the photographer, and the CYRUS FAMILY ability to reject the digital photos when taken or better yet BEFORE taken would make much more sense.

2) The girl is 15 and looks up to Britney what do you expect??

3) Most of what you see is all PC!! The show in itself has turned to borderline over the board for her fan base under 13!!!

4) The excuse of other 15 yr olds posing similar pictures is a lame excuse. There are 15 yr olds shooting people up, having babies, etc.... but we don't lay out excuses for them now do we.

5) They are trying to cash in on her fame. They are like... "What are they going to do fire me?"
We are talking Disney and America's lil Sweetheart. They know while some are smart enough to realize what is really going on many more will make up the same excuses they've been doing incident after incident after incident with Britney, Britney's sister, the Richie girl, etc....

Folks the money is rolling in for them at a worth of about 1 Billion.
This ain't the first and it won't be the last because before long the excuse will be she ain't a lil girl anymore am I right?

So sitback because this won't be the last controversy. Guaranteed!

2348 days ago


It really appears that Miley may be turning on her young fans just as Britney did to become sexy and seductive to appeal to an older market. Isn't this the Hannah Montana show's last season? Maybe they're trying to branch out to an older group of fans. Look where it got Britney though!!

Why is it all these parents sell out their kids like this???

2348 days ago


I have just looked at the VF photos. I wonder if those who are criticizing the photos have looked at them. The entire family is present, there is nothing slightly sexual in any of the photos, she is not giving sexy poses. She looks like a sweet 15 year old (having two daughters has taught me that that is not usually the case) having fun having photos taken by an outstanding fashion photographer.

2348 days ago
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