Dina Lohan: First Class Bitch!

4/29/2008 2:44 PM PDT
Looks like Naomi Campbell has been giving Dina Lohan flying lessons.

TMZ spies caught Lindsay's mommie dearest going ballistic on her assistant at JFK baggage claim last week. Our source tells us Dina -- who was flying back from LAX with her middle-aged teen daughter Ali -- was screaming at the assistant for forgetting her bag and yelled, "You must have left your brain on the flight. You're my assistant and that's my bag. You should know this!" It's safe to say you won't be seeing that on "White Oprah's" reality show.

Oh, and we're told Dina flew first class on American Airlines, but used the bathroom in coach. Apparently, D-nasty doesn't s**t where she eats -- only on her employees!