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Disney Bites the Photog that Feeds It

4/29/2008 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever since Mileygate broke yesterday, Disney's been pissing on Annie Leibovitz and her shoot with Miley for Vanity Fair -- at the same time that Annie's been on the Mouse payroll for a couple years now doing their fancy "Dream Portrait" series.

Leibovitz has enlisted everyone from a (very young) Abigail Breslin to Julie Andrews, David Beckham and Beyonce to pose for her in the big-budget shots, designed after Disney stories. But when it came to their biggest and most bankable star, MiCy, all of a sudden they got collective corporate amnesia?

Disney said Annie "manipulated" the situation with Miley.


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2367 days ago


i dont like this woman

2367 days ago


It's apparent that this woman did not trick Miley into these poses.
We can tell from past photos leaked on the internet that Miley already likes posing in these risky positions.
I don't see why people are so surprised this girl loves showing off her body.
I say her dad needs to put an end to all of this.
Too much fame for such a young girl.

2367 days ago


She is kinda creepy.

2367 days ago


is AL a man, because she sure looks like one. Thanks.

2367 days ago


" Billy Ray, my name is Chris Hanson and I am with a show called Dateline NBC"

2367 days ago


Disney are the biggest whores on the planet. They'll pimp out ANYONE and as long as it doesn't disrupt the flow of our hard earned dollars into their pocket they don't give a rat's ass.

Having been employed by them for 5 years, I can honestly tell you that the almighty $ is all that is important to them. It's no wonder Kevin Smith lambasted them via the MOOBY character in Dogma.

They literally are the evil empire.

2367 days ago


Since Miley is under age, her parents had to sign off on the pictures anyway--they did, so I don't know what all the stink is about. Obviously, her parents are idiots too and don't know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate.

2367 days ago

still have ta check email even wpassword - sucks..    

It's obvious Mily likes skanking it up from her My Space underwear & boyfriend photos which SHE POSED for & RELEASED with no comment from her folks. None of it is horrible but, com on, quit blaming everyone else. little bit of LiLo going on here. i'm just saying....

2367 days ago


Disney is a company built of hypocrites. They promote health and fitness in children, but only serve chicken fingers, fries etc at their parks on the children's menu. Also, It's not Annie's fault that Miley and her parents are basically white trash. Her parents and her grandmother were there at the shoot. She should be flattered that Vanity Fair even knew who she was. Rednecks...

2367 days ago

james earl ray    

who doesn't like faeries ?

2367 days ago


Where were her parents?

At the bank perhaps?

2367 days ago


She's probably one of the most talented photographers of our time. Check out her classic Rolling Stones Magazine shoots.
She's brilliant!!

2367 days ago

the DQ    

I call BS on Disney. Where were the kids parents? Why didn't the teacher w/the kid use some common sense and stop the kid from doing it? AL also should have used some common sense, but ultimtely, it's the kids handlers who are responsible for this and Disney should blame nobody but her parents.

2367 days ago
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