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"DWTS" -- Deaf and Numb

4/29/2008 11:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la Fuente thinks the ruptured tendon in his left arm is comparable to the fact that Marlee Matlin is deaf.

He told Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris that if he were voted on to the next round, he would power through his injury, saying, "Weeks ago, a deaf woman took the chance of dancing. I can dance."

If only he were mute.


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Good grief... does no one understand English anymore? he is doing the exact opposite of what the headline says... he is not saying his injury is comparable to being deaf. He is saying it doesn't compare at all. If Marlee can dance while deaf (which is very hard), then he has no reason not to try with a hurt arm (a much lesser injury.) It's a common way of comparing a difficult thing to a simpler thing... Like, If Helen Keller could learn to communicate while being blind and deaf (an incredible acheivement), then I (who have no such disabilities) should be able to learn some basic Spanish. It's not disrespectful at all, if anything it's a tribute to those who have worked harder for an achievement.

2367 days ago


I tore my Biceps tendon in a fall during the Summer of 2006. I could do most everything with my arm as long as my hand was palm down. I could not raise my arm at all palms up. EX: I could carry a 40lb guitar amp, but could not raise my arm up to fret the guitar or even pick up a coffee mug. I can not see ANY way he's gonna be able to dance unless the choreography is written special for him, which is gonna look weird. Therapy for the surgery is 8-12 weeks and hurts like a mother!!! I think he's being incredibly selfish!!!!

2367 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Waaa Waaaa, What a girly man. Did you see the clip of where the ambulance took him to the hospital with sirens blaring? I bet he was riding up front and was the one pushing the siren switch. He wanted the lights flashing but they said, no, not this time.

2367 days ago


wow ...6 different posts about this guy on the front page. gee harv, you may as well just come out.....again, and let him know that you want him to pack your fudge for you.

2367 days ago


Who is this douche?

2367 days ago


I agree with you No. 9 Cooper. Maybe it's because his english is not the greatest that he didn't know how to express himself.

2367 days ago


Here is what people had to say backstage about what he said during the show about Marlee.

2367 days ago


Oh good. So now he takes his ruptured tendon and dances on drugs, we wait each week to see if he'll grimace/fall/drop his partner now that they can do lifts, he won't get voted off because...well...he soldiered through in pain (talk about sympathy votes), and in the end, he'll lose and probably won't have any arm use left and will have done so much more damage than he would have had he just dropped out and had the surgery. But hey, the good news is, he danced.

I guess we're supposed to have more respect for him for his decision. But funny thing is...I just have less.

2367 days ago


he is hot but stupid

2367 days ago


As a "deaf woman" who used to be a professional dancer, I can honestly say that He is a pompous ass. To even comment on Marlee as "the deaf woman" shows what little brains he has. What? we are supposed to believe that his ruptured bicep is the same as being born and living without the ability to hear?????? Get real and pleeeeeze go away!

2367 days ago


Well, at least he didn't also compare himself to Heather Mills only having one leg!

2367 days ago



He was saying "If a woman who is deaf can do what she did, I have faith that I can dance".

It was a respectful, classy nod to Marlee's determination and accomplishment on the show.

And he's right, it would be much harder to dance deaf than to dance with a torn muscle in your arm. So seeing how far Marlee went, he'd be wrong to leave because his injury is LESS than what Marlee had to endure.

2367 days ago


you people are stupid...that's not what he meant.

2367 days ago

Get a clue, TMZ    

Oh, come on....!!! Cristian was being a gentleman and good sport. (I guess TMZ staff/writers would have trouble recognizing such qualities?) His point was that, if Marlee can overcome something as serious as being deaf, then he can certainly handle trying to continue with a more trivial tendon injury. He was complimenting her and trying to downplay his injury, not saying it was comparable to her disability! Give me a break. Even the way he handled the injury during the dance showed his sportsmanship and gallantry in dealing with the situation - he tried to continue going after the tendon broke and, at first, even tried to pull up Cheryl from the floor with his bad arm. (I don't think he should or can continue, however. That is too serious an injury to dance properly, and he will just do further damage.)

2367 days ago


OMG. What an idiot. LOL!!!! How in the hell did he equate a "deaf woman" dancing with a person dancing with an injury? LMAO!!!

2367 days ago
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