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Disney's Dirty Little (Victoria's) Secret

4/30/2008 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So if you're buyin' what Disney has been sellin' lately -- that they are appalled by the Vanity Fair pics of Miley Cyrus -- you're more gullible than a weapons inspector in Iraq.Click to see photos
TMZ has turned up Disney ads marketing lacy, sexy lingerie by models who are made to look underage. They're hawking bras, undies and lacy boy shorts. They are nothing short of seductive. The photos are being used by Shanghai Zhenxin Garment Company to sell Disney clothes in China.

So who "manipulated" Winnie the Pooh into a three-way with jail-bait looking chicks? For the record, Annie Leibovitz didn't take these photos.

Calls to Disney were not immediately returned.


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Talk about print porn for pedifiles!!

2334 days ago


God, those girls are obviously younger than Disney's little Miley. And that looks like damn softcore porn. Disney even more hypocritical that PETA? I'm just saying...

2334 days ago


Anything for the almighty dollar. Even pimping out underage girls in lingerie.

2334 days ago

Lady Zombie    

Pedos love Disney and Disney loves Pedos.

2334 days ago


Come on. Disney produces more drug addict underage sluts than any other american institution.
I dont know what happened to the "Its a Small World" cute and family oriented days of the past, but THEY ARE GONE!

2334 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

The two models don;t look like teens, you can tell they are adult women, but I just don;t get the marketing idea? OK, "Winnie The Poor" is great for kids, but what 13 girl want to wear an underwire bra? They don't need it and it uncomfortable.

2334 days ago


Well, no wonder they haven't publicly come down on Miley. Disney knows sex sells and I thought they were above that, but I guess I was wrong. They've made a serious mistake with their brand by going this direction.

2334 days ago


. Anything for the almighty dollar. Even pimping out underage girls in lingerie.

Posted at 1:10PM on Apr 30th 2008 by What?

can you read?

2334 days ago


our local radio station had a bit on this moring about how many of the disney movies such as Alladin, the Lion King and the mermaid/princess one have hidden things in the movie - like in the Alladin movie there is a spot where you can actually hear them say "good teenagers take off their clothes" and in the mermaid one in the background theres a definite phallic shape that's supposed to be a castle. People were calling in all morning vouching that they have seen it too. I guess that's what Annie Leibowitz said to Miley - good teenagers take off their clothes . . .
Disney is pretty sick and probably employes pedofiles

2334 days ago


This is just not right! No one should let this happen to their daughter! The girls in the pix may be 18 or older but the inference is just sickening! I am not an expert on underwear fitting but those look seriously tight and uncomfortable. It's not even cute! Is it just me or do they look like they went out of their way to empahsize the shape of their butts through the underwear? Disney is way out of bounds with this!

2334 days ago


Hi "me"
Yes - I can read. And I stand by my comment. : )
Have a great day!

2334 days ago


Like you never saw the old Sears or Montgomery Wards catalogues in the "olden days"...and by the way, the Sunday papers always have plenty of panty/bra ads that excite the pervs...

2334 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Does he live in the house at the corner of Pooh and Poon?

2334 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Here is the next big seller for Disney: The Little Mermaid bra. It only comes in a Sea Cup (because the b-cup is too small and the d-cup is too big). LOL I crack myself up.

2334 days ago


They also say 'sex' is spelled in the dust cloud when Simba flops down in The Lion King. And Jessica Rabbit doesn't wear panties. Don't forget the naked woman in The Rescuers I believe it. Not to mention Donald Duck is a racist. And Betty Boop's top comes off if you pause it just right. And the rest of it.

2334 days ago
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