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Miley Cyrus Grounded by Disney?

5/1/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley can't go to a Disney eventDisney has confirmed that Miley Cyrus has been pulled from her first scheduled public appearance since the whole Vanity Fair fiasco.

Miley was set to walk the red carpet for the "Disney Channel Games" this coming Friday, but instead she'll be sitting in a castle tower, brushing her hair and complaining to her mirror about what a horrible step-mom Disney is.


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miley has gone bad

2315 days ago


y blame her, wat about the parents .BLAME THEM!

2280 days ago


Im glad that disney has done this to Miley. I think that she is one of those child actors whose going to get out of control, vanity fair may have been others peoples fault supposidly but shes a little skank taking half naked pictures in her normal everyday life. I think that she should have other consequences she's a little b**ch too, the only reason why she hasnt been cancelled yet is because disney loves money we've seen that through high school musical, 1, 2 and now 3. Miley is to young to be doing vulgar things like that anyway, disney needs to drop miley and help selena gomez and demi lovato THEY ACTUALLY HAVE TALENT, and aren't little sluts.

2270 days ago


Miley is a bad example. Miley fan or not she is brain-dead!

2266 days ago


LMAO! Make sure she doesn't have a cam to take pictures showing her bra and her boyfriend isn't there either!

2332 days ago


It's ok Miley, stay home and learn to write your new name.

2332 days ago


She is a Multi Billion Dollar Disney Product!

2332 days ago


you've got to be kidding me?! SHE'S 15 - she isn't legally allowed to make her own decisions regarding her career. take the issue up with her parents, not her. Disney is pathetic.

2332 days ago


And while you are learning to write your name, please polish those nails. If you want to be a big girl here is some good advice:

Never, ever wear chipped nail polish........................especially red or any dark color. If it chips, start all over!!

2332 days ago


That picture wasn't real good for a 15 year old but the ones where she is posing with her dad are downright not right. Looks like they are boyfriend/girlfriend instead of daddy/daughter.

2332 days ago

Diana Lara    


2332 days ago

Rose-Lee Gypsy    

Awk, this poor meydele, that Paris Hilton zoyne, shows her lady parts and she is put on a pedestal but this poor little meydele shows her back and she's being called a zoyne? The world should come to an end because of a naked back? That's what happens when you have a shmegege like we do in the White House, the whole country (that I love very much by the way), seems to be focused on the narishkayt! Would drive me to drink! The only saving grace is my Savior Harvey Levin, he makes the world seem right!
I love you Harvey!

2332 days ago


When Jamie Spears came out that she was pregnant, they all but praised her. Saying young girls could learn a lesson and kept her show on the air thus promoting underage sex and teen pregnancy. They should be ashamed for what they are doing with Miley.

2332 days ago


HAHA Dallas! I'm cracking up at you. I agree red is not good if your nails are that short and your 15. LMAO!!!

2332 days ago


OMG Disney needs to shut the F*CK up and leave Miley alone. she didnt do anything wrong. Disney has been hurting all its clients careers because they are all big P*SSIES! They have ruined Aly & AJ from making it way big because nobody wants to give them a chance cuz they once worked with Disney. Disney screwed them over and their music is really good. Pretty soon you will see a Jonas Brother in a sex tape and disney will cover it up or something. I mean if anyone from disney should be fired it should be Vanessa Hudgens for taking NUDE pictures that show her Vag!ina. and she was just a year older than miley when this happened. at least she didnt flash her vajayjay for the whole world to see. And i am almost positive that Zac Efron sent her some back. Disney just needs to stop ruining ppl's lives! if you agree email me at

2332 days ago
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