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Miley Cyrus Grounded by Disney?

5/1/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley can't go to a Disney eventDisney has confirmed that Miley Cyrus has been pulled from her first scheduled public appearance since the whole Vanity Fair fiasco.

Miley was set to walk the red carpet for the "Disney Channel Games" this coming Friday, but instead she'll be sitting in a castle tower, brushing her hair and complaining to her mirror about what a horrible step-mom Disney is.


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Makes you think about what Vannessa Hudgens had to do NOT TO GET GROUNDED by Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone studied her boyfriends at Disney?? I mean the REAL ones!

2332 days ago


disney needs a reality check - it is the parents who should be punished. she wasn't posing for playboy for christ sake! they were at least tasteful photos (with the exception of the ones with her dad, tisk tisk billy rae). they were in fact beautiful at least and artistic. i'm sorry for miley and hope she can get over this and sees that her one hit wonder father is trying to shine in the spotlight with her.

2332 days ago


Oh dear god.... the girl showed her back. The pictures were mild in comparison to Vanessa Hudgins. I think people are severally throwing this out of proportion! I hope nothing bad becomes of Miley due to this minor mishap. I am sure she didn't do this intentionally.

2332 days ago


Its about time that Disney did something right! As a concerned mother, I am glad that Disney is realizing what she did was wrong. Yes, her Vanity Fair photo can be a bad judgement call on her behalf, and her parents' behalf, but showing her green bra is despicable. She is 15 and most girls want to be just like her. If its okay for Miley to do it, then our girls can do it too. Our children are growing up too quickly and need to have better role models.

2332 days ago


Her family is nothing more than a bunch of dumb redneck con artists, I think that bunch deserves what they're getting. Trying to pass her off as this pure little apple pie slice of all American goodness, and now before she is even 18 trying to sneak in this vampy new Lolita image. What did they think would happen?? They conned the parents of all those little preteen girls and DIsney to make big bucks, then they got greedy and wanted to move her into the hot, sexy, let -us -exploit -our -bodies -cus -they're- all- that- matters-not -our-brains-or-morals category of teens to twenties... well they dam well got their just desserts.

2332 days ago


I'm sure this girl can't wait to turn 18 so she can make A sex video and make millions of dollars............ oooh she's already made millions of dollars.

2332 days ago

Erick Nava    

Can everybody just leave her alone, she made a little mistake and the whole world falls on her. You can realy see her nude, she's wearing a sheet over her private parts and do we know she is not wearing a bra under. Everyone should just give time and don't judge her. "NO BODY'S PERFACT."

2332 days ago


She's probably off getting breast implants.

2332 days ago


she will be giving b-jobs on the street corner for 50 cents in ten years

2332 days ago


How insane is this! Was she flashing her boobs? No. Was her parents at the shot? Yes. Was it bad judgement? Yes. Is it a big deal? NO! To me she looked like she had no makeup on and looked very young, and like she just woke up.
The people who are upset by this are the ones who look at Apollo and want to break off his penis and hide it, or put a fake fig leaf on it. Not all nudes, or partial nudes are about sex. I have seen plenty of pictures of people with clothes on, which are highly sexual. Parents who are upset by it, should simply use this as a learning experience for their kids, and tell them they should not do this, and why they feel this way.

2332 days ago


Rumor has it she's been replaced by someone with talent...........

2332 days ago


To all you critics. Miley is being used as a scaoegoat by Disney for their f***kup. Disney has ruined lots of children's careers from way back in Walt Disney's day. Disney are only concerned about their Hannah Montana franchise not Miley
People are forgetting what happened when Brooke Shields did nude scenes for Pretty Baby. Her career soared and she was younger than Miley. And Drew Barrymore who was a young alcoholic and her career flourished. As for Lohan and the Spears sisters they're Hollywood brats like Shannon Doherty and arent. Though both weren't with Disney.
As for the Nick stars they're all washed up before reaching 20.
Hollywood either makes you or breaks you and lots of careers have gone down the drain but most have succeeded.
As the saying goes don't bite the hand that feeds you.
So Disney should let Miley attend the games and forget about making money.
I'll like to hear what Brooke has to say about the incident.
Billy Ray and Miley Ray rock.
Hang in there, princess

2332 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Miley is a 15 year old 21 year old wannabe. Wash your face and go back to school.

2332 days ago


Okay, I think this is really funny

2332 days ago


Serves Miley right. I don't feel thes pics were at all appropriate and stop playing the blame game, I'm not buying it.

2332 days ago
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