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Man to Play Ball with Lance Armstrong in Court

5/2/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's no sweeter revenge than suing a charitable organization. Wait ...
Lance Armstrong: Click to watch!

Chris Ohman is suing the Lance Armstrong Foundation for making doggy versions of their yellow "livestrong" bracelets, because Chris claims he patented a "pet collar with an embossed slogan for encouraging charitable contributions" in November 2007. Ohman's collars say "barkstrong," which is definitely not a rip-off itself.

Ohman is looking for unspecified damages. A call to the L.A.F. has yet to be returned.

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Not so much a comment about this article as something to say about the Lance Armstrong Foundation. A year ago I made several attempts via e-mail, phone calls, letters and numerous voice messages. We had a family member who was fighting for her life! We needed help! I never once received a response from all my attempts to contact them. Our beloved family member died..she was only 30 years old. So....I sent another letter expressing my upset over the lack of response, YOU GUESSED IT.....NO RESPONSE AGAIN! I had given financially in the past to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, no more!!! We started our own foundation......we won't be in it for the big bucks that pays all the administrative costs, we'll be helping those that need us....and if nothing else.....WE'LL RESPOND TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON. I wonder if Lance Armstrong really knows what's going on in his own foundation?

2329 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

So, if Chris Ohman wins, will he give all the money away to charity, or stuff his own pockets? Putting words on collars has been around since collars have. I don't find the word "barkstrong" incentive to give money to anybody.

2329 days ago


^ As bad as they may be..

Suing a charity?

2329 days ago


Lucy, How do you know the people at the charity aren't stuffing their pockets!?!?

2329 days ago


Lance Armstrong is a douche.

2329 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

5. Lucy, How do you know the people at the charity aren't stuffing their pockets!?!?Posted at 2:40PM on May 2nd 2008 by Super Girl.

Oh, they probably are. There are more crooks than honest people these days.

2329 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

this is just another sign of the sad state of affairs in America

people are desperate....come on people.....

what about Bush & Cheney stuffing their pockets!

2329 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Anyone got dibs on inventing a collar with a strong slogan for roosters?

2329 days ago


Many postal workers asked Lance for help, while they had cancer, and inspite of his sponsership, he ignored their calls, and his spokesman said he was too busy. And that is a fact.

2328 days ago

sarah bodun    

my pic is been using by someone else in yahoo messager,with this email address lvu_me234@yahoo.com the telephone number is 002348056119685,pls l we like autority to take proper action on this,thanks

2328 days ago

Chris Ohman    

The idea for the pet collar was my idea, that is why I was issued a Patent. If the USPTO did not find issue with the concept neither should anyone else.

I do not have a choice but to defend my rights and Intelectual Property in this mannor. It is a shame they have chosen this course of action, why would they sell pet collars anyway?

2328 days ago


Armstrong is a jerk. Barkstrong has been very involved in my community and has given and given and given to local needy families. From what I undertsand Chris Ohman gave Lance Armstrong every opportunity to be involved in this project and take a cut for his "charity" (that doesn't help anybody except Lance). However Lance and his people just want to raise a ton of money (that is never spent on charity) and crush the little guy with a good idea AND THE PATENT. We need more forward thinking and energetic entreprenuers like Chris Ohman and less use-my-name-and-don't-involve-me-bevcause-I-don't-care charitable foundations like Lance Armstong's. Does Lance Armstrong even know what his foundation is doing?

2328 days ago


I live in Tulsa and know of this charity program. They have helped animal shelters in need of items to support their shelters in order to keep them running. They have also helped with the foster parents of animal rescue organizations by helping with the gas expenses by giving them Quick trip gas cards. I think if you are going to comment about this case you should first get educated about both organizations. Why don't you look up how much of the armstrong foundation non-profits are actually non-profit? Where do you think he gets the money to fund his foundation and pay all of his employees as well as himself. If he is paying all of these attorneys, employees, overhead (have you seen the foundation property?) and last but not least himself, how much of it even goes to Cancer Research? You got it, not a whole lot!!! By the way, the Barkstrong/ Purrstrong animal charity is a one man operation!!! Chances are Chris Ohman is contributing to a charity much more effectively than the Armstrong foundation is towards cancer research.

2328 days ago


I also know Chris Ohman and his awesome organization, I cant tell you how generous he is. He has done miracles for animal rescue orgs. As was previously posted, get all the facts on this case folks. Its the typical huge org trying to muscle a smaller org scenario. If you dont defend yourself against these bullies they will continue to beat up on you.

I hope Lance is made aware of this and steps up to the plate. There is much more to this story and HIGH PAWS to Chris for standing up for whats right. Bravo!

Gheeze what kind or organization (LAF) would rip off a one man operation, whats the world coming to, havent they got bigger things to focus on like CANCER! Focus LAF Focus!

2326 days ago


Are you kidding me? It is obvious the guy ripped of the yellow wristband created by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The LIVESTRONG wristband has been around a lot longer than those dog collars. You are obviously lack any creativity. You are trying to ride the coattails of the yellow wristband.

My question is what kind of organization would rip off a cancer organization in order to sell animal collars?

2325 days ago

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