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LiLo Flaunted Fur -- Did She Pilfer the Pelt?

5/6/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a New York woman demanded $100,000 -- a ridiculous amount of money -- to get a fur coat back that Lindsay Lohan may have mistakenly taken from a New York club in January.

We're also told that LiLo's position is that she has a "number of similar coats" and that as soon as she was told it wasn't hers, she immediately made plans to return it to its rightful owner. We're also told that the notion that the coat reeked of booze and cigs is "absurd."

LiLo picked up the coat in the wee hours of the morning at 1 Oak -- and TMZ caught one of her guy friends carrying the coat out of the club. Later that day, we also saw her wearing it from day until night, in some of the most pap-infested places in NYC. The owner, Masha Markova, got it back a couple weeks later.


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spread the love    

well, this is proof that not only is she a skank, but a low life thief. TMZ, to make an excuse that there were a lot of 'similar' coats is crazy. this is a custom made fur coat, easily costing $100k. Excuse me but with the photographic evidence involved, any other person stealing a coat would end up in jail. She had this coat for two she saying she didn't realize her mistake for two weeks??? I have it on reliable news that she only returned it after attorneys were involved discussing legal action.

She is a Long Island skank that got lucky on a few minor films and now her career is over. Yeah, go on TV and try to get it started again...hahahahahaha!!! Maybe Dancing with the Stars is next? OHHHHH...I can only hope she sinks that low.

2330 days ago


#2 is correct, this VINTAGE item was returned weeks later AFTER she was threatened with legal action. SHE walked out w/ coat & wore it many times. Odd how there are no photos w/ her wearing any similiar coat EVER. She is a liar as always. Just like the teenage boob job is now "real".

2330 days ago


Hooker. Crackhead. Thief. Lindsay Lohan has it all.

2330 days ago


Actually, if you read the article TMZ, the woman is asking for $10K NOT $100K.

2330 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Check the coat for jizz stains.

2330 days ago


Jealous are we "spread the hate"

2330 days ago


KMM I believe the poster was quoting today's NY POST(TMZ did not print whole article from there, just cribbed), coat valued @ 100k and she is asking for 10k "rental fees" as the skank wouldn't return it for several weeks.

2330 days ago


#5 I like the way you think! HAHAHA!! Lindsay Lohan is a low-life. This ho's career is over. She snorted up all the money she had and now has gotten so low down that she is stealing other people's coats. Worthless skank!

2330 days ago


just heard a new track off her latest cd -- IT'S PURE PUKE.

why record drum machine "dance" crap ? it all sounds the same: janet, britney, etc.

how about using a REAL band and singing some rock music with a hook ?

this is why the music industry is dying a painful death.

2330 days ago


#2 & #4 are both correct! This coat is a vintage blonde mink coat given to the girl by her grandmother. It costs about $11,000 according to the article and she is asking for $10,000 to fix or replace the coat! And saying that LiLo says its absurd that the coat reaked of cigarette smoke and boos, thats absurd! There are pictures of her everyday coming out of the clubs late night, so why couldnt they reak of those smells, not to say it is her because she is supposedly sober and addicted to Ariva, but she does hang out constantly at places were people chain smoke non stop in a confined area and drink and get drunk and spill their drinks all over the place!
TMZ get it write before you post it!

2330 days ago

Miami Spice    

Screw that skank Lohan and the Long Island bus she rode in on. Don't you find it sad that a dead animal is worth that much money?! Fur coats are selfish "look-at-me" unnecessary garbage. You can look more stylish and keep warmer with synthetic. Bury that coat with the dumb grandma who bought it.

2330 days ago

hot snot    

she THINKS she can get away with anything, but she can NOT

i bet she just figured, im Lindsay Lohan, i can do whatever i faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamous

anyways, she's an idiot. Washed up. She is a thief, a liar and an addict and not to be trusted

until she gets her crap together, i wouldn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Any addict SERIOUSLY trying to recover would NOT go to clubs, nor would they hang out with their enablers

2330 days ago


I agree with #13, wearing a fur coat, when there are so many ethical options, is repulsive. I formerly believed that LL was just a rather stupid girl who got famous too soon, but now I find her pathetic. I have her first 2 CDs, but no more! And forget about supporting her sad attempts at being an actor

2330 days ago


What's wrong with that? She has flaunted her "fur" around long enough.......

2330 days ago


Well let that be a lesson to her. Don't leave property valued at $100k someplace where somebody can just walk away with it. She's lucky it was Lindsey Lohan and not someone else who might never be seen again. She should forget the lawsuit and just be thankful that it was ultimately returned. Why cost the tax payers money in tying up the courts with this nonsense. The cost to dry clean and two weeks without is a small price to pay for such a valuable lesson in being responsible for your possessions.

2330 days ago
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